Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Katherine Jenerette Today, Christine O'Donnell Tomorrow

My friend -- and America's friend -- Katherine Jenerette (below) not only advocates gun rights but also knows how to fire the "big ones." Katherine is a candidate for the open House seat in SC's st district. We either support -- financially and otherwise -- people like Jenerette and Delaware's Christine O'Donnell (for U.S. Senate), or we give up the goal of taking back our country. I ask all of you to make your friends, family, and associates aware of the importance of backing Katherine and Christine and provide links to their sites. Do it by e-mails, word-of-mouth, blogs, and phone calls. Let's take back our America! Please donate what you can to each of these fine candidates. God bless you all.

The Forgotten Street -- Main Street USA

March 28, 2010

Patriotism. Love of country. In God We Trust. Traditional values. Our American heritage. September 11, 2001. Are they all forgotten?

Not here on The Forgotten Street -- Main Street USA. In the face of trying economic times and the dangerous world in which we live, we want to reclaim the heart of America, to rekindle the common thread of patriotism that should bind all Americans on such major issues as national security, traditional values and energy independence.

We will provide you with hard-hitting commentary that cuts through the half-truths, obfuscation and outright lies propagated by the elite media. The Forgotten Street is your source for the real story behind the headlines.

Just up the road in South Carolina, a dynamic, conservative Gulf War veteran, a woman whose background as a paratrooper will serve her well, is making a race out of it in the Republican bid for the First Congressional District in the Palmetto State. Katherine Jenerette offers voters a true fiscal conservative with solid American values.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking with her about the issues we face in our nation. I found her intelligent, informed and impassioned. I can assure you that she will bring a fresh voice to the halls of Congress to fight the socialist dreams of Nancy Pelosi and her band of thieves. Please learn more about Katherine at (Katherine Jenerette -- 1st CD, SC) (Christine O'Donnell -- Senate, DE)


Founder J. C. Hawkins serves as advocate for The Forgotten Street. He is a communications expert whose career includes work as a newspaper reporter, corporate executive and public relations entrepreneur. A Pittsburgh native and a graduate of Princeton University, he has spent more than 30 years involved in the debate on such major issues as healthcare reform, national energy policy, climate change, highway safety, wildlife conservation and academic freedom.

Katherine Jenerette, Christine O'Donnell, J. C. Hawkins,, Jenerette Paratrooper, First Congressional District SC, Delaware U.S. Senate

Friday, March 26, 2010 Supercool Site

Run, don't walk to the supercool RepealCastle web site -- -- and write a message to Rep. Mike Castle, who sometimes masquerades as a Republican, about his total refusal to support repeal of the ObamaCare monster. We'll make sure the most creative and insightful messages to Mike get wide distribution.

Castle's now going around touting the "good" parts of the health care, such as allowing "children" to stay on their parents' health insurance until their hair turns gray and they get arthritis.

Of course, the only business in America left for the government to take over is Piper Palin's lemonade stand. And somehow tens of millions of people don't have jobs, and companies are cutting to the bone the health benefits they give employees. Some "reform."

Mike Castle supports cap-and-trade, which would damage not only us . . . but harm the biggest manufacturing business in his state, DuPont. Maybe he's been in the Beltway so long that he forgot DuPont was in Delaware?

Anyway, check out . And take a look at the cool stuff at the bottom of the site page . . . related to the campaign of Castle's Republican opponent, Christine O'Donnell.

Take my word, Christine will "Scott Brown" (new verb!) Castle. Knowing Christine well, I can say she's probably the most likable and decent candidate for the Senate I've ever encountered.

Can she take the "Joe Biden" seat the way Scott took the "Teddy Kennedy seat?" The smart folks aren't betting against this charismatic young woman.

Sign up at repealcastle and be at your most creative in writing him a message. All of them will be delivered (and otherwise publicized).

If we all get behind Christine, a solid conservative, then we'll be talking on November 2 about "the Delaware Miracle." She can use your help. And America needs this feisty conservative.

P.S. Let your friends and allies know about They'll love it.

