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Everything About Sarah Palin

This is one of my sites that broke the story -- before anyone else -- that John McCain would choose Sarah Palin as his running mate (running mistress?).

Note: Thanks to Eric Dondero for posting a piece of mine at his site:

If you want to know everything you need to know about Gov. Sarah Palin, this post should consume the rest of your weekend. The best web site for continuing Palin material will be: Another great site is:, managed by Independent Tracy Karol and the African-American Republican conservative genius known as Ali Akbar. If you like sassy and smart, try Stacy's

Of course, if you're into sexism, misogyny, and meanspiritedness, go to any of the pro-Obama sites. Please peruse the 230 blogs listed on the Nobama Mission Blogger blogroll on the sidebar to your right. Many of them are among the best in the country.

If you like a conservative perspective, go to

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Cindy in New Mexico produces a steady stream of brilliant material about her heroine (and mine). She write at Following are her Sarah pieces, all of them very worth reading;

Stephen asked me to forward some links to articles I've done on Palin.
Misogynistic...Obama Response to Palin
the trooper problem & domestic violence
The Sarah Palin story
(this has all the links to the article's I've done on her)

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McCain-Palin: What Really Happened

Sarah Palin reads this blog regularly. I used to get hits from her home town and the state capital of Juneau when she was there. When her son graduated from infantry training school at Ft. Benning, GA with Sarah and Todd present, I got my first hit from . . . Ft. Benning. You're always welcome Sarah!

Bookmark this site and return often! You're always welcome -- even if your name isn't . . . Sarah Palin.

I broke the "Sarah Palin Choice" on my four blogs Friday morning. I had a short post up at 2:30 a.m. that said I had information (from Sharon in Oklahoma and one other GOP operative) that Gov. Palin and her two teen-age daughters and perhaps others had flown from Anchorage to Dayton, where she would be named today McCain's running mate. The story came from people who put two-and-two together, and the media was still falling all over itself at 11 a.m. this morning. Charles Krauthammer said at 11 McCain should choose Fred Thompson. Good God!

At that point, I said to my wife we already had enough old white guys (Biden, McCain) and we needed a woman, preferably Sarah . I went to sleep believing it was Sarah and woke up to her picture on the screen on FOX (and others?). I never bought the Campaign's decoy statement that, well everybody on the list was flying in (Romney, Pawlenty, Huckabee, the Easter Bunny, Peter Rabbit?) More tomorrow (Saturday).

Gov. Sarah Palin and husband Todd in Native Alaskan area saluting Teacher of the Year Jan Boucher.

[From early Friday a.m.] I'm getting word from Republican operatives in OK and FL that Gov. Sarah Heath Palin's charter plane from Alaska has just landed in Dayton, Ohio. That almost certainly would indicate she is John McCain's choice for V-P. If that is the case, much more about Sarah tomorrow. Sarah Palin is the mother of five, including an infant son, Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome. Her oldest son, Track, is an infantryman headed soon to Iraq . This story comes from a woman I'd trust with my life. [Put up just before 3 a.m. Friday morning.] This was the first blog I know of to break the news about Sarah.

If you want continuing inside information on Sarah Palin, you've come to the right place. See also my Hillary Supporters blog, which will feature information on how Gov. Palin can and will reach out to Hillary Clinton voters and working people in America.

Following is my response to a woman, a leader in the Nobama Effort, who asked if we are pretty certain winners now with Gov. Palin on the ticket.

This is a winner. I wrote the following to CristiAdkisn: The Sarah Palin you heard and saw, even more than heard, is the real person. She is very dynamic, and she brings the kids (young ones) with her to the office. The 7-year-old was ready to go up and help mommie give the speech. Husband Todd is a "proud member of the United Steelworkers." I love it.

She "makes love" to the audience in a way Obama never will. During a speech, lots of dynamism and interaction with the kids, the McCains, and the audience. Pefect delivery. I think she'll kick Biden to the curb. She is getting a very positive response from Hillary Clinton Supporters, who now recognize that there's more than one woman who will be President someday.

I haven't yet visited Adam's blog, the one that started it all -- and where I was guest host last week. He got 600 blog comments YESTERDAY. I never heard of anybody getting more than 20 or so. Trish Hauser from Alaska co-managed the effort

The BBC called me and is doing an interview tonight. I told them already that he couldn't have made a better choice. Other people were qualified, but she has the charisma -- and reached right out to Hillary Supporters and Geraldine Ferraro.

The five kids are charming -- and the 7-year-old is a riot ("Piper"). She takes the bady to the office. Heck, she's the Governor so she can do what she wants.

When I discovered Sarah was reading my blogs on her, I started talking directly to her. I said, "Sarah, you are a classic daughter of Alaska. But now you belong to America."

Americans Volunteer For John McCain

"Would I consider a blanket commitment to meet with the leaders [Obama wants to meet with] in the first year of my presidency? Absolutely, positively no." (Joe Biden before he became BHO's V-P choice)

In the "NoBama" effort, we are getting a tremendous number of requests (thousands!) from people, especially disaffected Democrats, who want to help John McCain -- and need to know what to do next. Bloggers should consider reprinting this on their own sites.

I'm asking everyone to join Clintons4McCain, NoBama Mission, and RealDemocratsUSA (all pro-McCain). If they want, people should e-mail me (at ), and I promise to provide specific information within 24 hours of whom to contact and what to do. Please provide your state and the nearest city. You are very much wanted and appreciated.

Also helpful: on, there is a link for volunteers in the Citizens for McCain effort. Kathy Morrison's sites are very useful, including: and If you're a blogger and want to join NoBama Mission Bloggers (and get USEFUL material on blog tactics), e-mail me at: If you e-mail, I will get back to you within a reasonable period of time.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do is to write e-mails to friends, family, and associates. Communicate your support for Sen. John McCain. You don't have to give a lot of reasons for your backing McCain -- one or two will do. Let them know they're not alone.

You might emphasize McCain's experience in times of crisis and, if you were a Hillary backer, highlight Mrs. Clinton's statement that she and McCain had "a lifetime of experience" and BHO had only "a speech he delivered in 2002." You can also use President Clinton's statement that John McCain "has given everything he could to his country -- except his life."

Frankly, John McCain is an authentic American hero -- and Barack Obama is a classic Chicago politician. 'Nough said.If you want hard-hitting material on the election, keep visting this site. Also, go to, which is devoted to separating fact from fiction.

We intend to win this election, but we can't do it without your help. Thanks -- and God bless.

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Reform the DNC? NOT LIKELY

"The Democratic Party has concluded that Democratic voters are incurably stupid."

Athena [a new friend], I'll work with you anyway you want. Hell, you can have a kidney if you need one! is the key. Examine it and weep.

My own congressman, Jason Altmire, represents a district where Hillary won two-to-one (plus). She won my county (Beaver, home of Joe Namath and Mike Ditka) by 28,000 to 12,000. All my relatives voted for her. Jason Altmire got $10,000 from Barack Obama (see dncreform). Guess who Jason Altmire is backing?

Patrick Murphy, congressman and beloved of, which HATES HRC, has a district that also went for Hillary by two-to-one. He got $18,000 from BHO. He was one of the first SDs in the country to back Obama.

They believe Democrats in PA (and everywhere else) are incurably stupid. They assume they will get away with it, and they probably will. PA Dems (some) believe JFK is still running things. It ticks me off. It sometimes almost breaks my heart.

Hillary's colleagues in the Senate deserted her in droves. If they had backed her, she would have won.

