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Mike Castle: Another Arlen Specter

The following piece appeared in RedState.Com on March 10, 2010, the day Christine O'Donnell announced her candidacy for the Delaware US Senate seat.

Today [March 10], Christine O’Donnell announced that she would run for Joe Biden’s vacant seat in Delaware. O’Donnell made a brave run in 2008 against Joe Biden, likely knowing full well she could never win in the political environment that existed in 2008, but went for it anyway.

But that was 2008, this is 2010. The Dems are choking on their own vomit with this socialistic healthcare bill, and we need to Kick them while they are down. There is very little doubt in my mind that DE will go red in the Senate due to the fact that the lamester liberals are running a candidate who has never run at the state level and not someone who could make it competitive like Beau Biden. So here is my proposition:


Sure, we have Mike Castle who has been a career politician for literally more than half his life (45 years, he is 70), who is with us on some things, but against us on important things, here is a small list:

  • Supported SCHIP (HR2, 7/14/2009)
  • Supported Omnibus Appropriations (HR1105, 2/25/2009)
  • Supported Mortgage Loan Modifications (HR1106, 3/5/2009)
  • Voted Against Balancing the Budget in 10 Years (HRes 85, 4/2/2009)
  • Supported Hate Crimes Bill (HR 1913, 4/29/2009)
  • Supported Parental Leave for Federal Employees (HR626, 6/4/2009)
  • Supported Cash for Clunkers (HR2751, 6/9/2009)
  • Supported funding for Legal Services Corporation (HR2847, 6/18/2009)
  • Voted Against Missle Defense (HR2647, 6/25/2009)
  • Supported Cap & Trade (HR2454, 6/26/2009)
    Supported funding for Planned Parenthood (HR3293, 6/24/2009)

This is simply inexcusable to me, and this is one of the reasons why we need O’Donnell as our GOP nominee.

It’s time for a fresh face who will be with us 100% of the time as opposed to an old face who will be with use 80% of the time, and stab us in the back on close votes like what Specter, Snowe, Collins, and Brown have done in the past. It is disturbing to me that an organization as inept as the Democratic party is able to field candidates against incumbents because they feel they aren’t representing their best intrests.

I feel that us as conservatives are just willing to play it “safe” to win an election, and then everyone is surprised why we have RINOs running the senate. When was the last time a conservative primaried an incumbent? Toomey and Rubio. Look at them now, they are both poised to win seats in bluish/purple states.

It’s time to get real and time to support candidates that will fight for us, and that we can be proud of. This doesn’t just pertain to Delaware, but also in Arizona, New Hampshire, California, and wherever there is a conservative willing to put their neck on the line for our movement.

Americans are tired of Obama’s ideas, but people won’t vote for us unless they are able to differentiate on a policy level, not just a party level.

As primaries move closer, I will be examining specific races around the country where the Establishment choice is not essentially the best choice for us Real Conservatives.

"The Argument Against Career Politician Mike Castle"
January 25, 2010 by Jason O'Neill

The biggest argument against current U.S. Rep and U.S. Senate candidate Mike Castle (R-DE) is that he is part of the establishment. Congressman Mike Castle has been on the government dole since 1967. Here is a breakdown of his elective office career:

Delaware State Representative (1967-1969)
Delaware State Senate (1969-1977)
Lt. Governor (Delaware) (1981-1985)
Governor (Delaware) (1985-1992)
U.S. Represntative (R-DE) (1993-Present)

So basically, with the exception of a four year break during the Carter Administration, Mike Castle has been on the government dole for over 42 years. Isn’t he part of the problem? More importantly, Congressman Castle is really an Arlen Specter Democrat! Here are some of his highlights:


  • In 2008, the American Conservative Union gave Mike Castle a 28% rating.
  • In 2008, Congressman Castle supported the interests (fiscal conservatism) of Club For Growth 26% of the time.
  • Americans for Fair Taxation considered how each congressional representative stood on the FairTax, illustrated with +3 as a sponsorship, +2 as a co-sponsorship, +1 as support, 0 as does not support, and -1 as against. In 2008, the actions of Representative Castle is represented by -1.
  • In 2008 National Taxpayers Union gave Representative Castle a rating of D.
  • In 2007 Americans for Tax Reform gave Representative Castle a grade of 58.
  • In 2007, the American Conservative Union gave Mike Castle a 20% rating. Source:
  • Representative Castle supported the interests of the Americans for Prosperity only 63 percent of the time in 2007.
  • In 2007 Traditional Values Coalition gave Representative Castle a grade of 0.
    Representative Castle supported the interests of the National Small Business Association 60% in 2007-2008.