PPS, Christine will be on FOX Business News at 7 p.m. on Monday.

www,, Mike Castle, Christine O'Donnell, Delaware U.S. Senate,, Delaware Miracle

Saturday, March 20, 2010

US Senate: Conservative Christine O'Donnell

One of the biggest contests in American politics will be conservative Republican Christine O'Donnell against liberal Republican Mike Castle, "The King of the Rinos." Conservatives nationally should rally around Christine, who is poised to defeat Castle, one of the anvils around the neck of the Republican Party. [See article below}

Conservative superstar candidates, Christine O'Donnell and Marco Rubio

Christine O'Donnell, who ran for the US Senate against Joe Biden in 2008, is running again this year against ultimate RINO, career politician and mega-millionaire Michael Castle. What's not to like about Christine, a devout Catholic, a fiscal and social conservative, and a strikingly beautiful woman?

The Castle Campaign doesn't like Christine O'Donnell one bit. They wish Christine would go away, that she wouldn't stand in the way of Castle's election -- or, call it his "coronation." Sadly, a few segments of the local media have been carrying water for Castle and spreading gossip and inneundos about her.

Christine is not a rich woman by any means. She grew up in a poor family, one with six children. She said recently that one of the early lessons she learned in life was that it was "hard." Christine doesn't complain, doesn't ever try to play the role of the victim. But she would agree with the famous comment of another Irish-American political figure, John F. Kennedy, that "life is unfair."

Christine probably also would agree with the observation by Jason Chaffetz, the superb freshman congressman from Utah. He said, "You shouldn't have to be a millionaire to run for Congress." Chaffetz sleeps in his office, showers in the House gym, and eats in the cafeteria. Mormon Jason knows, as does Catholic Christine O'Donnell, that life isn't always a bed of flowers.
A story that's been making the rounds this week in Delaware is that -- one time -- Christine's debit card was rejected. In the minds of a few Delawareans -- and in the small mind of Mike Castle, who's almost certainly the source of the story -- that says something bad about Christine.
Barack Obama would sympathize with Christine. In 2000, at the Democrat National Convention, he tried to rent a car. He couldn't, because his credit card, maxxed out, was rejected.

Was that the last we ever saw of Obama? Obviously not. At the 2004 Democrat Convention, he gave the keynote address. In that year, he was elected to the US Senate (take heart, Christine), and in 2008 he was nominated for president. He doesn't have to worry about his credit card balances ever again.

Another story spread about Christine is that she was left over with campaign debt -- a piddling amount -- from her 2008 battle against Biden. In fact, any challenger for a federal office who doesn't have campaign debt obviously wasn't trying to win -- and anyone who knows Christine understands that winning was her only goal.

Campaign debt: Barack Obama raised a staggering amount, $700 mllion, but he had debt left over after he won the presidency. As for campaign debt, Hillary Clinton ended her bid for the presidency with a debt exceeding $22 million.

As late as mid-2009, Mrs. Clinton was still millions in debt. Of course, she and her husband have a net worth in excess of $100 million, so "debt" is perhaps a misnomer.

If Christine O'Donnell were as rich as her opponent -- Mike Castle -- she would never have another financial worry in her life. Castle's net worth ( is as high as $7.8 milion. Even at that level, however, he's "only" the 55th wealthiest member of the House.
In the Senate, which he'd serve in if Christine weren't going to beat him, his $7.8 million would be chump change to people like Kerry, Herb Kohl, and Jay Rockefeller, to name a few.

Christine isn't a millionaire, and maybe never will be one (although I wouldn't bet against her). But as Cong. Chaffetz indicated, there's no constitutional requirement that a US Senator be rich. In fact, if we had a few more normal Americans -- like Christine -- in Congress perhaps they wouldn't spending so much of our money, while retaining all of their own.

In important ways, in fact, Christine is rich -- in the depth of her conservative political philosophy, in the quality of the lessons she's learned from life, and in the abundance of friends she has (of whom I'm proud to be one).

Conservatives around the nation should embrace the candidacy of this outstanding American woman. Christine O'Donnell will make a great US Senator from Delaware. Other states should be so lucky to have such a person running for high office. Let's make it happen!

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Please feel free to cross-post on your own blog (with different title perhaps)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

F-Bomb for Dennis Kucinich

Thanks to Shentale, "Caligirl," for this excellent guest post. Shentale is an excellent writer and has a fine mind (and even went to the Sorbonne):

Dennis Kucinich . . .