WV went for Hillary by a huge margin, but good ole Sen. Jay Rockefeller backed Obama. Sen. Bob Casey of PA the same thing. Ditto John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

As I said, who exactly is going to reform the Party? It's much, much worse than people think. There's contempt for the voters. How could HRC ever have gotten the nomination when states went massively for her and all the SDs (Massachusetts, esp.) went for Obama.

There, you got me wound up. Congrats for you on supporting McCain. He's an American hero and an honorable man -- and Obama isn't.

Priest: "Hillary, Please Say Nobama"

The following was written by my very good friend and fellow Hillary Clinton Supporter Rev. Father V.M. Could you please post his message. He has asked me to send this to you with his deepest Love and appreciation and God's Blessing.

[Charles, a good friend a strong Hillary backer, sent this to me. Charles is one of those broken-hearted by Sen. Clinton's recent decisions, as is Father Massino. Please feel free to use this on your own blog or otherwise disseminate it.]

Hillary...We only have hours left and I know you'll never see this but maybe someone who has some contacts will get this to you. 18,000,000 wonderful supportive Americans helped you and stood by your side night and day. We watched you and cheered for you...when you laughed-we laughed, when you were hurt-we were hurt. We are, Hillary, your supporters who respect and admire you as a person who told us you would NEVER abandon us and now the worst of your enemies beckon you to come to their side. The people who mocked you, bashed you, insulted you, bought off the Media to destroy you etc....yes Hillary, now they call for help...well, we are calling also. True, you are a Democrat but you are an American and represent the people to whom you came to for we ask you to help us...Do not yield to the call of evil but come to your friends...Please Hillary...tell your supporters tonite to vote for McCain and to do what's right. If you are not permitted to ask them to do this then,at the very least, do not ask them to support Obama. His attributes are not in thebest interest of the finest Country in the World. YOU KNOW OBAMA IS BAD FOR OUR COUNTRY..PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US.May the Lord be with you and guide you to make the decision from your heart.

Why Michelle Obama Hates America

won't exactly"Why Barack Obama's angry, Black separatist wife make a great first lady . . . ."

By: Tracy Karol (posted at, where Tracy is the editor. She's an Hispanic activist and a political Indepedent living in Texas.

Talk Straight is dedicated to throwing sand in the gears of the Obama Lie Machine This is the best essay I've seen on who Michelle Obama really is.

"For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback," [1] Michelle Obama said so famously in mid-February 2008. Immediately, the mainstream media and the internet were buzzing with the news that presidential hopeful Barack Obama’s wife, who by anyone’s standards has not exactly led a difficult life, was a bitter woman.

She wasn’t proud of the fact that she went to Princeton, a school out of reach for most Americans? Or when she later went to Harvard Law School, where she met her husband? She wasn’t proud of the dream house her family owned? (Possibly not, since it’s been a source of embarrassment to the campaign as it was purchased in a “boneheaded” deal with convicted felon and slumlord Tony Rezko). [2]

Michelle Obama: The Image Michelle Obama can come across as an angry African-American woman, bitter even. Her senior thesis at Princeton, which reporters had a difficult time gaining access to, was rather difficult to follow, but the central theme was race: "My experiences at Princeton have made me far more aware of my 'Blackness' than ever before," she wrote in her introduction. "I have found that at Princeton no matter how liberal and open-minded some of my White professors and classmates try to be toward me, I sometimes feel like a visitor on campus; as if I really don't belong." [3]

Her statements and history might not be so problematic if Barack Obama were not attempting to present himself as a unifier, someone who was above race. Instead, people in his campaign, including his wife and even himself have consistently “played the race card.” Remember: Michelle Obama sat in the same pew that Barack Obama did for 20 years, listening to the hate-filled sermons of Jeremiah Wright, the rants against whites, the consistent radical Black Liberation Theology.

One writer put it like this: "There is a disconnect there. The allusions of racial transcendence fall on deaf ears when Michelle Obama insists that soon “black America will wake up and get it,” help elect her husband, so she can feel proud of her country 'for the first time in [her] adult life.' Somewhere along the way, for these two Ivy Leaguers, to be American meant to “feel justified in your own ignorance… that’s America.”

Somewhere between growing up middle class, going to Harvard, Columbia, and Princeton, being the benefactors of sweetheart housing deals, grants, and loans, and filing over $1 million in tax returns, [to the Obamas] the United States became “downright mean.” [4]

The Obama campaign, however, was not quick to put a lid on Michelle; rather, it hired a public relations firm to shore up her image and sent her out on interviews. She did The Colbert Report, where she dressed like Jackie Kennedy and said she would like to emulate her. She appeared on The View, where she was treated like an old friend by the hosts.

(Sadly, Barbara Walters would later say in an interview with Jon Stewart that she asked Barack Obama to come on her show, and he responded that he had; she said she was sorry she wasn’t there that day; he said she was – she said she was certain she would never be invited to the White House if he was ever elected, and they joked that his famous charisma was maybe not present so much in person).

The Early Days Early on, Michelle Obama showed herself to be a strong woman who will not fade into the background, much like Hillary Clinton herself. So one would think Michelle would befriend Hillary Clinton, but that hasn’t seemed to be the case. Antipathy between the two campaigns remains, especially with the selection of Joseph Biden as Barack Obama’s running mate.

But what about the early days, before Michelle put her foot in her mouth and got a makeover? What does the American public know about this woman, who has been such a strong influence on Barack Obama that he said he would turn to her first for advice in a crisis if he were president?

We know that she was deeply involved in the sweetheart, “boneheaded” deal with Tony Rezko that enabled the Obamas to buy their mansion. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We know that when Barack Obama was a state senator, working with his mentor Emil Jones, he steered a $4.5 million earmark for the Muntu Dance Theater so it could build a cultural center. At the time, Michelle sat on the group’s board. [5]

We know that in 2007, serving in the US Senate, Obama earmarked $1 million for the University of Chicago Medical Center, where Michelle Obama worked and had received a pay raise of nearly $200,000 soon after Obama was elected to the Senate. She had no trouble accepting the money. [6]

She later, along with David Axelrod’s company and others, formed the Urban Health Initiative, which has been widely accused of dumping poor, mostly black patients from Chicago’s South Side on other health-care institutions. [7]

We know that on February 17, 2004, she e-mailed supporters asking for donations on her husband’s behalf, using the “pro-choice” catch, even though it was largely fictional in this case. Why? She was “fear-mongering” women that Roe v Wade would be overturned because of the ban Congress passed on partial-birth abortions in 2003 – the same procedure pro-choice Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once called “as close to infanticide as anything I have come upon…”

Fear-mongering is a tactic the Obama campaign has constantly accused the McCain camp of doing. [8]

Who is the Real Michelle Obama? What do these things tell Americans about Michelle Obama? Is she the strong, working mother who stands beside her man, hip, fist-bumping him when he wins elections, a new kind of first lady? She was certainly quick to criticize Hillary Clinton, saying that, “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House. You can’t do it.” [9]

That statement probably hasn’t gone over too well with Elizabeth Edwards, whose husband so enthusiastically endorsed hers before his affair became public knowledge. She also doesn’t portray the type of classiness she seems to crave, ala Jackie Kennedy.

But then, her husband is no JFK, RFK, or MLK, either. He’s more of a Malcolm X follower, so her rage is understandable, as it fits well with black liberation theology, with the teachings of her church, with the hatred spewed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright. No wonder she has never been proud of her country.

Most Americans, if they knew the REAL Michelle Obama – the privileged Michelle Obama who may have grown up on the South Side of Chicago but certainly got away from it in a hurry with opportunities few regular Americans ever get – would not be proud of her words or her actions.

