Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vote Bitter: Solidarity with Sarah

By being creative and relentless, we will make sure the next vice-president of the US is Gov. Sarah Palin. I will be writing here about Sarah, a truly remarkable woman, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. The vicious campaign waged against her is really a campaign against the American people, the "normal Americans" who make this country work.

In order to get a "National Vote Bitter Day" Sarah tee-shirt, please click on the banner at the top of the sidebar to your right. If you have any trouble (and you won't), you can get in to see and purchase the material by clicking on the following: http://votebitter.com/steve. To make a purchase, you'll have to put in the promo code, which is my first name: steve.

One way you can generate the funds you need to help John and Sarah -- and to help the people who are campaigning full-time for them -- is to wear you "Vote Bitter" colors. Another way is to purchase 10 or 20 (or 50) tee-shirts and sell them at a small premium. Then, sink the money into campaign efforts. The product is inexpensively priced.
Without money, McCain-Palin can't win. If you're "tapped out," as many contributors (including this one) are, come up with creative ways to raise money, even including bake sales -- or even "passing the hate." Then, go to http://johnmccain.com and make a contribution as generous as you means allow.

Thanks to all of you who are choosing to "Vote Bitter." Wear your shirt on November 4. Heck, wear it every day! Show your support for a "normal American," Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. "Barack? In your face, my man." As the saying goes, "We ain't bitter -- just better." Obviously, the Vote Bitter project is aimed at key states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia.

On Tuesday, September 30, a national effort was launched by many bloggers to get voters to "Vote Bitter." The goal is to get hundreds of thousands of voters in Battleground States and elsewhere to wear their "Vote Bitter" tee-shirts on election day, November 4.

The project will entail a massive show of solidarity with Senator John McCain and, especially, Gov. Sarah Palin.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Palin: National "Vote Bitter" Day

In order to get a "National Vote Bitter Day" Sarah tee-shirt, please click on the banner at the top of the sidebar to your right. If you have any trouble (and you won't), you can get in to see and purchase the material by clicking on the following: http://votebitter.com/steve. In order to make a purchase, you'll have to put in the promo code, which is my first name: steve. Thanks for choosing to "Vote Bitter." Wear your shirt on November 4. Heck, wear it every day! Show your support for a "normal American," Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. "Barack? In your face, my man." As the saying goes, "We ain't bitter -- just better."
On Monday, September 29, a national effort will be launched by many bloggers to get voters to "Vote Bitter." The goal is to get hundreds of thousands of voters in Battleground States and elsewhere to wear their "Vote Bitter" tee-shirts on election day, November 4. The project will entail a massive show of solidarity with Senator John McCain and, especially, Gov. Sarah Palin.

It will involve the sale of tee-shirts and other products. Many of the people involved, including yours truly, have been spending every spare moment of time -- and sinking every available dollar -- into the effort to elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. In my case and that of others, that's where every dollar accumulated from this effort will go between now and Election Day.

Tomorrow, I'll have up the URL links to all the bloggers who are participating. Some of them are among the most-visited sites on the blogosphere. In the meantime, please view the video and the audio. Between now and the launch at 11 a.m. Monday, visit what will be one of the most dynamic sites around: http://votebitter.com/. You'll be able to hear the radio ad that will promote the "Vote Bitter" undertaking.

On November 4, please "Vote Bitter." With your support, we will win this election.

Steve Maloney ("Never really bitter -- except at Obama")
Ambridge, PA (The Heart and Soul of Small Town America)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin on Center Stage

I sent the following to the many bloggers and web site administators participating in efforts to ensure the eledtion of John McCain and Sarah Palin. If you dall into that category and have heavy traffic on your site, e-mail me at: TalkTop65@aol.com. -- Steve

Dear Bloggers and Web Site Administrators: I'm asking you to respond no later than Monday if you're interested in the following. The image above is dynamic, in-your-face and aimed especially at states with lots of hunters, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Virginia.

Many of us will be offering this product for sale -- at $14 per shirt, which includes shipping. If you wish to offer it on your site, you will receive $1.00 (one dollar) for every one ordered from your site. All you would have to do is to put up a couple of simple gadgets (gidgets?) on your site. The order process will be simple, and it will be possible to get them through priority (or, even, I believe Fedex).