So are we to understand his switch is about his "concern" about the legitimacy of this inept POTUS? Give me a break. This neophyte man posing as a so called leader RUINED all his legitimacy with all the LIES, DECEIT and pure THUGGERY he and his shyster campaign undertook during the Dem. Primary and wholeheartedly carried on into the General Election. Oh, and as for legitimate: Kucinich should talk with Alice Palmer regarding how loyal and trustworthy his new BFF is.

Mr. Soetoro-Obama has NO respect for women, NO respect for this country and really I don't think ANY respect for any ethnicity other than whatever the hell he is. And quite frankly, I really don't care what he is. All I know is this is one of the sorriest, piss-poor examples I've ever seen masquerading as a fully mature man.

I just want his term done and over. It's always about HIM. What happened to being a servant of the PEOPLE? Protector of this NATION? He could give a rat's ass about the future of the U.S.A. It's about him and his foul Presidency. I cannot be the only one who sees this. He doesn't put the welfare of our nation at all in the front of his mind. I never expected him to do so -- but I'm sure there were (and are) some gullible people out there who do and did. They need to wake up and wake up quickly. Following this fool will only lead to disappointment and more anger.

Once a fraud, always a fraud. Anyone from MI and FL alone who have Congressmen supporting this creep's agenda should be voted out. They didn't need their votes during the Dem. Primary so why the hell would anyone think their vote is needed in any future elections? Sorry Kucinich -- CAUCUS FRAUD long ago destroyed ANY credibility this feckless chump may have had. Which I believe he never, ever did in the first place.

As for Rep. Kucinich...
I see him as worse than a weasel. He prides himself on being a man of his word. What a liar. I already didn't agree with him on his so called beliefs. He's just another racist, low-life liar like the majority of the politicians in D.C.

I'm so ashamed I ever thought this man was someone I didn't agree with but at least stood by his word. How duped was I? How duped were others? Are Paul Ryan and Michelle Bachman the only decent members left in the House of Representatives? Unbelievable. Two people. Maybe six...the rest...Either they're bigoted, cheaters, beaters of women, battling addictions, immorally oriented, corrupt and who knows what else? I'm sorry for the rant but this is getting so out of control.

I still cannot believe Mrs. Pelosi -- along with most Dems -- are looking to "deem" a bill has passed in order to make it a law. Never mind only a "handful" have actually read the 2,000 plus page bill (and most of them are in the Republican Party -- where NO ONE is voting for this sham of bill). This is just crooked and wrong.

These creeps should be ashamed of themselves. They're so caught up in their fabricated bubble of importance -- until they are unable to see just how utterly disgusting their actions are -- as well as how destructive the end result of their gluttonous, wholly corrupt folly will most likely be for the U.S.

This is a direct slap in the face to all that is decent, honorable and good about the U.S. I'm glad our Founding Fathers aren't around to witness this freak show. I hate I'm around to witness it. Pelosi and her minions are definitely steering us all into a very deep financial pit of peril.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Presidential Race on: Palin, Romney

The Romney versus Palin race is on -- according to guest columnist Eric Dondero of LibertarianRepublican blogger Eric Dondero.

It's on: Romney vs. Palin, 16 months before first Iowa test

Palin supporter brings up Romney's less-than-impressive book salesThe very first shots of campaign 2012 may have just been fired. And it appears that for the moment it's a battle of the book sales. Supporters of the Palin camp, 16 months before the GOP primary season officially begins, are taking a mild swipe at the former Massachusetts Governor for his alleged artificial inflation of his own book sales. Ian Lazaran reports over at the hugely popular site Conservatives4Palin, the following:

Mitt Romney's book has debuted at #1 atop the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. However, the NY Times also provides some additional information that may explain how Romney's book hit the #1 spot.

Whenever the NY Times places a "dagger" symbol next to a book, it signifies that "some bookstores report[ed] receiving bulk orders" for the book.

The NY Times placed not just one, but two, daggers next to Romney's book. You can draw your own conclusion as to who it was that purchased Governor Romney's book in bulk.

By contrast, the NY Times failed to place the "dagger" symbol next to Governor Palin's book in any of the weeks she held the top position on the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. Despite the left's unsubstantiated theories, bookstores did not report to the NY Times that they received bulk orders for Going Rogue. See week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6. As you can see, in none of these weeks is there a dagger symbol next to her book.

