Friday, April 2, 2010

Sarah Palin: O'Donnell, Jenerette, Burns

Who's the "Sarah Palin of the East?" According to popular blogger Mark Levin Fan, it's Christine O'Donnell, conservative candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware. My friend Christine is a remarkable young woman, pro-life and pro-Constitution, and any state would be proud to have as its Senator.

And the "Sarah Palin of the South," another friend, Katherine Jenerette, has a blogger fan, the talented Chantel Zandi, at Katherine is pro-life, pro-Constitution, and the first female paratrooper ever to run for Congress.

. . . and Sarah, please also endorse Tim Burns, Republican candidate for the old "Murtha seat" in PA's 12th congressional district. A Burns victory in the special election on May 18 could herald a cascade of defeats for liberals in November of this year. No one has ever confused Tim's looks with those of Sarah Palin, but he agrees with her on every critical issue.

These contests are critical to the future of our country. I hope Gov. Palin will step forward as she has before and back these fine candidates to the hilt.

Sarah, Katherine Jenerette, running for Congress in SC's 1st district is a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Constitution, pro-Tea Party conservative, and the same characteristics are true of Christine O'Donnell, U.S. Senate candidate running for the old "Biden seat" in Delaware. Tim Burns takes the same stands on all key issues.

These are outstanding individuals who face uphill battles, but have very good chances of winning. They are proving to be very skilled at running quickly uphill. The mountaintop is in sight for all of them. All of them need to remember the old spiritual, "Go Tell It On The Mountain." With our help, they will win.

Sarah, an endorsement from you could make a big difference for Christine, Katherine, and Tim. It would help them raise money, which they must do to win, and it would activate your huge army of supporters behind them. They will all make you proud.

More to follow in the days ahead about Christine, Tim, and Katherine. Please check out their web sites.

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