If you blog or site is active and gets 2,000 or more page visits per week (or soon will), it probably makes sense for you to participate. Your investment will be zero. Your administrative costs will be zero. Your risk also will be zero. If you decide to participate, you wiil have to fill out a simple form so that we can pay you legally.

Why am I supporting this effort? The key is that it will benefit McCain-Palin -- and may even have a small effect on their winning this election. In my case, every nickel "extra" I get -- and this has been true since February -- will go to the campaigns of John and Sarah and other candidates who back them.

What you do with the money you make -- a little or a lot -- is your own business. This being America, that's as it should be. If your site sells 5,000 products -- and some of them will -- you will get a check for $5,000.

I look forward to working closely with all of you in the years ahead as we continue to try to right the various wrongs we've seen in the political system and, especially, the media. Again, if you want to participate in this venture, please respond by e-mail before Monday noon.

I will send you the "affiliate" form as soon as I get your okay.This project will be well underway by Tuesday of next week. If it makes sense for you, I hope you'll participate. If you don't want to, just don't respond. If you know high traffic sites that might be interested, let me know.
If you're interested in multiple t-shirts, let me know by e-mail.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain: A Winning Strategy

This message will go out to 1,000 bloggers and other onliners tomorrow. It's about how we are going to win this election for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Tracy (a political ally), Tracy, I'm going to distribute your site (http://talkstraight.org) widely tomorrow. I think we need to emphasize more and more practical steps (phone calls, contributing money, going door-to-door), the ground game, needed to win the election.

There are several issues that will continue to be "big," including William Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Obama's ties to the people (Franklin Raines, Jim Johnson, Goldman Sachs executives, etc.) that caused the financial crisis. (Also, we need to continue branding Obama as vaguely alien, un-American.)

In PA and Ohio, Biden's anti-clean-coal remarks will be significant. I'm finding a lot of practical benefits in going into the Beaver GOP office, making some calls (not a lot), and urging people who come in -- many -- to volunteer their time. To win the election, Obama MUST carry Pennsylvania, and it increasingly looks like he will not be able to do so.

We've got to emphasize the McCain Online Phone Bank (http://www.johnmccain.com/PhoneBank/NoPhoneBank.aspxand) and actually get people to use it.

The key is not to overwhelm people (volunteers) -- and to give them simple instructions on what to do . . . and say. I'm emphasizing McCain's "creative and dynamic leadership" in choosing a qualified woman -- a fellow maverick -- as his running mate. For most voters, that will be enough.

It's a big task. We need a million people to make an average of 25 phone calls each -- and then for them to make another 25 in the last 10 days of the election. If we do that, we will win.

We really need to get simpler and simpler as the campaign proceeds.

People like Paul, who has great material on the ground game, Kathy Morrison, and Wendy are going to play more and more important roles. We also need to energize people in New Jersey (and perhaps even NY) to win those states.

This is a rather sobering message for bloggers, who like to debate sexy "issues," many of which are of little interest to the public. The election is now about character, who has it (John and Sarah) and who doesn't (Barack and Joe). McCain and Palin are atypical elected officials, while Obama and Biden are more of the same.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bogus Poll Shows White Prejudice

This is an exchange that occurred on the Black Conservatives Group on Yahoo. The following is information from a poll supposedly showing that Blacks are less prejudiced than Whites. I vigorously refute the poll in the material below (in boldface).

Poll shows gap between blacks and whites over racial discrimination

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Since the nation's birth, Americans have discussed race and avoided it, organized neighborhoods and political movements around it, and used it to divide and hurt people even as relations have improved dramatically since the days of slavery, Reconstruction and legal segregation.

Now, in what could be a historic year for a black presidential candidate, a new Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll, conducted with Stanford University, shows just how wide a gap remains between whites and blacks. It shows that a substantial portion of white Americans still harbor negative feelings toward blacks. It shows that blacks and whites disagree tremendously on how much racial prejudice exists, whose fault it is and how much influence blacks have in politics. One result is that Barack Obama's path to the presidency is steeper than it would be if he were white.

The following is my response to this highly suspect "poll"

This poll (by Stanford and the AP) is mainly bogus. What matters most is not racial attitudes, an extremely complex subject, but rather behavior. What people do is much more important than what they say in response to vague poll questions. The good people at Stanford and the AP ignore that important distinction.

For example, right now, it appears that as many as 90% of Blacks are going to vote for Barack Obama, at least partly because of the mistaken impression that Obama (who's 50% Caucasian and 40% Arab) is somehow a "Black man."