And no wonder Michelle and Barack Obama make such a good team: neither she nor her husband has ever met an earmark they don’t love or couldn't work to their advantage. So the “introduction” Michelle Obama gives at the DNC convention and the story of their marriage is just that – a story, carefully fabricated by David Axelrod, who himself has played an intricate part in much of their lives.

[5] “State pork to Obama’s district included allies, donors,” Chicago Tribune, May 3, 2007
[6] Mike Dorning, “Employer: Michelle Obama’s raise well-earned,” Chicago Tribune, September 27, 2006
[8] E-mail from Obama for Illinois, “A Message from Michelle Obama,” February 17, 2004

For more information on this and other topics, please visit

Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Humiliates Hillary, Angry Michelle

"And the humliation of Sen. Clinton continues . . ."Please make sure as many people as possible see the material below. It's new -- and very revealing:
A friend says: I was just reading a post on ( ) which included this comment:

Surely it’s not just me, but what is taking so damn long for someone… anyone… to give a straight answer. On Obama’s plane in route to Chicago this morning. The Precious One was asked about Hillary’s name being placed in nomination. His response was weak… to say the least. The written quote given at the NYTimes Political blog, as well as other blogs and so-called-news sites, was not an accurate transcript; it left out a LOT. I’ve taken care of that here, in the interest of accuracy:

Obama Says: “ uh ah I uh ah I’m letting our our uh our respective teams work out the details,” Mr. Obama said. “uh ah I I uh ah I don’t think uh we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we are uh looking for is uh energy and excitement uh about the prospects of changing this country, and and uh I think that people who supported a whole range of different candidates during the primaries are going to come out of that uuuuh convention feeling absolutely determined that we’ve got uuh to take the White House back.”

The above quote indicates to me that Obama struggles to give an answer which is what he assumes the questioner wants to hear while trying to word it in a way that avoids actually making any commitment while doing so.

On Michelle: They can write all the "bring-us-together" speeches they want for Michelle Obama. But she will always be the angry woman in her 40s who "for the first time in [her] adult life [was] proud of [her] country" when her husband began winning presidential primaries. Michelle, please go visit America.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama Picks Biden the Blowhard

"Presumably a President Obama would put Biden over in some corner, adjacent to a potted plant."

At videoboard, you can find out how to get great videos of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, and various other Democrats during the Primaries. They're the videos and images Obama doesn't want you to see.

In picking Joe Biden, Obama went with one of the biggest blowhards in the history of the Senate. When Biden announced in 2007 that he was running for President, one columnist described him as a "human gaffe machine." Democrats nationally have never been impressed by Biden. In the Democrat Primaries in 2008, Biden got a grand total of 9,000 votes. Hillary Clinton got in excess of 18 million. Presumably a President Obama would put Biden over in the corner, adjacent to a potted plant.

If you want a video widget for your blog, please go to the same site: There, you can copy and paste the code. Notice the VideoBoard widget on my sidebar. At the web site, you'll find links to many videos. You'll also find out what Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton really think about the inexperienced Sen. Obama.

If you're looking for the shocking new piece on how the Obama campaign has gone after Cristi Adkins, co-founder of Clintons4McCain and Nobama Mission, please scroll down to the previous column. It has drawn thousands of visitors, and I appreciate your interest in this story of the Obama Campaign's thuggery

If you want to support Cristi, please join Clintons4McCain and Nobama Mission. As you may know, the Obama text-messages about the Biden announcement were a scam. They had nothing to do with informing people. They had everything to do with using surreptitious means to grab information -- esssentially to get individual's cell phone numbers. The "announcement" came several hours after the media had broken the news.

Hopefully, millions of people's cell phones will not be awakening them regularly at 3 a.m.

NOTE: One of the best sites for revealing Obama's constant prevarications about his life and career is at: It's definitely worth many visits.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cristi Adkins Beating Barack Obama

"Barack Obama is trying to give Cristi Adkins the same mugging he did to Hillary Clinton. This time he's not going to succeed."

[On Sunday, I'll reveal "Obama's VP Text-Message Scam." Was Obama really sending out 3 a.m. messages on his Biden choice? Of course not. He was deceiving people with an "information grab," gathering cell phone numbers from individuals he'll contact many times -- perhaps always at 3 a.m.]

Cristi Adkins is mad as hell at Barack Obama, and she isn't going to take it -- his narcissistic, thuggish, dishonest campaign -- anymore. She's mad because Obama-bot have hacked your computers, sent her hate-filled e-mails, and even threatened her life.

She refuses to be intimidated.

Cristi is one of the most effective "Hillary Supporters", a woman who's working 14-hour-days to ensure the defeat on Nov. 4 of the man she calls "Hussein." She calls him that because she believes -- correctly -- that he has only a tangential connection to American values. His history demonstrates that he's much more at home in Kenya than in mainstream America, which is too "bitter" for his rarified tastes.

Obama and his sycophants despise what Cristi, a co-founder of Clintons4McCain and NobamaMission, is doing, and they've responded by initiating a campaign of hatred and innuendo against her.Cristi is a mom (two teenagers and a three-year-old), a wife, a veteran (former MP), and a nurse. The father of her two teenagers just came home from a combat tour in Afghanistan.

In short, she's the kind of American with whom Obama and his fellow elitists have nothing in common.Why does she bug Obama so much? Mainly because she's frequent guest on shows hosted by people by Neil Cavuto, Sean Hannity, Jim Bohannon. She's even been on the "Daily Show."

Right now, she's headed to Denver to "Just Say No Deal" to Barack H. Obama. She's a force in contemporary politics.For that reason, she's been the target of absurd attacks by bloggers who serve as cheerleaders for BHO.

To many of the people reading this blog: Were you aware that Obama PAYS his bloggers? Most of them get roughly $7 an hour, and some apparently receive much more. That would come as news to people who visit their sites and believe they're getting something approximating "straight talk." In fact, those bloggers are presenting all the "news" that fits with the Obama agenda.

In our own NoBama Mission Bloggers, a brainchild of Cristi Adkins and others in the NoBama Mission effort, we will have 200 blogs by the end of this day. How many of them are paid by anyone? A grand total of zero. They are all volunteers -- just like me, just like Cristi, just like the other tens of thousand of people who center their lives around the NoBama effort.

One thing Cristi is asked is why she works with non-Democrats. Well, DUH! She founded Clintons4McCain. She didn't found Clintons4Nobody, or Clintons4theheckuvait. If you're against Obama with us, you're among friends.

The NoBama effort is perhaps the most diverse coalition in American history. It consists of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and even a stray Libertarian or two. In that effort, there are liberals, moderates, and conservatives. There are no far-left crazies or America-haters, unlike Obama's own scary group.

What binds our people of so many different views together is a commitment to the following statement: "Barack Obama is too inexperienced, too unqualified, too untrustworthy, and too dangerous to be POTUS." Anyone who shares that view is welcome in our coalition.

The hate campaign by Obama, his staffers, and his bought-and-paid for bloggers against Cristi is similar to the effort they waged against Hillary Clinton. Of course, she has been one of the more liberal members of the Clinton Administration and the U.S. Senate.

Many Black members of Congress backed her bid for the presidency. Those who did so are now being punished by Obama at the Democratic National Convention. Charlie Rangel, one of the most important members of the House and a Clinton backer, has NOT been invited to speak.

For her efforts on behalf of civil rights and liberal causes, Hillary Clinton was branded by Obama and his surrogates as a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. Geraldine Ferraro, also a long-time proponent of civil rights, was also labeled a racist, as was President Bill Clinton.