  • Castle supported the interests of Planned Parenthood 75% in 2008.
  • In 2007 NARAL Pro-Choice America gave Representative Castle a grade of 100.
  • Castle supported the interests of the NARAL Pro-Choice America 100% in 2006.
  • Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Civil Liberties Union 55% in 2007-2008.
  • Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Family Association 0 percent in 2007-2008.
  • Representative Castle supported the interests of the Family Research Council 23 percent in 2007-2008.
    Representative Castle supported the interests of the PFLAG, Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays 100 percent in 2007.


Representative Castle supported the interests of the Citizens Against Government Waste 48% in 2007.

  1. In 2008 National Rifle Association gave Representative Castle a grade of F, in its scorecard for candidates seeking office in 2008.
  2. In 2007 Gun Owners of America gave Representative Castle a grade of F-.
  3. Based on lifetime voting records on gun issues and the results of a questionnaire sent to all Congressional candidates in 2006, the National Rifle Association assigned Representative Castle a grade of F (with grades ranging from a high of A+ to a low of F).


  1. Representative Castle supported the interests of the AFL-CIO 73 percent in 2008.
  2. Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) 57 percent in 2008.
  3. Representative Castle supported the interests of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 83 percent in 2008.


  1. Representative Castle supported the interests of the American Security Council Foundation 50% in 2007-2008.
  2. In 2007-2008 Center for Security Policy gave Representative Castle a rating of 54%. So how is Congressman Castle a CONSERVATIVE?
SOURCE:, Michael Castle, Christine O'Donnell, Arlen Specter, Joe Biden, Jason O'Neill, Cap and Trade, American Conservative Union (ACU),

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mike Castle: Contemptible Career Politician

Note: Mike Castle has been in what they laughingly call "public service" since 1966. He held a "real job" (such as it was) for just about one year, as a novice lawyer. He's never run a competitive race; this year will be his first, and his campaign strategy is to spread rumors and lies about his Republican opponent, Christine O'Donnell. He refuses to debate the issues with Christine. Why? Because his stands on key issues, including cap-and-trade, repeal of ObamaCare, and the bailouts, are indefensible.

What's also indefensible is his use of surrogates, including one at the local paper, to go around spreading half-truths and outright lies about Christine O'Donnell. Christine is a thoroughly good woman. Castle, the classic rich boy who wants his "toy" (his federal office) may be a good something, but he's not a good man. And media people who do his bidding -- after all, he's a very important blowhard -- are beneath contempt. Does he offer 30 pieces of silver? Or is it all paper money?

Mike Castle's fundraising is a disgrace. He's collecting huge sums of money from companies and industries he's supposed to monitor and oversee. Where are the media stories about the companies that are funneling money to Castle for "services rendered." Mike Castle has never had a real job in his life, but he gets all sort of deference from media figures who are supposed to ask him hard questions. It stinks.

His campaign slogans might be: "Vote for me, I'm a career politician"; or, "Vote for me, I'm a charter member of the decaying GOP Establishment"; or "Vote for me; I've sold out to every special interest group imaginable." Castle's view seems to be that what the US Senate truly needs is one more reliable liberal -- i.e., him. No wonder, has Castle listed as the most offensive RINO in Congress. Delaware deserves better. Christine O'Donnell IS better.

See below . . .
Delaware's Crumbling Castle of Corruption

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Delaware's Crumbling Castle of Corruption

On the site Rep. Mike Castle of DE is listed as the "ace-of-spades," removerino's designation for the worst R-I-N-O in Congress. There's one blogger out there, Frank Knotts of Delaware, who has turned up the rocks around Castle's fundraising, and, as you see below, many creepy-crawlies have appeared. As Frank demonstrates, Castle is to political integrity as Hugh Hefner is to chastity. Frank shows how career politicians sell out to special interests in order to keep themselves in office forever. Mike Castle first got elected in 1966, several years before his Senate race opponent (and my friend) Christine O'Donnell was born.

What Frank Knotts describes below is not technically illegal, only unethical. Castle is receiving huge campaign contributions, mega-millions, from industries he's supposed to monitor and oversee. It stinks. I hope you'll link to Frank's pieces on your own blogs -- and forward it on to your political allies.

Rep. Mike Castle’s Conflict of Interest

March 28, 2010 by frankknotts

Now that we have learned that Christine O’Donnell intends to primary long time Washington insider Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) for the Senate seat, formerly held by even longer Washington insider Joe Biden(unfortunately currently our vice president), there have been questions raised of Ms. O’Donnell’s ability to run a campaign, let alone to make financial decisions on the national scale.

So, I believe since Mr. Castle’s supporters think it right to bring up past deeds of Ms. O’Donnell, then I would say that Mr. Castle should clean his closet as well.

Let us start by looking at the 2007-2008 election cycle shall we.