On the other hand, as perhaps 40% of white voters will also vote for Obama. And somehow this means that it's WHITE people who are deeply prejudiced -- while Blacks are less so?

That makes absolutely no sense, except perhaps to political elitists who start out with preposterous assumptions about our world. If prejudice is so deeply ingrained in white society, why are tens of millions of Caucasians ready to vote for the self-styled Black candidate? Why are so few "unprejudiced" Blacks ready to vote for a white war hero and man notable for his Independent thinking?

In the Stanford poll, somehow two plus two comes up six -- or seven -- and the Associated Press is okay with that.

Be very skeptical when you read polls. When the MSM or left-winger pollsters blow smoke at you, don't pretend it's lavender scent.

In my own state of PA in 2006, a Black man, Lynn Swann, ran for Governor as a Republican. He got nearly 50% of the white vote, but he lost badly in the Black community. Something similar happened to Black Republican Ken Blackwell in Ohio -- and Black Republican Michael Steele in Maryland

There may have been prejudices of various kinds in those elections, but it was not primarily demonstrated by Caucasians. I voted for Lynn Swann and so did my wife and daughter.

What's the difference between a Black thug and a White thug? Nothing.

Feel free to attribute this to me if you use it.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dump Biden Movement Gathers Speed

Sarah Palin lands a large fish -- and is now seeking an even bigger prize . . .

In his piece linked below, Pittsburgh columnist Jack Kelly cites me (correctly) as one of the sources on the movement to dump Joe Biden and replace him with Hillary Clinton. I stand by the story, although it becomes more difficult for Obama to act as the story gains greater publicity. Obama nemesis Cristi Adkins and I interviewed Jack Kelly yesterday on Clintons4McCain Blog Talk Radio (accessible soon on the widget to your right).

Dump Joe Biden Idea Gaining Momentum
September 18, 2008

We reported here on Peace and Freedom yesterday that some top Democrats are now urging Barack Obama to dump Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate and replace the Senator from Delaware with Hillary Clinton, the Senator from New York. The rumblings of this idea persist….and are gaining momentum….

Link to our article from yesterday and then read below Jack Kelly’s take on all this:

Could Hillary Replace Biden As Obama VEEP Candidate?
By Jack Kelly
The Washington Times
September 18, 2008
In what now seems the long ago days between the time Sen. John McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate and her acceptance speech, there was considerable speculation in the news media that Mr. McCain would drop her from the ticket.

This was entirely a media invention. There was no sentiment among Republicans for replacing Mrs. Palin, and Mr. McCain - whose loyalty to his friends nearly cost him his life in Vietnam - is not the kind of person who would desert his choice.

And there was a very practical reason why this option never was considered. Sen. George McGovern was going to lose in 1972 no matter what, but the final nail in his coffin was when he dumped running-mate Sen. Thomas Eagleton after it was revealed Mr. Eagleton had had shock treatments for an unspecified mental illness. With one stroke, Mr. McGovern called into question both his judgment and his loyalty.

There has, of course, been no further speculation about dropping Sarah Palin from the ticket after her boffo performance in St. Paul, Minn. But my friend Steve Maloney (who first got me interested in Sarah Palin) says his sources in the Democratic Party tell him Barack Obama is being pressured to dump Sen. Joseph Biden from the ticket and replace him with Hillary Clinton, the switch to come just after the vice presidential debate Oct. 2. Speculation about such a switch has emerged on several left-wing blogs.

“It’s time to dump Biden and replace him with Sen. Hillary Clinton,” said Andy Ostroy on the Huffington Post Monday. “I’m starting to think that if Team Obama doesn’t do something dramatic fast, it’s gonna lose this election.”

On Thursday, September 18, 2008, Joe Biden said paying more in taxes should make us feel patriotic.

What might prompt such an act of desperation? The polls - which indicate the race is a statistical dead heat - are cause for concern, but not for panic.

This might be the reason: “Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is 4 to 6 points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters,” wrote Tim Shipman in the London Telegraph Sunday.

“While the polling is close, I believe it is far worse than the numbers reflect given social apprehension of middle-of-the-road uncommitted respondents to appear racist by not supporting Obama,” wrote former Democratic congressional candidate Paul Hackett on the Daily Kos blog. “Thus instead of being down in Ohio by 3 or 4 points I would argue that for planning purposes the working assumption should indicate that Obama is down in Ohio by roughly 10 points.”