Given this background by Obama and his minions, it's no surprise that Cristi Adkins is under attack. Of course, she isn't being defamed for her statements about Obama, all of which are factual. Instead, they're trying to bleed her to death with a thousand pinpricks. She's accused of saying this (maybe) once, or of knowing this person or someone else, or of advocating this-or-that.

Does Cristi head right to the front-lines, where the chances of taking political shrapnel are the greatest? If you've ever seen her in action, you know she does. Also, she "pushs the envelope." She takes after "Hussein" in creative, imaginative ways. Most of these efforts work, and some don't, which is par for the course with risk-takers.

The main "charge" against Cristi is that she once was in a business venture that didn't work out. Big deal. There are probably 150 million Americans, including this one, who are in the same boat.

In fact, Cristi -- my friend and political ally -- is one of the single most effective spokeswomen in America against Obama. As long as that remains the case -- and it will through November 4 -- Obama and his meanspirited, robotic followers will try to destroy her. In other words, they will try to "Hillary-boat" her, just as they did the junior Senator from New York.

I have news for the man Cristi calls "Hussein." You will not succeed. You will not win this election. You are up against people who will not rest until John McCain sends you back to the Chicago political machine that spawned you.

What can the readers of this piece do in support of Cristi Adkins, American? You can go to Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission and sign up as members of those organizations. Many thousands of people have already done. Please do it for Cristi -- and do it for America. Now.

Note: Below is the link to the Jim Bohannen show on which Cristi Adkins appeared. It's very much worth listening to.,channel&filter=1

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zogby: Obama Losing Youth Vote

This is critical material from today's Zogby Poll that shows John McCain five percentage points ahead of Obama. Zogby says:

"The dip in support for Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, cut across demographic and ideological lines. He slipped among Catholics, born-again Christians, women, independents and younger voters. He retained the support of more than 90 percent of black voters.“There were no wild swings, there isn’t one group that is radically different than last month or even two months ago. It was just a steady decline for Obama across the board,” Zogby said. Obama’s support among voters between the ages of 18 and 29, which had been one of his strengths, slipped 12 percentage points to 52 percent. McCain, who will turn 72 next week, was winning 40 percent of younger voters.

"It made little difference when independent candidate Ralph Nader and Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr, who are both trying to add their names to state ballots.McCain still held a 5-point edge over Obama, 44 percent to 39 percent, when all four names were included. Barr earned 3 percent and Nader 2 percent."

Obviously, the public is waking up to the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is inexperienced, unqualified, untrustworthy, and dangerous. In the eyes of many people, yesterday's silver-tongued orator is today's windbag.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bill Clinton's 9/11 Responsibility

There were serious deficiencies in Bill Clinton's CIA and FBI that led to 9/11 and other disasters (the first WTC bombings, the bombing of African embassies and the attack on the USS Cole) . . .

My comments to a group of dyed-in-the-wool Democrats blasting away about George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and others. The person I'm responding to mentioned her high regard for JFK, RFK, and Bill Clinton. I "begged to differ."

I think it's laughable for members of a Party about to nominate Barack Hussein Obama (of all people) as their choice for President to start coming up with the standard nonsense about the evils of Republicans. I am somewhat of a fan of JFK, who never had a chance to accomplish a whole lot.

Why are you, Madame Group Moderator, a fan of RFK and Bill Clinton? I was very much alive during RFK's brief career as JFK's favorite brother, and I saw him as little more than a skillful demagogue.

As for Bill Clinton, he didn't confront anything remotely similar to what his successor has faced. He appointed George Tenant (an awful CIA director) and FBI Director Louie Freeh, one of the architects of the Waco disaster. What was the excuse for those appointments?

The Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Kathryn Willey, and Paul Jones episodes were public humiliations of Hillary Clinton. They rendered ridiculous Bill Clinton's claims to be an advocate for women.

Exaggerating the character and accomplishments of Bill Clinton is a serious flaw among Democrats.. Underestimating (and castigating) GWB is like a Democratic disease.

Unlike most of his Democratic detractors, Bush loves his country -- and does everything in his power to protect it. He clearly values conscience and country ahead of political party. Can we say the same about any leading Democrat?

There were serious deficiencies in Clinton's CIA and FBI that led to 9/11 (and other disasters, including the first WTC bombing, the African embassies and the Cole). Gee, let's blame GWB while we sit there adoring the "Big Dog" who appointed Tenant and Freeh.

GWB did not blame Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and other leading Democrats for allowing 9/11 to happen, although he probably should have. He refused to do so because he didn't want to split the country in a time of war.

I realize many Democrats have never given more than a passing thought to such things. They happen to be true, even though they may offend the faint-of-heart.

Jamie Gorelic, an awful member of the 9/11 Commission, was the assistant attorney-general in the Clinton Administration who came up with the idea that there must be a "wall of separation" between the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. That effort to appease the ACLU made it nearly impossible to prevent us from 9/11.

On the behavior of Bush's opponenets: Is former nominee John Kerry, the rich boy who absolutely betrayed Hillary Clinton by supporting Obama -- in a state Clinton carried by 60-40 -- really a "good man?" The endless scapegoating of GWB is disgusting.

When among Hillary Supporters, I usually ignore the criticisms, but now that you guys -- Democrats -- have presented us with Barack Hussein Obama, the gloves go off.

In particular, about t 9/11: That was primarily the fault of Bush's predecessor, Bill Clinton, as historians will be reminding your great-grandchildren.

There has not been another terrorist attack in the U.S. since then, as we've all noticed. Who gets credit for that? Nancy Pelosi? Harry Reid? Donna Brazile. "It's the economy, stupid" was Clinton's mantra.

No, Bill Clinton and others: "it's the al Qaeda, stupid." I realize, Keri (the Yahoo Group moderator) that any serious discussions of things like the Bush presidency make some people feel faint -- and offended, for God's sake. As the poet T. S. Eliot correctly said, "Humankind cannot bear very much reality."

But this is America, and a good dose of reality is great for the soul. That's especially true in the case of Democrats.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

DNC's Dirty Trick Team

Note, the following comments by Anne of the NoBama Mission team speak for themselves. The DNC provided links to various major newspapers, but the links in fact went not to the publications but rather to . . . the DNC, which used them to gather e-mail addresses for future solicitations!

Here is the thank-you I received from the DNC for the emails I sent to the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times thanking THEM for printing the truth about Obama!!!

I am now working on zip codes - I love it when the DNC takes time to thank me for all of my hard work on their behalf!!! After all, we ARE working on their behalf by trying to save them from themselves.

They are tracking the number of emails that are being sent in response to their request. Let's make them really happy and get the numbers up there...


Thank you for writing a letter to the editor telling the media to report the truth, not lies and smears that are unfit for publication.

Your voice can change the world, and your commitment to getting involved is helping push back against these nasty slime attacks.

If you know other Americans who are ready to help take the political process back, please invite them to write a letter like you did.

Thank you for sharing your voice.

DNC Rapid Response Team

Friday, August 15, 2008

Obama's Jew-Hating Republocrat: Hauser

The following piece below is from "Rebecca" (name changed at her request), who knew Rita Hauser, one of the (few) "Republicans for Obama." This story was broken by Cindy at and Stephen Maloney at: See also:

"Rebecca" writes:

I have just heard a radio commentator talk about Rita Hauser, the "Republican for Obama". I would like to pass the following on to the McCain campaign, though I do not wish it to be attributed to me, or - if posted and discussed - done so in any way that will enable anyone to identify me.I grew up with Rita in a Jewish neighborhood in in [the New York area].