Lazaran cautions "Don't shoot the messenger... I'm just reporting what I found... don't shoot the messenger."

Sidenote - former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania spoke before the Iowa Christian Alliance last Tuesday, in what many deemed a 2012 campaign trip. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has already visited the State once, and is planning on making an additional appearance at a Tax Rally in Des Moines on April 15.

The Iowa Straw Poll (held traditionally at the IA State Fair), is just 16 months away.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Katherine Jenerette: Tea Party Inventor?

Katherine Jenerette, a woman on a mission . . .

"A man's right to work as he will, to spend what he earns, to own property, to have the state his servant and not his master; they are the essence of a free economy and on that freedom all our other freedoms depend." - Margaret Thatcher

I'll be writing this weekend about my friend -- and superb congressional candidate -- Katherine Jenerette. As you know, she's running for the congressional seat in South Carolina's 1st District, one that stretches from Charleston, through Myrtle Beach, to the North Carolina border.

A South Carolina newspaper recently identified Katherine as the "inventor" of the Tea Party Movement. Actually, the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor occurred a couple of hundred years before Katherine was born.

In fact, the spirit of the Tea Party Movement has always been alive in this land. Katherine and millions of other Americans are the ones that are the guardians of that spirit.
What can you do for Katherine? First, sign up as one of her fans/friends on Facebook:
Then, go to her web site and help her in any way you can.

More tomorrow . . .

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Katherine Jenerette: Courageous Carolina Candidate

Someone recently said of Katherine Jenerette (see previous day's column below) that if a man had her resume, he'd probably be a US Senator and perhaps on the way to a nomination for the presidency. Anyone who looks honestly at Katherine's life finds a very bright, honorable, courageous individual. I look at Katherine as a dear friend and an exemplar of just about everything that's good about my fellow Americans.

Katherine Jenerette is a U.S. Army veteran of the Persian Gulf War Operation Desert Storm and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina with a Masters Degree from USC, Columbia. She served as U.S. Congressional Field Representative for the First Congressional District, South Carolina. She is married and the mother of four children and an Officer in the U.S. Army Reserve.

She was recognized as one of the region's top runners when she was named to the NCAA Track & Field Big South Conference in 1994 and in 2000, Katherine represented her hometown of North Myrtle Beach in the Mrs. South Carolina International Pageant. See her bio:

American deserves a Congressman like her and we need to help her win the race for the House seat in SC's 1st Congressional District. She's running against strong candidates, including the sons of two South Carolina political icons. Can she win? She can if she raise just one-third of the money her better heeled competitors will accumulate for their campaigns. Yes, she needs your support. And with an adult lifetime of service to her community, state, and country, I'd argue she deserves your support. If you afford a $20 contribution, please go ahead and donate.

Can a representative of middle-class America like Katherine win a seat in a House of Representatives (or the Senate), two chambers overloaded with millionaires? As Hamlet said, "That is the question."

Southern Political Report said of Katherine: “While insiders question her ability to win either the nomination or the General Election, they note she has several advantages, including some name ID from her 2008 race, being from Horry County in a primary field possibly dominated by Charleston area contenders, and being the lone female in a race with a half-dozen or so males. “She’s sort of an outsider… she’s kind of got that Sarah Palin thing going on..”

And Adam Brickley said: “After spending a few minutes with her – I think this woman definitely has a shot. For one, she is a PISTOL - and I’m not even sure that term does her justice, even when bolded, italicized, underlined, and capitalized. She sat and chewed that fat with several bloggers for a few minutes - and this woman doesn’t just come off as a real person, she IS a real person. In all my political experience I have NEVER met a candidate with such a total lack of pretension.”

In Katherine's case, she enlisted in the Army at the age of 19. She's spent good chunks of her life in the deserts of the Middle East in the Persian Gulf War (one of her nicknames is "Desert Kate") and on the base at the home of the 82d Airborne Division, Ft. Bragg, NC. She's made 15 airborne jumps and spent time training soldiers for deployment to the Middle East. In her spare time, she has four terrific kids.