If this is true (and I don’t think it is), Mr. Obama is in very deep kimche. There are 12 states in which this election will be decided. Seven - Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada - were carried by President Bush in 2004. Five - Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and New Hampshire - were carried by Sen. John Kerry.

To win, a candidate must amass 270 electoral votes. President Bush won 286 in 2004, so Mr. McCain has 16 to play with. He could lose Iowa (7) and either Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) or Nevada (5) and still win the election.

As a practical matter, Mr. McCain can’t win unless he carries both Florida (27) and Ohio (20), but he is already leading in both states, and if Mr. Hackett is right, then they’re already out of Mr. Obama’s reach.

Also as a practical matter, Mr. Obama can’t win if he loses either Pennsylvania (21) or Michigan (17). The public polls indicate both states are tossups, but if Mr. McCain has a hidden 4 to 6 percentage point advantage, he has the lead in both. New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington state and New Hampshire might also switch from blue to red, while the only red state in which Mr. McCain would be behind is Iowa.

State by state polls should be taken with a grain of salt. A recent poll indicated a 20 percentage point lead for Mr. McCain in North Carolina, and a statistical tie in Virginia.

North Carolina was, on average, 3 percentage points more Republican than Virginia in the last two presidential elections. It’s inconceivable nearly 20 percentage points could be separating them now. The massive turnout at a McCain-Palin rally in one of the bluest counties in Virginia a week ago suggests the North Carolina poll may be the more accurate.

Could a “Hail Hillary” pass change the grim arithmetic facing Mr. Obama? We may find out.

Jack Kelly, a syndicated columnist, is a former Marine and Green Beret and a former deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force in the Reagan administration. He is national security writer for the Pittsburgh (Pa.) Post-Gazette.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make Calls for John, Sarah

If Pennsylvania is a battleground state -- and it is -- then Beaver County, where I live is Ground Zero. The county has a Democratic edge in registration, but we intend to win it big for John McCain and Sarah Palin.

"We cling to our God . . . and our Children" -- Sarah, Todd, and Trig Palin

Note: It's absolutely critical that all of us reach out to as many people as possible to indicate our support for John McCain and Sarah Palin. Here's how you can do so: Make Phone Calls from Home. . . Reaching out to undecided voters in your state. That's vital to spreading the word that John McCain and Governor Palin are the right choice for voters all across America. That's why we're asking you to take a few minutes or even a free evening to make calls for John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. You can call your local McCain or GOP office and volunteer, or you can phone from home in your spare time. Visit www.JohnMcCain.com/PhoneBank to get started today.

When I've asked people in Beaver County, PA, where I live (yep, we're those God-loving, gun-toting folks that Barack despises), over the phone to volunteer their time for the campaign, they almost never do. When I ask them, face-to-face, how often do they volunteer? So far, always.

At the Beaver, PA GOP headquarters today -- and "Beaver" differs from "Beaver Falls," where Joe Namath grew up, three women volunteered -- Dee Byers, Darlene Cutlip, and Sandra Boyde. Actually, Dee's husband volunteered her, which as a long-time husband myself, I told him could be risky business. Did I sign her up? Of course. "In love, war, and politics, all is fair."

The volunteer I'd like to highlight is Sandra Boyde, who lives near the Ohio line. She mentioned she had converted various relatives, including in-laws, into rabid supporters of McCain-Palin, and she was prepared to do the same with friends and neighbors. She's pretty, smart, and funny.

Then, I heard her talking to the volunteer coordinator ("Kyle," a gal Kyle, not a guy Kyle). She mentioned that she might have trouble doing a lot of door-to-door work because she was undergoing chemotherapy. She told me she had experienced a recurrence of her cancer, which had first surfaced six-and-a-half years before.

Sandra is volunteering to make phone calls to voters, probably a whole lot of calls. She has children who do football and all the other things we wish WE were doing. She's not too tired to reach out to voters, to be an essential part of the ground game. Of great interest to me, she's a great deal like Sarah Palin, a person of real courage -- fearless and even at peace with the hand she's been dealt.

Most people who make calls, offer yard signs, and bang on their neighbor's doors probably don't do so because they're so much fun They do these things because the "other guy" i(Obama) is doing it. If we don't do it better than he, we probably will lose.