Everyone I knew was Jewish, with the exception of one boy who was Greek Orthodox. This continued through all my public school years.Rita was a brilliant girl who lived a few blocks away, and with whom I was somewhat friendly.

We were both in honors classes. She went on to win a Fulbright, and became an international lawyer, a full partner in a prestigious law firm, and the wife of Gus Hauser who was, I THINK, one of the founders of cable television.

We kept in touch periodically, and she was kind to me, even though she far outstripped me in both achievement and money.She came from a very poor family. Her father sold hot dogs [at a major league baseball field in the New York area].

One day, in our early adulthood not long after she married Gus, she told me she was a member of another religion. I THINK it was Jehovah's Witnesses. I fell down. Metaphorically.

She was born Rita Abrams. Everyone I knew then, and was in touch with afterward, knew her to be Jewish: although, to be fair, none of us ever discussed the subject. It was just assumed.In our neighborhood, EVERYONE was a Jew. And if your name was Abrams, the conclusion was not irrational.

In fact, on learning this, I mentioned the revelation to another woman who was part my childhood crowd: "Not Jewish?" she said, amazed. "How could she be not Jewish? I never heard that."Neither did I; and so, much much later, when I discovered she supported the Palestinians, I was really surprised. (We have not been in touch nor spoken since then.)

The point: by the time I learned this, Rita was ascending the ladder of success and fortune in America where, in many times past - and, perhaps, even today - being Jewish is a hindrance to success.So, to reach the top, you change "sides."

Her advocacy for Palestinians - and her trumpeted appearance for Obama - tells you exactly, and in no uncertain terms, the direction he's [probably] going to take in reversing American policy toward Israel.And it tells you about the credentials of people who find it expedient to be something other than what they would like you to believe.Be afraid. Be very afraid. . . ."Rebecca"

Background: From CBS News' Michelle Levi: (WASHINGTON)-

Barack Obama's campaign is jumping the fence lately, trying to attract voters that don't traditionally vote Democratic. This morning, the campaign rolled out a "Republicans for Obama" effort as former U.S. Rep. Jim Leach, R-Iowa, and Former Bush Foreign Policy Advisor Rita Hauser announced their support for Obama on a conference call. Also on the call was former GOP Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, who switched to the Democratic Party earlier this year to vote for Obama in his state's primary. Chafee said there are "thousands" of Republicans, "big shots and little shots," who will "weigh the choice" in candidates and "come around to vote for Obama in the election."

See Debbie Schlussel's article below:

Who is Rita Hauser?: Arafat-Gushing, Israel-Hating Jew is 1/3 of Trio on Team Obama GOP; "Republicans" For Obama Are Islamist-Enablers

By Debbie Schlussel

Three "Republicans" (In Name Only)--former Congressman Jim Leach, former U.S. Senator Lincoln Chafee, and Bush family friend Rita Hauser--are the leaders of "Republicans for Obama."But with Hauser at the forefront, they might as well call the group Lewinskys for Arafat. At least that has been the lifelong role of Rita Hauser, a virulently pro-P.L.O. fundraiser for George W. Bush.

I've followed this woman for many years, and it's of note that Obamaslobbering Wall Street Journal fabricator Amy Chozick, yet again, chose not to tell readers the truth. She mentions not a word of Rita Hauser's pro-P.L.O. activities and the millions the terrorist group paid her.

Rita Hauser: Obama's Self-Hating, Terror-Pandering Jewess-in-Chief

The most spot-on description of Rita Hauser is on Masada 2000 (with background music of "Who Let The Dogs Out?"), where she is a member of the Jewish S.H.I.T. (Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening Jews).

Here's just a tad:Her unsolicited meddling on behalf of the Jewish State led to the Oslo Peace Accords and the resulting murder of more than 1,400 Jews! But this lady is not through with Israel yet, in fact, not by a long shot.On a Oct.14, 2003 C-SPAN2 speech, she told her audience, "It's a moral duty to speak out against Israel" followed by "The Oslo Process was the best thing that ever happened to Israel!" ... "a joyous moment."Read the rest.

According to the New York Sun, Hauser is the funder of the Edward Said chair at Columbia University occupied by the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Rashid Khalidi who has harassed Jewish students (she likes him), and her law firm was the registered representative and lobbyist for the Palestinian Authority from the time it was still run by Yasser Arafat, her friend:"I made a contribution," Ms. Hauser said, describing the chair's namesake, Professor Edward Said, as "a friend of mine. I admire him."

As for the appointment of Mr. Khalidi to the position, Ms. Hauser said she was happy with his selection."I like him very much. He's a splendid guy, a Palestinian intellectual, a first-class choice, and I think everybody's pleased," she said.Ms. Hauser declined to disclose how much her foundation donated to the Said chair. . . .Ms. Hauser's former law firm, Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, was registered with the Department of Justice as recently as 2001 as an agent for the Palestinian Authority.

If this is a "Republican" for Barack Obama, that should tell you something. And Barack Obama has a lot of questions to answer. We know he's anti-Israel and has surrounded himself with anti-Semites from the Nation of Islam and elsewhere. But since he's engaging in revisionist self-history and trying to pretend that's not true, someone ought to ask him whether he endorses the views of Rashid Khalidi, with whom he's had many connections and associations that have already been reported. He must answer yes or no, once and for all.

And if the answer is "no," then why is Rita Hauser the head of "Republicans for Obama"?

Today's New York Sun has a great editorial exposing the anti-Israel, pro-Arafat, pro-Iran conduct of all three of these so-called Republicans for Obama. Read it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Does Conservatism Have a Future?

I sent the following on "does conservatism have a future?" to 100 of my "closest friends," and I've received many replies, some of which I'll post in the coming days. If you'd like to take a shot at the question -- and I hope you will -- please send your comments to me: Thanks.

I've been involved with the conservative movement since the 1964 election. My first (national) published articles appeared in The National Reivew, and I was close to Bill Buckley's sister Priscilla, to historian Dr. Russell Kirk, and several others. I'm older now, but neither daffy nor a Democrat.

When Adam Brickley (of "Draft Sarah Palin" fame and the best young policitical activist in CO or the USA) and I appeared on Doug Gibbs's Political Pistachio radio show, he asked both of us if a truly conservative candidate could win the presidency. Both of us reluctantly said "No."

I sent the following to Bill Smith, a tireless conservative figure in Arkansas. I'd love to hear your views on it -- and, God willing, ultimately put the responses in a book about "The Resurrection of Conservatism: What Must Be Done."

Bill, thanks for all the hard work you're doing. I think after this election, conservatives need to get their (our) heads together and figure out what needs to be done to restore the movement to something approximating its Reagan-era status.

We need a vigorous online presence and a strong effort to turn good groups (like Bev Perlson's The Band of Mothers and Col. O. P. Ditch's Vets4McCain) into huge, effective advocacy groups.

We also need new leadership in Congress. I'm not talking ideology so much as people (like Eric Cantor) who have more than a clue how to grow the Movement. There are millions of people who will vote for Barack Obama -- including Blacks -- that should be voting for Republican candidates.

Additionally, we must ask if the conservative movement can supply enough money -- to conservatives -- so that they can campaign effectively. The money-raising gap is embarrassing. None of the Republican candidates, except perhaps Romney, did a decent job of fundraising.

McCain's online effort, until recently, was pathetic. In every winning campaign in the future, the Internet will play a critical role. One element in building our presence online to attract more young people, "the YouTube Generation."