You don't meet a lot of rich people in the military. You meet a lot of great people who have modest means (to say the least) and immodest levels of confidence and courage. You don't hobnob with the special interest groups that hand out campaign cash for "favors."

Katherine is not the kind of person who trades cash for favors. Katherine is the kind of person who invariably does the right thing and says that the only strings attached to her are from the voters and the people of America. has strong support from the Tea Party and 9/12 movements. But again, such people tend to be ordinary Americans who don't have wallets or pocketbooks loaded with cash.

Please see Katherine at the Tea Party gathering:

Interesting; a local editorial columnist said: “Katherine Jenerette of North Myrtle Beach, an Army paratrooper, was essentially a Tea Party activist before there were Tea Parties…”
So, do I think Katherine will win? To use Sarah Palin's favorite line, "You betcha." She has spent her entire life over-achieving. She's someone who's taken on challenges much greater than those faced by most Americans, including her opponents in this years' race. Like the savvy South Carolinian she is, Katherine will outsmart her opponents most of the time -- and outwork them all the time.

Even a National Leftwing Blogger said of Katherine: “…she's no dummy. She also has more charisma than the whole Republican Party machine that's trying to tear her down…”Katherine Jenerette needs your support -- your prayers, your volunteer help, and your donations -- to win the June primary and the November election. With your help, she will win . . . and the ultimate winner will be the United States of America.

Hey, please sign up as one of her friends on Facebook at: about Katherine tomorrow . . .P.S. Please tell your friends and family in SC and around the nation about a remarkable congressional candidate: Katherine Jenerette.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorrow: Katherine Jenerette for Congress

Katherine Jenerette likes to jump out of airplanes.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 10) I'll be writing about Katherine Jenerette, candidate for the House of Representatives from South Carolina's 1st district (from Charleston along the coast to the NC border). A Lieutenant in the US Army Reserve, Katherine has made 15 parachute jumps and is a veteran of the Persian Gulf War. She deserves national support; she may be the nation's best Republican candidate for Congress. She also may be the toughest.

If you like Sarah Palin, you'll also like Katherine Jenerette. See the following blog:

Neutrality? Google's Dirty Little Secret

"The company that controls our information controls what we know -- and think."

Google, the self-described "information company," has a dirty little secret.

It doesn't practice search neutrality -- doesn't play fair -- when it provides links to companies, candidates, and issues. In fact, it recently put one small company -- a mini-competitor -- out of business by refusing to provide links.

In search, Google dominates 80% of the market, and it clearly wants 100%. If Google weren't in Obama's hip pocket, that might not so horrifying.

Think Google's failure to practice search neutrality -- basic fairness -- couldn't swing a presidential election? Well, think again.

We need to stop this situation with our public clamor, including blog posts. If that doesn't work, we have some conservative friends in Congress we can appeal to.

Please -- today, if possible, or tomorrow -- blog about the importance of search neutrality. If you don't have time (who does these days?), please provide on your blog or web site a link to my piece on search neturality. Again, if you post on this, and I hope you will, please send me a link.

Also, in your posts, please link to the fine article on search neturality from [below]. If you don't have a blog yet, well, today's a good day to start one. If you start a blog, please tell me about it so I can tell others. piece on search neutrality:

Don't Be Evil*" redhk's Diary "Don't Be Evil*" Friday, March 5th at 1:55PM EST

Google's corporate motto suggests an almost altruistic mission. However, the reality is much different from the brand's manicured image.

Recently here at RedState, ericathunderpaws wrote an open letter to Google outlining its censorship of search results critical of Islam, statist politics and the Chinese government. But this week, the New York Times brought to light the fact that Google doesn't only use it's overwhelming power to censor speech-apparently Google has now deemed itself worthy of deciding which small businesses thrive or fail.

After a 30-year career in the law, Dominique Barella left his job as president of the main union for French judges in 2006 and started a Web site,, that lets users search for legal resources in France.…[W]ithin a few months, it was attracting up to 20,000 visitors a day and selling a modest amount of advertising.That, Mr. Barella says, is when the trouble with Google began.

Overnight, traffic plunged - because, Mr. Barella says, the company stopped indexing pages from for inclusion in Google's search engine.

If Google can effectively shut down a small business, which, arguably, isn't even in competition with Google, what restraint DOES the company have?

