Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Barack Obama: Very Dangerous Man

The following post is by courtesy Tracy Karol, an Hispanic activist in Texas and a leader in the "NoBama" Movement. Her theme is why Obama is dangerous to Christians and other Americans.

Why do people of all faiths believe (or should believe) Barack Obama is dangerous? Here are a few of the facts that should have you worried:

FACT: Obama’s spiritual advisor, whom he considers a “beloved uncle,” is the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Barack and Michelle Obama attended Trinity United Church of Christ, which holds to the teachings of Black Liberation Theology, for more than 20 years. During that time, Rev. Wright spewed hatred from the pulpit, most notably (that the public is aware of) when he screamed after the 9/11 attacks not “God Bless America” but “God D**n” America!” – something unheard of in any church I’ve ever attended.

He blamed America for the attacks and claimed our country had them coming for its treatment of blacks. He also blamed the government for giving AIDS to the black community. Barack Obama seemed to have no problem with any of these statements (though he claimed to be unaware of them, while his good friend Oprah Winfrey left the Church to protect her public image). He then turned around and used the reverend’s hate-filled venom to give a campaign speech on race in America and compare himself to MLK. Nothing like twisting the facts to suit your needs. Sources: Fox News, MSNBC News, ABC News, CBS News, YouTube, CNN

FACT: Obama twice voted to deny viable infants who have been aborted the right to life. Barack Obama is so radically pro-abortion he supports infanticide, as evidenced by his active opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama supports viable infants being set aside and left to die if their mother has elected to abort them. Obama twice voted against the Act while in the Illinois Senate, and then kept it from getting to the floor for a vote. Source: World Net Daily.

FACT: Shortly after the 9/11 attacks on America by Islamic extremists, Barack Obama gave a speech in which he stated he would “stand with the Muslims.” Obama, who is a cousin to the corrupt Muslim leader of Kenya, Odinga, whom he called during the most recent elections and CAMPAIGNED for in 2006. Odinga has engaged in ethnic cleansing of Christians, burning churches, killing priests and nuns, and vowing to uphold Sharia Law. Source: BBC

FACT: Obama is no friend to the Jewish people. He could be the Jewish people’s worst nightmare. One of Barack Obama’s closest friends and allies is Louis Farrakhan, known as the “black Hitler.” And posted on Obama’s own website on June 8, 2008 (before it was scrubbed) is a photo of Brother Nathaneal Kapner holding a sign that reads “Jews are Anti-Christ” and who writes a blog: “Warn How Anti-Christ Jews Are Destroying Christianity In America." This just days after Obama spoke before AIPAC, pandering to the pro-Jewish lobby to appeal to Jewish voters. Most of Obama’s friends, however, are blatantly anti-Semite. Sources: and Google.

FACT: While Barack Obama will “stand with the Muslims,” he will certainly not stand with people of any other faith with it comes to human rights. In a recent case, a man by the name of Choudury was kidnapped and held in Bangladesh. Dr. Richard Benkin learned the man was being tortured and that the United States could step in and get him released. Benkin appealed to Democratic and Republican politicians in what should have been a no-brainer.

As Benkin writes, “The real test of moral courage is how one acts – not just talks – in real-life situations.” He goes on to explain that over the course of months politicians from both parties helped with the release of Choudoury – with the exception of Barack Obama, who was blatantly callous on the issue. “In fact, Barack Obama demonstrated a level of moral cowardice unmatched by anyone in either the US House or Senate,” Benkin writes.

It’s a good thing we don’t have to depend on Barack Obama – at least not for now – to actually protect human rights, rather than just give speeches about them. Source: Canada Free Press.

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