We need to ask why that's the case. Somehow, we have to get more people to back the more conservative candidates.

I am trying -- and failing I fear -- to get Republican candidates for Congress in PA to take off the gloves and stop going through the motions. Nobody wins by being cautious over overly courteous.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Radio Saturday Features Bartoshevich, Perlson

Note: On my Hillary Supporters site, I just wrote a "memo" to Hillary Democrats (all 18 million) pointing out that the wisest thing they could do is to switch Parties. I hope you'll visit.


United States of America (Press Release), August 13, 2008

Beverly Perlson and Debra Bartoshevich will join us on Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio at 5 p.m., ET, Saturday, August 16, 2008 to discuss basic American freedoms and responsibilities.

Perlson, from the Chicago, Illinois area, founded The Band of Mothers (, an organization of soldiers’ moms committed “to Step Up, Stand Up and Stick Up For Our Soldiers.” As a member of the 82d Airborne Division, Perlson’s Bronze-Star-winning son, Sergeant John White, served four tours of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bartoshevich, from the Racine, Wisconsin area, was elected a Hillary Clinton delegate to the Democratic National Convention. When she announced she would vote for John McCain in the General Election, the state Party quickly stripped her of her rights to attend the Convention as a Clinton supporter.

Here’s where and when Perlson and Bartoshevich will appear.

Blog Talk Radio, Clintons 4 McCain August 2, 2008: 5 PM EST
Call-in Number: (347) 633-9273

Perlson and her allied groups – including Gathering of Eagles, Soldiers Guardian Angeles, Vets for Freedom, and Free Republic – regularly confront anti-war legislators, including Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha.

Perlson has clashed memorably with the militant anti-war group CODEPINK. That group has conducted anti-military demonstrations before Congress and at a Berkeley, California Marine recruiting center.

Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder, has called Perlson and her soldier son “terrorists.” In response, Perlson said, “I have a message for you, Medea. Get out of our country.”

CODEPINK, along with of “General Betray-us” infamy, has been provided major financial backing for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Jodie Evans, a CODEPINK co-founder, has served as “bundler” of Obama’s campaign donations.

Debra Bartoshevich, an emergency room nurse, received national attention for her pro-Clinton, pro-democracy, anti-Obama stance.

After the Democratic Party stripped her of her Convention credentials, she and her 16-year-old daughter met with Sen. John McCain.

He described Bartoshevich as “a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat.” He praised her courage in putting conscience and country ahead of Party.

On the radio program, Bartoshevich will discuss intimidation and strong-arm tactics being used by Democratic Party officials against Hillary Supporters.

Perlson will talk about how the political gamesmanship played by far-left members of Congress endangers the lives of soldiers like her son.

Both women will highlight why they’ve become strong members of the NoBama coalition.

Co-hosts on the program will be “NoBama” political activists Steve Maloney, from Pennsylvania, and Anne M. Franklin of Texas.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Seven Reasons Obama Will Lose

What's really going on in the presidential election . . .

"7 Worrisome Signs for Obama" in Politico;_ylt=AhDsvZV0ACKxrIJccaEAi2bZn414

"His [Obama's] supporters are now suffering a pre-Denver panic attack, watching as John McCain draws incrementally closer in state and national polls -- with Rasmussen's most recent daily tracker showing a statistical dead heat."

A Quinnipiac University pollster says, "This election is about Barack Obama — not John McCain — it's about whether Barack Obama passes muster. Every poll shows that people want a Democratic president; the problem is they’re not sure they want Barack Obama."

The seven worrisome signs for Obama are:

1. The role Obama's race will play in voters' decisions; "How much does his race factor into tightening contests in Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio? Nobody knows — and that’s the problem." [Note: The races are not tightening because people are gaining confidence in Obama.]

2. "Obama’s strength in Virginia may be overhyped"; Obama staffers look at the state as a 50-50 proposition, but his odds of winning may be less than that. [If Obama doesn't do very well in the DC suburbs, he will lose VA.]

3. "Michigan's in play for McCain"; the Democrats probably can't win without Michigan. There, "McCain has quietly crept up over the past month and could vault ahead if he anoints ex-Gov. Mitt Romney as his running mate." (Note: Michiganders would have much preferred Hillary Clinton as the candidate.)

4. Difficult economic times can engender fear among voters, and that could benefit McCain, who is more of a known quantity than Obama. (Note: Economics may not be McCain's strong suit, but it also doesn't look like an Obama strength.)

5. McCain doesn't have to face the "Ross Perot factor" that helped Bill Clinton greatly in bringing down George H. W. Bush in 1992;

6. Obama is NOT a white Southerner with border-state strength, the only kind of a Democrat who has won the White House in the last 65 years (LBJ, Carter, and Clinton);

7. "Americans may WANT divided government"; as one Democratic strategist puts it, ". . . Nobody wants a pair of Pelosis [Nancy and Barack] running things."

Former Democratic Senator Bob Kerrey puts it this way: People "want change, but I'm not sure that the Democratic agenda has the support of a majority of Americans."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Major Questions Confront Barack Obama

Who sent Obama? Why has he refused to release these basic documents?

With less than 90 days to go, Team Obama has not yet released the following fairly routine requests for documents. Surely we. the People have the right to know who we are going to entrust with our country before we give him the keys to the White House.

1.Certified Copy of original Birth certificate
2.Columbia College records
3.Columbia Thesis paper
4.Certification of Live Birth showing where born
5.Harvard College records
6.Illinois State Senate records
7.Illinois State Senate schedule
8.Law practice client list and billing records/summary
9.Locations and names of all half-siblings and step-mothers
10Medical records (only the one page summary released so far)
11.Occidental College records
12.Parent's Marriage Certificate
13.Record of baptism
14.Selective Service Registration
15.Trips schedules for trips outside of the United States before 2007
16.Scholarly articles
17.Campaign donor analysis requested by 7 major watchdog groups

And finally, Senator Obama, the People would like to meet your maternal grandmother. Why wont you allow anyone to go near her in Hawaii. She can hardly say something that could be fatal to your run for the President. Can she?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

National Disgraces: John, Elizabeth Edwards

Note: You can find everything you need to know about starting a blog that will play a role in defeating Barack Obama in November by going to: The site contains critical information about how you can help defeat Obama.

The Haircut Man (and Ken-Doll-lookalike) John Edwards hugging his adoring wife . . .

"Rielle Hunter" was the perfect mistress for John Edwards, a man she once compared (accurately) to a "Ken Doll."

This evening (Saturday), I'll be writing on two blogs (the ones with links below) about the John Edwards scandal. In their statements, both Sen. Edwards (the "haircut man") and his equally cynical wife, Elizabeth, talked about the Senator's "honesty." His mistress, Rielle Hunter, had talked about his being "open . . . authentic . . . real." Please give me a break.

When Senator Edwards, a thoroughly despicable man, talked about his being "honest 99% of the time," he demonstrated his self-acknowledged "egomania" and "narcissism." As GOP strategist Alex Castellanous explained, honesty is not a matter of percentages. Alex said, "Either you're honest -- or you're not."

Neither Sen. Edwards nor his wfie are honest individuals. Rather, they are very ambitious people. Because of people like John and Elizabeth Edwards -- who was John's attack dog against Hillary Clinton -- it's becoming progressively harder to get decent people to have anything to do with politics.

Why did Sen. Kerry, who knew Edwards to be a dishonest man, choose him as his V-P candidate? How did the good Democrats of Iowa think such an individual was a suitable candidate for President? Why did the media present and Daily Kos leftist Elizabeth as some sort of saint?