Here is a link that show contributions to Mr. Castle for that cycle.

s you will see, the number one contributor, amounting to 10% of his campaign contributions is the law firm of Young, Conaway. This is a [Wilmington, DE] law firm that deals primarily with bankruptcy and corporate restructuring. They contributed $146,915. [Note they're also the biggest contributor this year, up near $30,000 already]

You will also see that Mr. Castle’s next two largest contributors were Bank of America at number two with $27,950 and coming in at #3 was Morgan Stanley with a paltry $14,850. [Note, both recipients of bailout money]

Now those last two sound very familiar and may explain Mr. Castle’s yes vote on the TARP legislation. Of course this is exactly the type of voting you would expect from someone whose supporters describe him as a fiscal conservative, right?

Oh and by the way , for those who don’t know it, Mr. Castle sits on the House Financial Services Committee, you know the one that oversees and regulates banks and the financial sector. But of course I’m sure that Mr. Castle’s supporters will see absolutely no conflict of interest there.

In the eyes of Mr. Castle’s supporters, this is exactly the kind of experience that we need to send back to Washington in the Senate, to continue the good work that he has been doing in the House for oh so many years. While those who feel as I do , believe that this is exactly why he must be defeated.

And one last note to those of you out there still clinging to the idea that Mr. Castle is any kind of conservative, in 2009 while serving on the House Financial Services Committee . In a Vote of 39-29 on legislation to create yet another government bureaucracy that would be known as The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, Mike Castle was the only, as in no other, as in single Republican vote, to vote with, that’s right you guessed it, he voted with the Democrats against all of his so-called fellow Republicans in favor of growing government once again.

So to all of you out there that are ready to condemn Christine O’Donnell for her mistakes, you may want to consider the fact that Mr. Castle’s actions were conscious decisions.

Rep. Mike Castle’s Conflict of Interest Pt. II

April 4, 2010 The following is a press release from March 12, 2010.

” Title: Castle Supports Bringing More Bankruptcy Judges To Delaware
Date: 03/12/2010
Location: Washington, DC
Press Release

Today, Delaware Congressman Mike Castle voted in favor of H.R. 4506, the Bankruptcy Judgeships Act, legislation aimed at authorizing additional federal bankruptcy judgeships. Delaware, which currently has one permanent and five temporary judgeships, would now have six permanent positions

.“With the financial crisis and economic downturn resulting in an increase in the amount of both corporate and personal bankruptcies, Delaware’s bankruptcy courts have experienced rising caseload,” said Rep. Castle.

“With the temporary positions set to expire soon, this bill makes the five temporary slots permanent. In addition to reflecting the seriousness of the economic challenges that we face, the rising bankruptcy rates are reminders that this Congress and Administration must focus on economic growth with policies that expand innovation and protect, instead of spend, taxpayer dollars.”

In 2009, the United States saw 1.47 million bankruptcy filings, up 32 percent from the year before. Currently, there are 352 bankruptcy judges in the federal system, of which 36 are temporary positions. H.R. 4506 would make the five judgeships permanent in Delaware that were created through the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act and the Bankruptcy Judgeship Act.

The Bankruptcy Judgeships Act is based on recommendations of the U.S. Judicial Conference, a body of 30 federal judges, including the chief justice of the United States, which makes recommendations to Congress on the federal judiciary.”

I especially like the this part, “In addition to reflecting the seriousness of the economic challenges that we face, the rising bankruptcy rates are reminders that this Congress and Administration must focus on economic growth with policies that expand innovation and protect, instead of spend, taxpayer dollars.”

So what does he vote for ? Increasing the number of government employees on a permanent basis. And how does having more judges help to expand innovation? It is also a good thing that we will have more bankruptcy judges, since so many of the things that Mr. Castle votes for will lead to more bankruptcies.

It is also notable once again that Mr. Castle’s number one contributor to his campaign is the law firm of Young & Conaway, this is a law firm that deals primarily in corporate restructuring and, that’s right bankruptcies. But I am sure that having more judges and bankruptcies in the state of Delaware will not in any way benefit Young & Conaway and has nothing to do with the way that Mr. Castle voted.

Frank Knotts' blog is:

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Urgent: Volunteers for Christine O'Donnell

It's time! You've been asking for months how you can get involved and help the O'Donnell for U.S. Senate Campaign.

Well, here's your chance....your second chance.

This campaign is the Delaware people's campaign. But more importantly, this is YOUR campaign. You are the reason we will be victorious. You, the supporters and volunteers, ARE the O'Donnell Campaign...and it is because of you that Christine will defeat two entrenched career politicians, Mike Castle and Chris Coons.

This campaign is going to be huge. Volunteers are going to swarm Delaware to be a part of this campaign just like they did in Massachusetts, which produced the "Massachusetts Miracle" for Scott Brown. In fact, dozens of activists from around the country are already planning to do the same for Christine in September and November. But we can't get there without you.

This campaign is about taking back America and electing a candidate that will FINALLY LISTEN to the American people &, most importantly, the people of Delaware.

It's simple: your help, dedication and prayers are going to win this election. So, if you are ready to restore our country to what it once was, free ourselves from the scourge of Statism and Progressivism & TAKE BACK OUR STATE than join our volunteers force.