In the late '90s, the Department of Justice took Microsoft to court over the bundling of their Internet Explorer browser with the Windows OS. At the time, the company had about 85% of the OS market share and, Justice charged, it used that power to shut out competitors. Today, Google's market share of search engine queries hovers around 80%.

Surely Google's programming of their search algorithm to censor political speech and strong-arm small businesses throughout the world deserves a government inquiry. And if it is found that the world's most-used search provider is employing a command-and-control strategy for the Internet, it must answer for its actions.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who is Steve Maloney?

Stephen R. Maloney lives in Ambridge, PA (west of Pittsburgh), and works as a Communication Strategist for Republic Modern. Maloney has extensive experience as a college teacher of writing and American literature, a speechwriter for senior executives of major corporations (oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, computer hardware, and others), and a fundraiser/advisor for conservative causes and candidates.

Politically, Maloney was an adviser to Newt Gingrich in the early 70s when Newt decided to run for the US House. More recently, he was a major player in the year-long campaign to promote Gov. Sarah Palin as a vice presidential choice for the national Republican ticket. Most recently, Maloney was cited by the Scott Brown campaign for helping to “nationalize” the race and to solicit support for Brown from activists around the country.

In the presidential election of 2008, he was a facilitator/manager for more than 200 bloggers supporting the McCain-Palin team. In addition, he works closely with 25-plus activists who have large mailing lists.

Maloney has strong relationships with some of the most important conservative bloggers in America, including Pamela Geller of, “Asia” of, Eric Dondero of Libertarian Republican, and Jill Rethman of “Hump Day.”
Here’s what Adam Brickley, who initiated the “Palin for VP” movement (and now has his pro-Palin blog in the Library of Congress) says about Maloney’s actions in that effort:

“Steve Maloney - Steve was the second-ever Palin blogger, and my lonely partner in crime for most of 2007. To be honest, Steve drove some of our earliest endorsements and did a lot of heavy lifting during a time when I couldn't (he had more time to blog than intern/college students). No Steve, no Palin Movement - period. By the way - Steve is still involved with a large network of Palin bloggers, C4P [Conservatives 4 Palin] is big, but Steve and his gang do a lot to keep together all of the little bloggers for Sarah. If you don't know him, you should”

In the past year, Maloney has worked with GrasstopsUSA in soliciting contributions for conservative causes from conservative activists. He’s a specialist in the challenging area of e-mail fundraising, using a tested formula for soliciting donations.

Maloney has written extensively (for candidates and others) about how to win tough campaigns. His emphasis has been on how to overcome candidates who are better-funded . . . mainly through reliance on “free media” (including blogs and blog talk radio) and volunteer organizations, such as Tea Party and 912 groups.

In his college days, he won a prestigious New York State Regents College Teaching Fellowship and received a PhD. in English and American Literature at the University of Rochester. Maloney taught literature and writing at the College of William and Mary and the University of Georgia, where he was assistant editor of The Georgia Review.

Over the years, Maloney has published articles in Fortune, Newsweek, National Review, The American Spectator, and many other publications. He blogs regularly at

Maloney served as an executive speechwriter and policy developer at Phillips Petroleum, USX, Gulf Oil, Aetna, and The Hartford Insurance Group. He participated in many of the most significant corporate events in American history, including what was then the largest takeover in American history (Gulf Oil and Chevron); the dispute over the role (and pricing policies) of major pharmaceutical companies; the continuing debate over the policies of health insurance companies; and many other events.

P.S. If you're interested a great conservative, constitutionalist candidate, I highly recommend my friend Katherine Jenerette, who's running for the open seat in South Carolina's 1st District. She's one of the best candidates in this year's elections.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Conservatives Winning in 2010

Any bloggers and other online communicators who'd like to work together to take America back, starting in 2010, please e-mail me: I sent the following e-mail out today:

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Online Communicators: I've worked closely with most of you in the past on McCain-Palin, on Scott Brown, and other efforts. The more closely we can work together in the future, the more likely it is we'll take back from America from people -- Obama and friends -- who want to take control of every aspect of our lives.

I'd like to start a blogroll of people dedicated to winning critical races for the House and Senate, as well as making sure we prevail on vital issues like healthcare and "cap and tax." The more we can work together, the better we'll do.