If a person like Sandra accepted losses easily, she wouldn't have been in the Beaver, PA, GOP office offering to help. She's NOT sitting around bemoaning her fate. Instead, in a small way, she's making history.

How critical is Beaver County? If PA is a battleground state -- and it is -- then are Ground Zero. There's a Democratic voter registration edge, but there are early signs that we could win big here. Our surveys -- and we're not Gallup -- show McCain could win by two-to-one. The "Sarah Palin Effect" (remember God? remember guns?) is off-the-chart. When Gov. Sarah appears here, as she will, the multitudes will gather.

The Ground Game is more than get-out-the-vote. It's also wake up the voter, and remind him or her that he or she has a big decision to make.

Please join Sandra, Dee, Darlene, and yours truly as volunteers. You may have to be persistent to get the attention of campaign people to guide you in the right direction. You presumably will have to endure the "Great Yard Sign Shortage of 2008."

Sadly, political campaigns are nick-of-time,, hit-and-miss events. They are not well-oiled machines. They are, "Oops, didn't anybody ever put oil in this thing?"

Volunteer on JohnMcCain.com. Call up your local McCain office. If you don't have a local McCain office, create one. If you wait for orders from on high, you may end up waiting unto eternity.

A good step is to call up the local Republican office. If you're a Democrat or Independent, call anyway. Trust me, you will find that Republicans are among the most harmless of God's creature.

Why VOLUNTEERS have to be persistent in volunteering is one of the riddles of the universe. But tough times demand tough people, much like Sandra, whom I met today and who, with her family, will now be friends for life. I don't know exactly what her "stands" are on the "issues." I don't exactly care either.

NOTE TO BLOGGERS AND OTHER ONLINERS: The best thing you can do with the blog columns and thoughtful e-mails you write is to turn them into 200-to-250 word letters to the editor of your LOCAL newspapers. I bet you'll find the the following links will connect you with every newspaper in America -- from Alabama to Wyoming. What about Guam? Well, what about it?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama's Racism: Tribal Identity Politics

Apparently, about 90% of American Blacks are ready to vote for Barack Obama, a politician who would do nothing to lead them out of poverty, miseducation, and hopelessness. For most punds and observers, that's an article of faith: that Blacks will waste their votes once again on a bogus-racial Messiah, Obama. Read on . . .

"During decades of researching racial and ethnic groups in countries around the world-- with special attention to those who began in poverty and then rose to prosperity-- I have yet to find one so preoccupied with tribalistic identity as to want to maintain solidarity with all members of their group, regardless of what they do or how they do it.

"Any group that rises has to have norms, and that means repudiating those who violate those norms, if you are serious. Blind tribalism means letting the lowest common denominator determine the norms and the fate of the whole group.

"There was a time when most blacks, like most of the Irish or the Jews, understood this common sense. But that was before the romanticizing of identity took over, beginning in the 1960s.

"Back in 19th century America, the Catholic Church took on the task of changing the behavior of the poverty-stricken Irish immigrants, in order to prepare them to rise in American society. As this transformation succeeded, employers' signs that said "No Irish Need Apply" began to disappear in the 20th century.

"The Jewish community likewise made many efforts to change the behavior of immigrants from Eastern Europe, to enable them to better fit into American society-- and to rise in that society."The Urban League and other black uplift groups made similar efforts to prepare their fellow blacks to rise in American society. In fact, those efforts began to pay off in dramatic reductions in poverty among blacks, even before the civil rights laws of the 1960s.

"The unanswered question is why an approach with a proven track record, not only in American society but in various other countries around the world, has been superseded by a philosophy of tribal identity over-riding issues of behavior and performance.

"Part of the problem is the "multicultural" ideology that says all cultures are equally valid. It is hard even to know what that means, much less take it seriously as a guide to living in the real world."Will time and energy spent on rap music and wearing low-riding baggy pants like guys in prison-- as badges of identity-- provide as good a future for young people as learning math, computers and the English language?

"Romantic self-indulgence and self-deception are things that some people can afford when they reach the point where they can afford identity angst. But millions of other people will remain mired in poverty if they believe such notions."read it all by clicking below. . .

The remarkable essay in Real Claear Politics is by Thomas Sowell. It was sent to me by Mike Devine, of Charlotte,NC.


Monday, September 15, 2008

10 Reasons Biden's Out

Sarah Palin in red outline addresses huge crowd at Colorado Springs Airport. On the same evening, Joe Biden dined alone . . .