Our second Volunteer Training session will be this Friday April 30th, 2010 at 6:30pm. We realize it's short notice but we have a golden opportunity. The O'Donnell for U.S Senate senior consultant, who happens to be a top adviser for many U.S. Senators, will be coming to Delaware this Friday evening. He will be sharing with you, our chosen supporters, a new technology which the O'Donnell campaign will be utilizing to revolutionize Christine's ground game & this race. We'd like you to be a part of this. To join us, please RSVP by replying to this email.

The active people in Town Hall meetings, who are making their voices heard at Tea Parties, 9-12 & Founders' Values events have done their jobs. It's time for all of us to learn from their examples and get engaged. So let your voice be heard. Reply today and join our volunteer army that's going to win the war against RINOs and Progressivism. RSVP today.

-David Hust
O'Donnell for U.S. Senate Volunteer Coordinator

RSVP Instructions:
For security reasons the location will be divulged when participants RSVP. For the purpose of confirmation, officially RSVP for this event by replying to this email with your name, address, phone number & email. Once you RSVP, you will receive a confirmation email with the meeting location. If you do not receive a confirmation reply from the campaign within 24 hours, please call 302-468-7010. Please RVSP by Thursday. (To note: This particular event will take place in Kent County so that all Delawareans have the opportunity to join us.)

P.S. If you joined us at our previous training session, you don't need to attend this next session but as you know this information is exciting so you are more than welcome to come again. In addition, please feel free to bring along other ardent Christine O'Donnell supporters and patriots who you know want to bring about a positive change in Delaware. This is our time! The people's time! We can do this if we ban together and fight.

Christine O'Donnell, US Senate, Delaware, Kent County, Volunteers for O'Donnell

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Mark Critz: Following Murtha's Lead

Mark Critz -- Democrat candidate in PA's 12th CD -- was a willing servant of the most corrupt member of Congress, John Murtha. Of course, "Mr. Murtha," as Democrats describe that odious man, specialized in trading earmarks -- our money -- for huge campaign contributions. If Critz would do it any other way, he's neglected to say so. If he wasn't going to be a willing political tool for Pelosi, he wouldn't have relied on her (exclusively) to finance his campiagn.

"Mr." Murtha called his own constituents "racists" and "rednecks." Does Critz disagree? Apparently not. Murtha is falsely credited with "bringing home the bacon," but it's clear that he regarded his constituents much as his heroine Nancy Pelosi would: as know-nothing ne'er-do-wells. As Murtha served term after term, the 12th district sank deeper and deeper in poverty and hopelessness. The jobs Murtha created were a tiny fraction of the jobs he destroyed. But the millions he received from people he paid off with earmarks were always enough to keep him getting re-elected. John Murtha made out just fine; the 12th district continued its economic nosedive.

Murtha was also presented as a "conservative, pro-military Democrat." He was in fact a loyal Democrat, but he was neither conservative nor pro-military. He voted the liberal side twice as often as he did the conservative (check out the National Journal's liberal-conservative analysis). On the military side, he falsely described the brave Haditha Marines as "cold-blooded killers." If he really gave a hoot about the lives of American soldiers, he had an odd way of showing it.

On his bogus conservatism: Murtha voted against banning same-sex marriage (all the while presenting himself as a Roman Catholic); he voted against repealing the estate tax (known popularly as "the death tax"); he voted against extending the Patriot Act; and he voted against military tribunals for enemy combatants like Khalid Sheik Muhammed, architect of 9/11.

What's more, he voted against building the southern border fence to keep out illegal immigrants; he voted for early withdrawal -- actually, early surrender -- from Iraq. He voted for the Wall Street bailout. And he voted for expanding SCHIP -- the children's health program that took many young people off private insurance and put them on the public dole. And then Murtha capped off a disgraceful career by voting for ObamaCare.

Did the socially and fiscally conservative people of the 12th district know that "conservative" John Murtha was voting this way? Did they know Murtha was always there when Pelosi needed a vote for her far-Left initiatives?

Some people in the 12th did know. But many didn't. And, sadly, some didn't care. They'd bought the myth that Murtha was somehow providing economic benefits to the 12th. After 38 years of Murtha in Congress, the one amazing thing is that there are still people in the district. No business that refused to make political payoffs to Murtha and his bagman, Mark Critz, would even consider creating jobs in the 12th.

Would Mark Critz, Murtha's "deputy director" vote the same way as his old boss? There's no evidence that Critz wouldn't hew the Obama/Pelosi line. In fact, Critz would be one more Democrat disaster for western Pennsylvania.

If the 12th district is to have a future, it must not send another corrupt politician to the House. There is a much better choice: conservative Republican Tim Burns. All the lies the Beltway Democrat establishment tells about Burns can't hide one fact: he knows what's necessary to create jobs; Mark Critz doesn't have a clue.

