Thursday, April 3, 2008

McCain: Use Clintons in Commercials

If you scroll down one column, you'll see that I recommended John McCain "make nice with Hillary Clinton." My point is that many Hillary voters -- millions of them -- are there for the taking. I'd like now to go further -- and recommend that McCain develop commercials featuring Bill and Hillary Clinton.

He could use them in the general election.The commercials would feature public comments by the Clintons. Mrs. Clinton has said that "John McCain has a lifetime of experience." She added that Barack has one thing -- "a speech he gave [opposing the Iraq War] in 2002." As for Bill Clinton, he recently commended McCain's service to America, saying he'd given everything imaginable "other than his life."

I know Republicans generally don't use Democrats in their commercials. However, McCain needs to deviate from that practice, because the Clintons have done everything but endorse the Republican nominee. They've identified important ways in which he's a far superior candidate to Obama.

If John McCain gets a significant portion of the Democratic Primary voters who now support Sen. Clinton, he will win the election. He can get those voters if he keeps reminding people that the Clintons see him as candidate superior to Obama.

If Obama regards this approach as unfair, he might consider "unleashing" his :spiritual advisor," Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As we recall, the "Rev." had some intriguing things to say about Bill and Hillary.

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Neef said...

An intriguing strategy, but it would be too soon to reach out yet. I think there's a more-than-fair chance HRC will win the Dem election, and you don't want McCain to be handicapped by attacking someone he complimented.

As far as Obama, he's done in my opinion. He's facing the combined might of the Clinton Machine and the frankly frightening determination of Hillary. Mark my words, something *truly ugly* will hit the media 3 days before PA. BHO doesn't stand a chance.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

It's fascinating -- HRC recently said (correctly) that Obama was mischaracterizing what McCain said about "100 years in Iraq." I think the race is pretty much over for the Dems, with Obama being in a great position to get the nomination. I believe HRC will win Pennsylvania, but not be enough to make a real dent in Obama's lead.