Saturday, August 9, 2008

National Disgraces: John, Elizabeth Edwards

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The Haircut Man (and Ken-Doll-lookalike) John Edwards hugging his adoring wife . . .

"Rielle Hunter" was the perfect mistress for John Edwards, a man she once compared (accurately) to a "Ken Doll."

This evening (Saturday), I'll be writing on two blogs (the ones with links below) about the John Edwards scandal. In their statements, both Sen. Edwards (the "haircut man") and his equally cynical wife, Elizabeth, talked about the Senator's "honesty." His mistress, Rielle Hunter, had talked about his being "open . . . authentic . . . real." Please give me a break.

When Senator Edwards, a thoroughly despicable man, talked about his being "honest 99% of the time," he demonstrated his self-acknowledged "egomania" and "narcissism." As GOP strategist Alex Castellanous explained, honesty is not a matter of percentages. Alex said, "Either you're honest -- or you're not."

Neither Sen. Edwards nor his wfie are honest individuals. Rather, they are very ambitious people. Because of people like John and Elizabeth Edwards -- who was John's attack dog against Hillary Clinton -- it's becoming progressively harder to get decent people to have anything to do with politics.

Why did Sen. Kerry, who knew Edwards to be a dishonest man, choose him as his V-P candidate? How did the good Democrats of Iowa think such an individual was a suitable candidate for President? Why did the media present and Daily Kos leftist Elizabeth as some sort of saint?

And, why are we to assume the massive payoffs to Ms. Rielle Hunter (born "Lisa Druck") and Edwards staffer Young are anything other than payoffs?

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