In Barack Hussein Obama's Own Words . . .

1. Barack: "Joe, when Sarah Palin said you were a "Beltway Insider and a pompous windbag,' the correct response was NOT 'Hey, will you look at the legs on that gal.'"

2. Barack: "Joe, I forgave your remark about my being 'clean' but did you then have to go and sniff me?"

3. Barack: "Joe, when I said 'presidents don't look like me,' you weren't supposed to shout out, 'No, they look like ME!'"

4. Barack: "Joe, when you reported you drew a crowd of 49 adoring voters, you WEREN'T supposed to include the Secret Service detail."

5. Barack: "Joe your 'lipstick on a pig' line about Palin was NOT WELL RECEIVED."

6. Barack: "Joe in the whole vetting process you claim you 'forgot to mention" that Delaware's number of electoral votes is a grand total of THREE?"

7.Barack: "Joe, a gaffe now then is okay, but why did you introduce me as 'our country's first Arab-American President?"

8: Barack: "Joe, I don't think the best way to get on Michelle's good side is with a stream of 'Yo Mama' jokes.

9: Barack, "Joe, I admit it: when you said you got 9,000 votes in the primaries I misheard it as 9 MILLION votes."

10. Barack: "Joe, why did you tell an African-American audience that 'Even though Barack is more than 90% Caucasian and Arab, I can assure you his heart is Black?'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin, Hillary, and Biden

Sarah Palin in red outline addresses huge crowd at the Colorado Springs Airport . . .

On the meeting between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: Are we really to believe that the substance of the two men's discussion was Bill's advice that Barack use the same Mud Machine on Sarah Palin previously employed successfully against Hillary Clinton? That would be too cynical even for Beltway politics -- wouldn't it? Joseph Conrad wrote a novel about people's descent into evil -- "The Heart of Darkness" -- and both men should read it.


I've been the main voice on the Internet discussing the story that Hillary Clinton -- early in October, it appears -- would replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. I stand by this revelation because I believe it's true. The Houston Post-Chronicle recently printed a story suggesting such a "V-P Switcheroo" could be coming.

Remember that famous Friday a.m. (look back a couple of weeks) when I said at 2 a.m. that Sen. McCain would name Gov. Sarah Palin as his V-P? Many people, including some good friends, said I "must be mistaken." It must be Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, right?

At 11 a.m. on that Friday when it was clear the not-so-gentle lady from Alaska, Sarah, would get the nod, many members of the media were angry. Why hadn't anyone told them? Well, I told them. My view of the MSM is that it consists mostly of incompetents who couldn't break an egg let alone a real story.

One development you've been hearing little if anything about is the effect Sarah Palin's tremendous popularity is having on congressional races. Because of America's love affair with Sarah, many Obama Democrats are now afraid they will lose their seats. That has added to the desperation in the ranks of the Party's far-left wing.

Many of the members of Congress most worried are those who truly need their "job" and have been on the federal dole for many decades.

Outside the comfy halls of Congress, most of these low-talent people would essentially be unemployable. Thus, they despise Sarah Palin because she threatens their livelihoods. So, look for a growing number of calls for Obama to: (1) "get tougher" -- to sling more mud and be more negative than he already is; (2) get rid of Biden and replace him with Senator Clinton (or perhaps even someone else).

I hope all the thousands of bloggers and other onliners who are supporting McCain-Palin will highlight the "Hillary" story. That's exactly what Obama, Axelrod, Brazille, and Dean don't want you to do. Continued discussion will shed light on developments the Obama Campaign would rather spring on Americans at the last moment.

Note: If you start hearing more stories, as we did last week, of Senator Biden's "health issues" (in actuality, he really doesn't have any), you will know the time is drawing nigh for Joe to exit Left. Would Hillary ride in on a white horse?

My predictions for the Oct. 2 V-P debate (if Joe makes it that far)? Sarah will mop the floor with him. His antics and windbag nature will turn off a huge number of women voters. Sarah will continue to look more "presidential" than either Obama or Biden. Sen. Biden's "health" would then worsen at warp speed.

In the 1972 presidential election, George McGovern named as his V-P pick Senator Thomas Eagleton (a fine man, by the way). Then, it came out that Eagleton had once undergone electro-shock treatments for depression. Calls came in from Party leaders to get Eagleton off the ticket.