And, why are we to assume the massive payoffs to Ms. Rielle Hunter (born "Lisa Druck") and Edwards staffer Young are anything other than payoffs?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bloggers Unite Against Barack Obama

"Vote McCain, not Hussein"

I'm delighted that hundreds of people every day -- sometimes more -- read my blogs (listed at the bottom of this piece). Currently, I'm "managing" a critically important group, NoBama Mission Bloggers. The blogroll (see the sidebar) continues to grow, and right now there are 150-plus blog. My goal, a very ambitious one, is to get to 300 by mid-September. That will be a "critical mass" that will allow us to improve our Google and Technorati "rankings" and begin to have a real influence on the election.

What if you want to establish a blog (or two, or three), but don't know how to do so? What I'd suggest is that you click on the following link:

It's a piece by blogging expert Kathy Morrison, a person who does web pages for a living, and it's all you'll need to establish your own blog. Also, if you want to get people -- and eventually, a lot of people -- to visit your blog, e-mail me at: I'll send you material that shows how to use key words to help people find and visit your blog.

As the weekend goes on, I'll write more about the role bloggers and other onliners can play in helping ensure that the next POTUS is NOT named Barack Hussein Obama. In political activity, it turns out that it's both WHO you know -- and HOW MANY people you know.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Obama's Ties to Muslim Extremists

Obama's ties to Muslim groups and individuals supporting terrorism are very disturbing. Obama's favorite Kenyan politician, Rail Odinga (above), a fellow Luo tribesman, is busily killing Christians and turning a blind eye to al Qaeda. Obama seems to be fine with his "cousin's" actions . . .
On my Pennsylvania blog, I write about a Pennsylvania congressman, Joe Sestak, with disturbing ties to groups that support terrorism. Please visit.

Obama's Muslim-Outreach Adviser tied to Muslim Brotherhood, quits
From: 8-6-8

“The Muslim Brotherhood must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” Mohammed Akram, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the [Muslim Brotherhood] Group in North America,” May 22, 1991

"Obama's Muslim-Outreach Adviser Resigns," by Glenn R. Simpson and Amy Chozick for the Wall Street Journal, August 6, 2008

The Muslim-outreach coordinator to the presidential campaign of Barack Obama has resigned amid questions about his involvement in an Islamic investment fund and various Islamic groups.Mr. Asbahi said he did not want to distract Obama's campaign.

Chicago lawyer Mazen Asbahi, who was appointed volunteer national coordinator for Muslim American affairs by the Obama campaign on July 26, stepped down Monday after an Internet newsletter wrote about his brief stint on the fund's board, which also included a fundamentalist imam.

"Mr. Asbahi has informed the campaign that he no longer wishes to serve in his volunteer position, and we are in the process of searching for a new national Arab American and Muslim American outreach coordinator," spokesman Ben LaBolt said in a statement.

A corporate lawyer at the firm of Schiff Hardin LLP, Mr. Asbahi tendered his resignation after he and the Obama campaign received emailed inquiries about his background from The Wall Street Journal. He did not respond to the email or a message left at his law office; the campaign released a letter in which Mr. Asbahi said he did not want to be a distraction....

In 2000, Mr. Asbahi briefly served on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund, a Delaware-registered trust. Its other board members at the time included Jamal Said, the imam at a fundamentalist-controlled mosque in Illinois.

"I served on that board for only a few weeks before resigning as soon as I became aware of public allegations against another member of the board," Mr. Asbahi said in his resignation letter. "Since concerns have been raised about that brief time, I am stepping avoid distracting from Barack Obama's message of change."

The eight-year-old connection between Mr. Asbahi and Mr. Said was raised last week by the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, which is published by a Washington think tank and chronicles the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, a world-wide fundamentalist group based in Egypt.

Other Web sites, some pro-Republican and others critical of fundamentalist Islam, also have reported on the background of Mr. Asbahi. He is a frequent speaker before several groups in the U.S. that scholars have associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Justice Department named Mr. Said an unindicted co-conspirator in the racketeering trial last year of several alleged Hamas fundraisers, which ended in a mistrial. He has also been identified as a leading member of the group in news reports going back to 1993....

Allied Asset Advisors is a subsidiary of the North American Islamic Trust [NAIT]. The trust, which is supported financially by the government of Saudi Arabia, holds title to many mosques in the U.S. and promotes a conservative brand of Islam compatible with the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and also akin to the fundamentalist style predominant in Saudi Arabia. Allied executives did not respond to inquiries.

NAIT was listed by the Brotherhood operative Akram, in that same memorandum, as a group allied with the Brotherhood's program.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Barack Obama: Very Dangerous Man

The following post is by courtesy Tracy Karol, an Hispanic activist in Texas and a leader in the "NoBama" Movement. Her theme is why Obama is dangerous to Christians and other Americans.

Why do people of all faiths believe (or should believe) Barack Obama is dangerous? Here are a few of the facts that should have you worried:

FACT: Obama’s spiritual advisor, whom he considers a “beloved uncle,” is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Barack and Michelle Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ, which holds to the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, for more than 20 years. During that time, Rev. Wright spewed hatred from the pulpit, most notably (that the public is aware of) when he screamed after the 9/11 attacks not “God Bless America” but “God D**n” America!” – something unheard of in any church I’ve ever attended.

He blamed America for the attacks and claimed our country had them coming for its treatment of blacks. He also blamed the government for giving AIDS to the black community. Barack Obama seemed to have no problem with any of these statements (though he claimed to be unaware of them, while his good friend Oprah Winfrey left the Church to protect her public image). He then turned around and used the reverend’s hate-filled venom to give a campaign speech on race in America and compare himself to MLK. Nothing like twisting the facts to suit your needs. Sources: Fox News, MSNBC News, ABC News, CBS News, YouTube, CNN

FACT: Obama twice voted to deny viable infants who have been aborted the right to life. Barack Obama is so radically pro-abortion he supports infanticide, as evidenced by his active opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama supports viable infants being set aside and left to die if their mother has elected to abort them. Obama twice voted against the Act while in the Illinois Senate, and then kept it from getting to the floor for a vote. Source: World Net Daily.

FACT: Shortly after the 9/11 attacks on America by Islamic extremists, Barack Obama gave a speech in which he stated he would “stand with the Muslims.” Obama, who is a cousin to the corrupt Muslim leader of Kenya, Odinga, whom he called during the most recent elections and CAMPAIGNED for in 2006. Odinga has engaged in ethnic cleansing of Christians, burning churches, killing priests and nuns, and vowing to uphold Sharia Law. Source: BBC

FACT: Obama is no friend to the Jewish people. He could be the Jewish people’s worst nightmare. One of Barack Obama’s closest friends and allies is Louis Farrakhan, known as the “black Hitler.” And posted on Obama’s own website on June 8, 2008 (before it was scrubbed) is a photo of Brother Nathaneal Kapner holding a sign that reads “Jews are Anti-Christ” and who writes a blog: “Warn How Anti-Christ Jews Are Destroying Christianity In America." This just days after Obama spoke before AIPAC, pandering to the pro-Jewish lobby to appeal to Jewish voters. Most of Obama’s friends, however, are blatantly anti-Semite. Sources: and Google.

FACT: While Barack Obama will “stand with the Muslims,” he will certainly not stand with people of any other faith with it comes to human rights. In a recent case, a man by the name of Choudury was kidnapped and held in Bangladesh. Dr. Richard Benkin learned the man was being tortured and that the United States could step in and get him released. Benkin appealed to Democratic and Republican politicians in what should have been a no-brainer.