Tim Burns, Mark Critz, John Murtha, PA 12th congressional district, Earmarks, Nancy Pelosi,,Haditha Marines, Barack Obama, ObamaCare, KSM

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Mark Critz: Another Crooked Democrat

Jim Geraghty in National Review has Mark Critz's number. If you scroll down, you're find another essay on the abominable Critz, running to succeed his old boss, John Murtha, one of the most corrupt men ever to hold federal office. The following three paragraphs are from Jim Geraghty's article:

"In some ways, Mark Critz is exactly the right man to continue the work of the late John Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who spent most of his last years in Congress surrounded by allegations that he traded earmarks for donations. Critz was Murtha’s district director, and he shares many habits with his old boss: malodorous deals, explanations to the public that don’t add up, conflicting political and public-office loyalties, and a cynical sensibility that “the appearance of impropriety” ceased being a worry a long time ago.

"The first questions about Critz’s honesty and propriety were raised by his work as a bookkeeper for a (now bankrupt) Johnstown firm, Parkins Concrete. According to the political blog PA2010, Critz testified that he worked part-time as the company’s bookkeeper and business manager from at least late 1997 until early 2000. During that time, the company racked up more than $13,000 worth of state tax violations and at least one federal tax lien of more than $127,000, according to public records. (One would expect the company’s bookkeeper to keep an eye on the payment of state and federal taxes, no?)

"Critz claimed he stopped working for the company before joining Murtha’s staff, but it appears the two jobs overlapped for a year. Bloggers for The Pennsylvania Progressive called him out on the contradiction; the Critz campaign’s response was to change the candidate’s LinkedIn page."

Note: If you want to help defeat Mark Critz, please go to Tim Burns's web site. The Geraghty article in its entirety is available at:

Burns's web site is at:

Mark Critz, Tim Burns, John Murtha, National Review

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Mark Critiz: Murtha-Like Crook

Who's Mark Critz, besides being a Democrat candidate for the seat of his old boss, John Murtha, in Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District? One writer (John Morgan) says that, when it came to Murtha's corrupt earmark deals, Critz was his "bagman."

In fact, Critz was the guy who gave Murtha what's called "plausible deniability." Before Murtha handed out multi-million dollars "earmarks" (our tax money), Critz would work out the deal.
That way Murtha wouldn't get arrested, as he should have been.

Specifically, Critz would tell the favored contractor exactly how much was expected in campaign contributions. Isn't that really a form of bribery? Well, yes, but it's the way Murtha did what he called "business." In Illinois, it's called "pay to play."

Now, somebody else is serving as Mark Critz's bagman. Critz been promoted. On television, he talks about how he was Murtha's "Director of Economic Development." (He was really a "depty director" of the Murtha Bribery Department, but what's a little exaggeration among friends?)

In the 12th District, one of Pennsylvania's true depressed areas, there's been no economic development that anyone would notice. In Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Politics, he notes that the population of Murtha's (and Critz's) hometown, Johnstown, has dropped somewhat.

Just before John Murtha was born, the city had 67,000 residents. By the mid-1990s, when Murtha had already been in Congress a long time, the population was 22,000. In this decade, the 12th's population has declined by 3% -- and it's not going to be heading upward any time soon. There's speculation the 12th might be redistricted; the real question is if it will dry up and blow away.

Economic development? No, economic disaster. The median income in the district is $37,000, the worst in the state outside Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The poverty rate is 14.8%. In an adjoining district (the 18th), the poverty is half that level. The median home price in the 12th is under $85,000, 40% below the level in the rest of the state. How much credit for this mess does "economic development" guy Critz get? He gets some, and Murtha gets the rest.

The 12th district has the largest elderly population in the state. Young people have been leaving the area in droves for generations. The proportion of college graduates in the 12th is a little over 16%. In my own western Pennsylvania district (the 4th, west and south of the 12th), the percentage of college graduates is twice as high. Any college graduates who stay in the 12th district are probably satisfied to be working at McDonald's or Wal-Mart.

This is the kind of economic "development" that resulted from all those earmarks . . . and the tens of million in campaign contributions Murtha solicited (extorted). What kind of company in its right mind was going to start a business in a district dominated by a blowhard (Murtha, abetted by Critz) who was always standing there with his hand out? When it came to creating real jobs, Murtha was radioactive.

I can say these things, because they're true. A great conservative candidate like Republican Tim Burns probably can't say them -- even though they're true. Critz's idea of economic development is to set a hefty price for an earmark. Did he get a percentage of the take? Overall, the number of "jobs" created by sleazy political deals is near the economic equivalent of absolute zero.

In Critz's latest commercial, he's telling western Pennsylvanians he would have "voted against" ObamaCare? When do we stop laughing? Critz would have voted for the heath bill just as John Murtha did. Of course, Murtha was Pelosi's strongest ally in the House. And Pelosi just raised Critz a truck-load of cash. Trust me, Mark Critz will do what he's told.