Senator McGovern famously said he was behind Eagleton "100% -- no, 1,000 percent."

The next day McGovern dumped Eagleton, replacing him with Sargent Shriver (JFK's brother-in-law). In November, 1972, McGovern lost 49 states. Keep in mind the date October 5 (three days after the debate) :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Obama-Biden Shift: Obama-Clinton

In boldface and italics below, you'll find some news that would be shocking -- if we Americans weren't increasingly hard to shock. Obama-Biden moving to Obama-Clinton . . .

We (Clintons4McCain and Nobama Mission) have received information from sources high in the Democratic Party that, in a cynical, desperation move, Hillary Rodham Clinton will replace the hapless Joe Biden as V-P candidate on the Obama ticket. I will send out more information on this over the next several days.

Hillary Clinton has said that Barack H. Obama is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. Presumably, he hasn't grown any more qualified in the past few weeks. As the saying now goes, "It took a Republican woman [Sarah Palin] to have the Obama Dems name a female to the ticket."

[Note: See the following link on "Obama's October Surprise" (month is correct) -- Biden leaving the Democratic ticket: http://www.postchronicle.com/commentary/article_212171504.shtml#share ]

What's the new campaign slogan? "I'm propping up an empty suit?" "He can sleep while I stay up till 3 a.m.?"

Scroll down for analysis of this stunning development "Stand up! Stand up! And fight for what's right" (John McCain)

Much more information to follow later . . . This is the site that first broke the news that John McCain would name Sarah Palin as his running mate (scroll down to two Fridays ago).

Frankly, if you want to know what's really going on in American politics, DON'T tune in to CNN or MSNBC. Instead, come here to this site -- and, especially, to my main national site: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com. As time goes on, you'll learn exactly when and how Biden will "yield" his spot to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Biden is a clasic example of someone who values Party over County, and you'll get to see in advance the whole story of his ignominy and cynicism. The key right now is how Biden can pretend to have health issues -- but be healthy enough to run for his Senate seat. Stay tuned.

Analysis of the coming "new" Democratic ticket: "Desperate People Take Desperate Measures . . . "

When Sharon (OK), Jean (WA), and I figured out the story of the Sarah choice, I sent out e-mails that said "I hope I'm right . . ." Now, I know I'm right, even though you're not hearing it on CNN or MSNBC. Those people couldn't break an egg. My sources are from central Texas, Washington, DC, and elsewhere, and they are consistent truth-tellers and fact-knowers. Sarah and Jean are NOT the sources of this story, although neither one will be surprised.

One of the key moments in this development was when Joe Biden said in NH that Hillary Clinton would have been a "better" V-P candidate than he. I have been dancing around for days on blogs saying that "Hillary is coming . . ."

However, I believe McCain-Palin is unstoppable at this point, whomever the Dems run against them. There's no reason to disbelieve serious polls that show them 10 or more points ahead.I feel as good about this story as I did about the Palin choice story two weeks ago. I will not name the people (three in recent days) who told me this is going to happen. I trust them all, and Democratic Party logic indicates that group will stoop to any lengths to try to win this race.

After all, what's a few more months of humiliation for Sen. Clinton?The "rumors" various people at Clintons4McCain and NoBama Mission had during the run-up to the Convention that Hillary didn't get the nod because "she asked for too much" were true. (Of course, with the Obama crowd, one wonders if "too much" was a promise that she wouldn't have to make coffee daily for The Chosen One.)

Right about now, with the Obama Campaign falling like a boulder from the sky, Hillary can get (promises! promises!) just about anything.Okay, on Biden: the one straw that broke "Joe Camel's" back was the fact that the Palin Effect is going to cost the Democrats many seats in the Congress. The Rassmussen Poll shows that the huge "generic Democrat" lead nationally in congressional races has disappeared. I believe this has been noted (and how!) by the Democrats now likely to lose their seats.

I also believe the "transfer" of V-P roles probably COULD take place as early as Monday, although it may occur somewhat later. Biden -- "health problems," you know -- will not be "sick enough" to drop out of his Senate race. He doesn't look any sicker than usual to me. He does look old and tired. He got 9,000 votes in the presidential primaries, his high-water mark in two decades of running futilely for President.

Yes, Hillary Clinton can endorse Obama, the man who labeled her a warmonger, a liar, and a racist. She can endorse the politician whom her husband claimed "played the race card" against him.Hey, friends this is today's "Obama Democrats." Nothing lost save honor and integrity.