As Benkin writes, “The real test of moral courage is how one acts – not just talks – in real-life situations.” He goes on to explain that over the course of months politicians from both parties helped with the release of Choudoury – with the exception of Barack Obama, who was blatantly callous on the issue. “In fact, Barack Obama demonstrated a level of moral cowardice unmatched by anyone in either the US House or Senate,” Benkin writes.

It’s a good thing we don’t have to depend on Barack Obama – at least not for now – to actually protect human rights, rather than just give speeches about them. Source: Canada Free Press.

Obama: Dishonorable, Dishonest, Dangerous

According to Merriam Webster' Online Dictionary, the word "Honor" denotes "a keen sense of ethical conduct; integrity."

[Scroll down to read a repost from my Hillary Supporters site about the decline and fall of the Democratic Party. Bulletin: Rasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama On 9 Out of 14 Electoral Issues]

"Hubris," on the other hand, denotes "exaggerated pride or self confidence," stemming from Classical Athenian usage meaning "intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade; [it] could also characterize rape."

And this, in a nutshell, is what the 2008 presidential campaign boils down to:
The choice is between a man [McCain] whose actions and words have consistently demonstrated his honorable character and one [Obama] whose short history has demonstrated little more than his complete and utter hubris.

Contrast, if you will, the man who declined to be released from POW camp simply because he had family ties in upper echelon military, with one who refused to visit wounded troops because a press entourage was not allowed, claimed that the Senate Banking Committee [on which he’s not a member] was "his committee," and has been unable to produce an authentic, verifiable American birth certificate.

Contrast a man willing to appear at a Town Hall Meeting at a military base with one who always claims, regardless of the choice of dates given to him, that he "has a prior commitment."

It is all too well known that Mr. Obama's chief campaign strategy has been that of playing the Victim by repeatedly race baiting while accusing the Clintons, long time uber champions of civil rights, of racism.

This is indeed a clear pattern with the Obama campaign: crying foul while committing fouls themselves, as reported on by Politico last month in an article entitled "Who’s Smearing Whom."
Few things are more universally unattractive than the kind of smug, out-of-touch arrogance that characterizes Barack Obama and thus, his campaign.

Few things are sadder or more dangerous than someone who has demonstrated beyond all doubt, in instance after instance, by his outright lies, repeated failure to keep his word, and who, to date, has failed to produce an authentic birth certificate, thus raising questions about even his LEGAL qualification to run for the presidency of the United States.

Clearly, his candidacy is no longer viable and due to his pathological pattern of falsifying documents he should be censured and have his Senate seat stripped from him.

Are these the acts of a desperate man? Perhaps so, but, more importantly, they are the acts of one who is inexperienced, unqualified and dangerous.

For further reading see Jerome Corsi's #1 bestseller “The Obama Nation” book and Andy Martin's, "Obama: The Man Behind the Mask"


Hillary would be shunned by "her" Party if she came out against Obama. Many years ago John F. Kennedy wrote a book (with Ted Sorensen) called "Profiles in Courage." I want HRC and WJC to earn a place in such a future book. My argument has always been that there the Party of FDR, JFK, and HST does not exist anymore.

Of course, Harry Truman knew that by going into Korea to stop the North's invasion that he would be vilified and probably could not win re-election in 1952, by which time not 4,000 American had been killed, but rather 50,000.In 1952, Truman's "approval rating" was much lower than Bush's is now. The nuns at my elementary schools made an (unprecedented) announcement that President Truman would not run again.

As for Roosevelt, he came near to risking impeachmnet by going against Congress to assist Great Britain prior to Pearl Harbor. It is now the Party of Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Claire McCaskill, John Kerry, Robert Casey, Harry Reid, Richard Durbin, and Barack H. Obama.

There is not some other idealized, Platonic, and democratic Party that exists apart from such people. Right now, it is able to do harm -- as in blocking any sort of decent energy policy -- but it is not yet able to dominate every aspect of American society. That will of course change if Barack H. Obama is elected President and then of course re-elected by an increasingly dependent society in 2012.

"I would rather lose an election than lose a war." (John McCain) I believe there some Democrats -- Mary Landieu of La is one, Joe Lieberman of CT is another, and James Boren of OK is a third -- who would say something similar (not on the War perhaps but on anything), yet there are not enough.

Some of my dear friends in Beaver County (pro-life, pro-God, pro-guns, the ones Obama despises) are preparing to vote for a candidate because he -- Obama -- is "the Democrat." They persist in the illusion that the Party of JFK still exists. It doesn't, and it shows no signs of reappearing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama's "Lead": Beware of Pollsters!

Sharon Caliendo, formerly from Ohio, now in Oklahoma and a Republican activist there, sent me the following link from YouTube -- it's an Ohio GOP ad, and Sharon says it makes her proud of her home state: Other states, please take notice . . .

On my HillarySupportersforMccain site, I have an essay entitled, "Why The Democratic Party Doesn't Exist Anymore." I hope you'll visit.

Bulletin: There's growing evidence that Bill Clinton is NOT going to back Barack Obama. See my Monday column on: I've titled the column, "Bill, Hillary MUST Denounce Obama." See also the following link: John McCain has said, "I'd rather lose the presidency than lose a war."

"Don't always take at face value what pollsters tell you."

One point to remember about Barack Hussein Obama is that he "polls" better (usually by 3 points or more) than he does on the day of the balloting. You may (vaguely) remember that in the Pennsylvania Primary (balloting on April 22) the MSM was saying that the race was tightening, and they even used their favorite phrase "too close to call." I predicted just before the Primary that Sen. Clinton would win by about 10%. She carried PA by 9.2% -- actually by a margin of nearly 15% outside Philadelphia County.

The results were similar in Ohio, where we were also told the Clinton-Obama race was "too close to call" and that Obama "was closing strong." Actually, he almost NEVER closes strongly. The undecided and the unsure (at least those who vote) almost always go for Obama's opponent.

The real situation in an election depends on the Likely Voters (those who vote with some regularity in elections). Obama tends to do well with "registered voters," a good portion of whom do NOT vote. (In fact, a significant portion of Likely Voters also don't vote -- about two out of ten or more -- but that's another story.) Almost everywhere, voters who are -- or lean -- Republican are more likely to vote than Democrats.

Also, on election day there are "exit polls" that tend to be presented as Gospel, but that can be very misleading. If you doubt that, just ask "President Kerry," who won all the (early) exit polls on election day in 2004. Why does that happen? Because voters favoring the Republican candidate in a national (or other other federal) election tend to vote LATER than those favoring the Democratic candidate. That situation happens always -- in every election.

Also in 2004, some national polls (Zogby was one) said that last-minute-deciding Independents were "break eight-to-one" for Kerry. Again, "President Kerry" could only have wished that were true, which it was not. GWB won in 2004 by about 3 million votes, and the Independents generally vote for Bush. Pollsters are really bad at determining what late-deciding Independents are doing.

In 2004, Gallup responded to public pressures (from the MSM and Democrats) that accused it of including too many Republicans in their surveys. Gallup in fact changed its "gold-standard" polling template. It ended up predicting that Bush would carry PA -- and Kerry would carry Ohio. I said at the time that Gallup seemed to have mixed up the two states.

In fact, Bush carried OH narrowly -- and Kerry did the same in PA. Gallup also suggested that Kerry might win FL. In fact, he lost it by 300,000-plus votes.

Independents are less likely to vote than either Democrats or Republicans. In fact, some people who claim to be "Independents" are in fact uninterested in politics.