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John McCain's victory -- in your precinct, state, and country -- depends largely on people exactly like you. During the time between now and the General Election (November 4, 2008), I'll discuss ways that average Americans (and above-average Americans) can help ensure that John McCain becomes the next President of the U.S. Here are some basic steps you can take:

  • Tell you friends and family members that you're strongly backing John McCain -- something that will make them more likely to do so. You can do this face-to-face or through e-mails;
  • Keep yourself up on what's happening each day in the McCain Campaign -- by e-mailing Patrick Hynes at and asking to be on his mailing list;
  • Go to the John McCain store at: to order McCain-related apparel, buttons, stickers, signs, and accessories. If you wear a McCain hat or tee-shirt, you're functioning something like a walking billboard;
  • Visit to find out the various ways you can back McCain, including making a small donation (or a large one!) to the candidate;
  • Join interest or demographic groups for McCain, including O. P. Ditch's Col. Ditch is signing up tens of thousands of veterans who back their fellow veteran, John McCain.
  • Learn ways you can use your blog to enhance McCain's chance of winning. A great resource is Kathy Morrison's at:
  • Join Bard Marston's exciting new McCain site: It's designed to bring our combined power together in a fun and exciting form. Built on the same software platform as Facebook, allows you to start your own blog, join or start discussions on our forums, and join or start your own group. As Brad explains, "We are already getting ready to roll out Wall posts, Friends Connections and much, much more."
  • Make certain all the McCain supporters in your community are registered -- and that they vote on November 4. Explain that every vote truly counts.
  • Visit blogs that continue good information and insights about the presidential race, including this blog or its mirror blog. I also blog about Pennsylvania at: And, when my arms don't fall off, I blog at an innovative site called: Although I don't support Hillary Clinton, I hope to work closely with people who have supported her but now lean toward John McCain.

If you leverage your individual strength by helping recruit other McCain supporters, you might influence 100 votes -- or, if you have lots of time on your hands, even 1,000 votes. I'm certainly hoping to do so.

Here are some quick links you should explore: McCain Now



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