If you have a blog and would like to be on the blogroll, please send me your URL. If you don't have a blog (yet) but are participating in a Yahoo Group or in sending out informational e-mails, please let me know what you do. If you're a candidate, please send me the link to your web site.

If you don't want to participate in any of the above, please respond with one word in the Subject heading: "Remove."

At the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, Benjamin Franklin said, "We must all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."

Let's hang together. Let's win back the country we love.

Thanks for hanging in there. Let's amaze the world in 2010 and 2012. God bless you all.

Steve Maloney

Friday, March 5, 2010

Search Neutrality: Major Internet Issue

"He who controls what you read controls what you think."

The next big issue isn't "net neutrality," a bad, liberal idea, but rather search neutrality. If you're a blogger or other online communicator, I hope you'll begin talking about search neutrality, a necessary step in bringing basic fairness to Internet searches -- the kind you and I engage in every day. [Please feel free to use this article on your own blog.]

The Red State story below (in italics) explains search neutrality. It's about presenting information -- links -- fairly -- without corporate bias.

We avoid supporting search neutrality at our peril, because without it one company -- Google -- will completely control the search engine business. Currently, Google dominates "search" in America and increasingly in the world. Its share of that business is a staggering 80%.

Because we read what search engines find for us, Google can determine what we know about any particular subject.

Does Google conduct its search business wisely and fairly? Short answer: absolutely not. It highlights its commercial sponsors, "bumps up" companies it likes, and features stories in line with its own political and social biases.

Have you ever wondered why all the stories hostile to Gov. Sarah Palin (including outright lies) make it to the front page in a Google search? And have you ever wondered why the pro-Palin stories seems to find their way to page 11, the one almost no one ever finds? Google has a love affair with The Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Democratic Underground, Washington Post, and New York Times, none of them every confused with admirers of Gov. Palin -- or other conservatives.

As the Red State essay shows, Google also uses its control to drive out companies that it doesn't favor. That's unfair. It's anti-competitive. And it's a terrible abuse of power.

Yes, Google is relentlessly liberal -- with its CEO being a major fan of (and contributor) to the increasingly unloved Barack Hussein Obama. And yes, there's growing evidence that Google is malevolent.

But rather than hurling curses at it, we should focus on the need for search neutrality, for basic fairness. Of course, "fairness" is the last thing a market dominator wants. Google wants to be Gargantua. It wants to "filter" what goes into your head.

Google's biases against certain companies (see RedState piece below) are the focus of attention of stories that are just beginning to appear. But Google is manipulating everyone who uses it. Please feel free to link the following Red State story on your own blog:

Don’t Be Evil*” redhk's Diary “Don’t Be Evil*” Friday, March 5th at 1:55PM EST

Google’s corporate motto suggests an almost altruistic mission. However, the reality is much different from the brand’s manicured image.

Recently here at RedState, ericathunderpaws wrote an open letter to Google outlining its censorship of search results critical of Islam, statist politics and the Chinese government. But this week, the New York Times brought to light the fact that Google doesn’t only use it’s overwhelming power to censor speech–apparently Google has now deemed itself worthy of deciding which small businesses thrive or fail.

After a 30-year career in the law, Dominique Barella left his job as president of the main union for French judges in 2006 and started a Web site,, that lets users search for legal resources in France.…[W]ithin a few months, it was attracting up to 20,000 visitors a day and selling a modest amount of advertising.That, Mr. Barella says, is when the trouble with Google began.

Overnight, traffic plunged — because, Mr. Barella says, the company stopped indexing pages from for inclusion in Google’s search engine.

If Google can effectively shut down a small business, which, arguably, isn’t even in competition with Google, what restraint DOES the company have?

In the late ’90s, the Department of Justice took Microsoft to court over the bundling of their Internet Explorer browser with the Windows OS. At the time, the company had about 85% of the OS market share and, Justice charged, it used that power to shut out competitors. Today, Google’s market share of search engine queries hovers around 80%.

Surely Google’s programming of their search algorithm to censor political speech and strong-arm small businesses throughout the world deserves a government inquiry. And if it is found that the world’s most-used search provider is employing a command-and-control strategy for the Internet, it must answer for its actions.

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