Tim Burns would be a godsend to the 12th district. He's a businessman who has actually created jobs. Mark Critz is John Murtha -- without the political clout, the red face, and the potty-mouth. If the 12th has any hope, it will come in the form of Tim Burns. Critz? He's another word that begins with "c-r." More on Monday about Critz and criminality . . .

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Friday, April 23, 2010

America Adopting Delaware's Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell below on Bill O'Reilly Show on FOX. She has appeared many times on FOX and will do so again between now and the general election in November.

My friend Christine O'Donnell is running for the US Senate seat in Delaware against the most liberal Republican in the House, Mike Castle. His goal now is to become the most liberal Republican in the Senate. [Note: See previous column below on Christine.]

Cap-and-trade? Mike Castle is for it. Repeal of Obama's health care monstrosity? Castle is against it. Huge Obama spending bills? Castle is for them. More money for the UN? Castle loves the idea. Bailouts for reckless banks? Castle thinks they're a capital idea.

In the words of Christine, "the last thing the Senate needs is one more liberal." She calls liberals "post-Americans." That doesn't mean they're anti-U.S. . . . just that they believe America is no big deal, just another nation in the alphabetical list that runs from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. She believes America is "exceptional." Castle clearly doesn't.

Christine may be the most unlikely candidate in a generation to run for the US Senate. She's not, unlike Castle, a millionaire. She doesn't live, unlike Castle, in a mansion. She lives in a townhouse.
She's not, unlike Castle, a career politician -- he was first elected in 1966, well before Christine was born. He's part of the "old Delaware" aristocracy, where she's the Irish-Italian offspring (one of six kids) from a blue-collar family. He's a member of the dwindling GOP establishment, where she's as antiestablishment as they come.

As I said in one of my recent pieces about her, she's a "love-thy-neighbor-period" type of Christian. She's a conservative who believes that capitalists (especially those on Wall Street) are sometimes their own worst enemies.

Can Christine really win in a Blue state like Delaware, one that reelected Joe Biden in an almost Pavlovian way? Let me ask another question: was there any possibility an unknown like Scott Brown could win in Deep-Blue Massachusetts?

In 2008, Christine ran a "sacrificial lamb" campaign against Joe Biden (also running for "his" Senate seat). He outspent her 42-to-1. But she ending up getting 140,500 votes, 35,000 more than any Republican candidate had garnered against Biden in his previous five races. The MSM ignored her, but the voters didn't.

Christine certainly can win if we part with some hard-earned cash necessary to get her message out. She can win if bloggers and online communicators let everyone know -- today -- that she deserves to win, just as you did with Scott Brown.

And she can win if people sacrifice their hard-earned vacation time to go to Delaware, as many of you did in Massachusetts. An army of volunteers can overcome her opponent Castle's Mt. Everest of cash. He has the special interest groups -- all of them. Christine has us, you and me.

Castle got his cash from special interests, including Wall Street banks and law firms who do their bidding. Christine will spend one-fifth as much money as Castle, but will do so five times more wisely.

I'm asking every activist in America to "adopt" this good woman. Her race will be the most-exciting -- and eventually the most-talked-about in the country. She is in every way the real deal.

I'm asking you to make sacrifices of time and money for Christine O'Donnell. That's the same thing as asking you to make sacrifices for the country she loves -- and we love.

If you can sent $10, please do so. If you can send $20 or even $50, please fire away.
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and God's Will

Aside from gender, Christine O'Donnell and Marco Rubio (pictured below) have much in common. They are both bright, principled young Christian conservatives. Neither of them is a darling of the tired old GOP "Establishment." And both of them have started as big underdogs in their respective states, Florida for Marco, Delaware for Christine, but they are looking more and more like winners in very big Senate races.

