Monday, April 7, 2008

Ways to Help McCain Win

Note: Until Wednesday of this week -- April 9 -- I'll be spending my time asking many bloggers and onliners to use their blogs and e-mails to build support for John McCain. I'd ask you to do the same thing on your blog, as well as to e-mail friends and family members and ask them to back John McCain. I hope you'll ask McCain supporters to contribute to his campaign, which they can do by going to: and clicking on the "contribute" button. If you want to learn some techniques that will help McCain win the presidency, please go to Kathy Morrison's I always appreciate your visits, and I enjoy your comments.

RNC Posts New Web Video: “Politics vs. Petraeus”

WASHINGTON – Today the RNC released a new Web video, titled “Politics vs. Petraeus.” The video highlights Senators Clinton and Obama’s politicization of the War on Terror and complete disregard for the facts and the warnings made by General David Petraeus during his last congressional hearing on September 11, 2007.

After consistently promising to “always listen to our commanders on the ground,” Barack Obama has blatantly ignored Gen. Petraeus’ recommendations and pledged to enact an immediate and dangerous withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq if elected President. And despite warnings from Gen. Petraeus that “a premature drawdown of our forces would likely have devastating consequences,” Senator Clinton has promised to begin a precipitous withdrawal of American troops within 60 days.

“Politics vs. Petraeus” can be viewed by clicking here.

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