I met with Christine and her campaign manager, Matt, in the Pittsburgh area (actually, Cranberry Township, Butler County) earlier this week. I have talked perhaps 100 times each with Christine and Matt, and I was prepared to be impressed in a face-to-face with them. Frankly, I was overwhelmed by them. I expected a lot, and I got more than I could have imagined.
I'll be writing today and tomorrow about Christine, why I think so highly of her, and why I believe she can win -- and perhaps win big -- in a "Blue" state (Delaware) where few people (at least in the Republican Establishment) give her much of a chance.
When a woman in politics is beautiful -- and Christine's pictures do not do her justice -- she will always be underestimated. It's certainly that happened with Sarah Palin. The stereotype goes this way: "If a woman is extremely attractive, well, life must balance it out by making her shallow -- and even a little stupid, right?" I assure you there is nothing shallow or intellectually-deficient about Christine O'Donnell. She has the infinite curiosity that is the foundation of intelligence.
Revelations in a Chinese restaurant: Christine, Matt, and I spent about four hours in a superb Chinese restaurant partaking of the best buffet we'd ever encountered. We ate . . . and ate . . . and ate. And talked . . . and talked . . . and talked. The great people at the restaurant didn't charge us anything extra (and kept bringing us endless amounts of iced tea), even though we were there munching away from lunch time into the dinner hour. (The restaurant is in the back portion of the Cranberry Mall, north of Pittsburgh).
What did we talk about when we weren't consuming sushi and endless other delights? We didn't talk about politics! We talked about a book Christine is putting together. She handed me a hundred pages of notes and speeches she'd given . . . along with DVDs . . . and various books, especially one by "Karol Wojtyla," better known as Pope John Paul, II."
At one point, Christine looked me in the eye and said, "I'm a Catholic 'girl.'" She meant it not only as a fact, but as part of her continuing challenge to herself. She didn't have to tell me that Jesus Christ and her Church were constant presences in her life. It was obvious they were.
I didn't detect any element of "holier than thou." Christine was talking about an imperfect being, herself, who wants to be a better person. God wants her to be the very best Christine O'Donnell, a totally unique individual, that is possible in this vale of tears. She believes, like John Paul, II, that our individuality and uniqueness are printed on our hearts. How do we become better people? And how does that "betterness" manifest itself in our relationships with others? Love is easy to talk about -- but hard to give.
As I indicated earlier, this wasn't your usual discussion about how can we improve our "poll standing" with suburban women in Delaware. This was a young woman totally enthralled with the example Jesus Christ set 2,000 years ago. "How do we love our neighbors in a world where so many people seem . . . downright unlovable?" That may be the true riddle of the universe.
Yes, my friends, this was one of those life experiences that will not be forgotten. Matt and Christine are two ardent Roman Catholics who are trying the impossible: to make their own lives a witness to the fundamental truth of the Christian message of faith, hope, and charity. It was one of those moments, well, four hour's worth (including sushi) that one wishes would go on forever.
Will Christine win a tough Republican primary in September? Will she win a perhaps tougher general election on November 2? I think both Christine and Matt (joined by yours truly) would says, "If it's God's will, she will." As Dante said, "In God's will is our peace." The ultimate goal in life is not victory, which is temporary, but peace, which is eternal. You can learn a lot in Chinese restaurants.
And what about my many (many, many) Jewish friends, Pamela, Sharin, Ellen, Laura, Jeff, and others? To quote a much-loved nun/teacher of mine so many years ago, "God will take care of them!" On my Jewish friends and Baptist friends (Katherine Jenerette highlighted), let me paraphrase poet John Donne, "I expect to see them glorified." Without our friends, heaven would not be heaven.
More tomorrow about my remarkable adventure in Cranberry Township. Between now and the general election, I'll have something up every day about a few key political races this year. God bless you all.
[Note: I'd like to dedicate this piece to David Hust, back in Delaware working on Christine's campaign. David is delaying his entrance into the seminary to help his friend get elected to the U.S. Senate.]
Christine O'Donnell, Matt, Cranberry Township, John Paul, II, Chinese Restaurant, Cranberry Mall, Delaware U.S. Senate Race, John Donne, Dante, Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, Katherine Jenerette, David Hust

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christine O'Donnell v. RINO Castle

"Social Security is actually a system that works relatively well." (Mike Castle, U.S. Senate candidate, Delaware) Note, anyone who understands that Castle is full of hot air should run to Christine O'Donnell's web site and make a contribute of $20 to help her beat Castle.)

My conservative friend Christine O'Donnell is not only a lot better looking (an understatement) than Cong. Mike Castle, she will make a much better U.S. Senator from Delaware. Now, take a look at the little girl below, wearing the National Debt sign.

I'm sure Mike Castle would agree with you that she's cute. But the main thing he might notice is that she's too young to vote . . . and thus irrelevant to his real concerns. If she's to be left with an unbearable burden of debt by legislators like Castle, well, what he'd say if he was being candid is: "Tough!" By the time the little girl starts confronting taxes that are out of this world, Cong. Castle will literally be out of this vale of tears. But she'll be the one crying.

Congressman Castle says Social Security works "works relatively well." In fact, Social Security, now operating in the red, is a looming monster.

Christine O'Donnell will tell you that because it's the truth. Mike Castle, a career politician who's been in "public service" for 44 years, is more likely to tell you that "all is well." But he might cross his fingers when he says it. What he truly means is, "I'll be long gone from Congress when Social Security (and Medicare) collapse."

Collapse? Really? Yes, Mike, really. The "unfunded liabilities" -- the promises we've made versus the money we have to keep them -- for Social Security and Medicare is a mere $100 trillion -- yes, trillion with a "T."

Want to see Castle head for the hills? Just ask him about that $100 trillion liability . . . and he'll be gone before you get to the "lie" syllable in liability.

Mike Castle is a RINO, a Republican-in-Name-Only. A RINO is someone who, when Democrats propose $802 billion in wasteful spending, will say, "Can't we compromise? Can't we get it down to $702 billion?" That's what RINOs mean when they brag about their fiscal discipline.

I have a solution. Send Christine to the U.S. Senate. And send Mike back to play with the grandchildren . . . before they find out the crushing burdens grandpa has bequeathed them.

Mike Castle, Christine O'Donnell, RINO Castle, Republican-in-Name-Only, Social Security, Medicare

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sarah Palin Effect: Conservative Women

After I noted SC congressional candidate Katherine Jenerette "the Sarah Palin of the South" and Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell "the Sarah Palin of the East, a friend in Kansas said I'd missed the "Plain State Palin," Kansan Patricia Lightner. I admit conservative Lightner belongs in the group. She's in the photo with a great conservative, Steve King of Iowa.

Hey, everybody, Christine's web site is almost (close) to being 100%. Please go visit it, sign up for e-mail updates and make a donation if your circumstances allow.
Let's elect these fine women to the federal offices they're seeking.

Christine O'Donnell, Katherine Jenerette, Patricia Lightner,

Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarah Palin: O'Donnell, Jenerette, Burns

Who's the "Sarah Palin of the East?" According to popular blogger Mark Levin Fan, it's Christine O'Donnell, conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware. My friend Christine is a remarkable young woman, pro-life and pro-Constitution, and any state would be proud to have as its Senator.

And the "Sarah Palin of the South," another friend, Katherine Jenerette, has a blogger fan, the talented Chantel Zandi, at Katherine is pro-life, pro-Constitution, and the first female paratrooper ever to run for Congress.

. . . and Sarah, please also endorse Tim Burns, Republican candidate for the old "Murtha seat" in PA's 12th congressional district. A Burns victory in the special election on May 18 could herald a cascade of defeats for liberals in November of this year. No one has ever confused Tim's looks with those of Sarah Palin, but he agrees with her on every critical issue.

These contests are critical to the future of our country. I hope Gov. Palin will step forward as she has before and back these fine candidates to the hilt.

Sarah, Katherine Jenerette, running for Congress in SC's 1st district is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution, pro-Tea Party conservative, and the same characteristics are true of Christine O'Donnell, U.S. Senate candidate running for the old "Biden seat" in Delaware. Tim Burns takes the same stands on all key issues.

These are outstanding individuals who face uphill battles, but have very good chances of winning. They are proving to be very skilled at running quickly uphill. The mountaintop is in sight for all of them. All of them need to remember the old spiritual, "Go Tell It On The Mountain." With our help, they will win.

Sarah, an endorsement from you could make a big difference for Christine, Katherine, and Tim. It would help them raise money, which they must do to win, and it would activate your huge army of supporters behind them. They will all make you proud.

More to follow in the days ahead about Christine, Tim, and Katherine. Please check out their web sites.

Christine O'Donnell, Katherine Jenerette, Tim Burns, John Murtha, Sarah Palin, Delaware for U.S. Senate, South Carolina for Congress, Pennsylvania for Congress, Chantel Zandi

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Katherine Jenerette: Stands Her Ground

Conservative Katherine Jenerette is running for Congress in South Carolina's beautiful 1st congressional district,
stretching from historic Charleston through Myrtle Beach to
the North Carolina state line. Katherine, my friend, may be the very best person running for Congress in America.

A student of history and an expert on the U.S. Constitution
(the one Obama, Pelosi, and Reid ignore), Katherine is the
first female paratrooper ever to run for Congress. Katherine
has made 15 jumps. She' s currently an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. In her college days, she was a world-class long distance runner, and her daughter "Benji" is following in mom's footsteps.

With her fellow paratroopers, Katherine does indeed stand her ground. Paratroopers aren't "good" at retreating, at surrendering, or at running away. In 2004, Katherine ran her first political race -- against "Dickie" Elliott, a career politician and lavishly financed state Senator. Dickie spent $250,000 on the race; Katherine spent $26,000. Dickie won . . . in a race so close that the final results weren't known for days.

A top South Carolina political blog said the other day that "Katherine continues to exceed expectations." In fact, her expectations -- and mine -- are that she will win this race against some of the biggest names in Carolina politics. She may be the greatest "old-style" candidate in the modern history of the South. She presses the flesh constantly. She is relentless.

And yes, folks, she needs our help . . . our donations. She can't help us take back our America unless we help her get elected. The ultimate "Tea Party" candidate, Katherine doesn't have a horde of rich backers. Instead, she has us . . . the American people.

Katherine, my friend and my woman warrior, we -- the conservatives of America -- will "stand our ground" . . . with you. You know, and we know, that winning is an act of will, and in a good sense, you are the most will-full person I know. You go, gal.

Katherine Jenerette, South Carolina 1st Congressional District, Paratrooper, Dickie Elliott, Charleston, Myrtle Beach