When I heard from the McCain camp (through the legendary "little birdie") about their "Biden Strategy," I thought it was a good one. Essentially, it said, "Ignore him. He's irrelevant, a windbag who's been wrong on every major issue of our time." Well said.

If he makes it to the debate on Oct. 2, Sarah Palin will mop the floor with him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sarah Palin: Trig's Missing Pacifier

America's Love Affair with Sarah Palin goes on and on . . . while the Democrats work feverishly to dig up dirt on her.

The following piece is about the Obama's Campaign never-ending attempt to dig up dirt in order to destroy Gov. Sarah Heath Palin. Since the attacks come exclusively from the Democratic Party, those who participate in any way in that Party's activities are in fact enablers of evil.
The following is humorous -- in a rueful way. It has "gone viral," and I appreciate the many positive comments I've received.
Led by the "Chosen One," the Obama Campaign tends to get WAY off message, with long clouds of hot air being used to answer questions no one has asked. But it will get better at that. The ads and the smears will grow increasingly hateful -- and bizarre.
The current attack message is that Gov. Palin is a (shudder) Christian. Imagine that! What an outrage to the well -heeled liberal ladies of the Upper West Side and the desiccated secularists of "The View."The New York Times will do a carefully crafted editorial on how -- in these troubled times -- any candidate who not an agnostic or athiest is truly fit to serve.
MSNBC will launch a provocative expose on something-or-other.
In general, the modern Democratic Party is anti-Christian and anti-women. People like Obama and Biden list their "religious affiliation" with about as much conviction as they note their membership in the Kiwanis Club. I wish that were not true, because one would hope both Parties were responsible and committed enough to run the country.
The campaign to destroy Gov. Palin is going to fail. It is as pathetic as it is malicious and mendacious.
We will hear endless charges that when she was 7 years-old Sarah took an extra cupcake at school. Presumably, some mentally disturbed person at her OLD church will make bizarre theological statements that will then be attributed (absurdly) to the Governor. We will also hear that Bristol Palin was not well-liked by three girls in junior high.
I wish I were exaggerating, but I fear that I'm not. We'll certainly hear unfriendly comments from some of the political crooks Sarah helped put in jail. Piper Palin will be questioned intensely on how many Black friends she has.
We will learn some truly shocking news: that Sarah once borrowed a cup of sugar -- and did not return it. A psychologist associated with "Entertainment Tonight" will analyze the underlying significance of the sugar theft. Theologians from the University of Chicago will be consulted to determine exactly which commandment Sarah broke.
Reporters will thoroughly examine Sarah's trash. It will reveal a rich lode of evidence: coffee grounds, used bread wrappers, spinach Piper refused to eat, and an extremely provocative empty bottle of olive oil -- Extra Virgin!
Does that bottle contain hidden significance? Is it a veiled plea for chastity before marriage? Is it a hidden rebuke to Bristol? There are now more lawyers (all from Chicago apparently) and media dirt hunters in Wasilla than there are permanent residents.
The National Enquirer ("All the news that fits we print") has a half-dozen people there (the entire Chicago bureau?), presumably looking for evildoing related in some arcane way to John Edwards mistress, Rielle Hunter and Todd Palin. The two will claim -- unconvincingly -- never to have met
Trust, me, Sarah's boyfriend when she was age 15 will receive constant media attention. Someone may find a copy of her secret diary composed during the ages 11 to 13! It will be examined closely for links to her current political philosophy.
Attempts will be made to steal Trig's pacifier. If the heist is successful, look for it on eBay -- opening bid at $10,000. Then, look for the Palins to buy a new one for $1.98 -- "film at 11."
A reference or photo in (Bristol-fiance) "Levi's" MySpace page will receive eight hours analysis by Matthews and Olberman. Track Palin will be accused of cross-checking a rival in a hockey 2004 match. Todd Palin's snow-machine racer will be subjected to forensic analysis.
So, in the face of all this media clamor, how do we win this election? If everyone who now favors McCain-Palin will recruit one new supporter -- or shore up one who's wavering, we will indeed prevail.And, by the way, whatever happened to the "lovely" Michelle Obama? Did he ("the Chosen One") dump her ("the Unchosen One?") without our knowledge? Perhaps she's relocated to friendlier climes, such as Kenya?
More to the point, was Barack seen -- or was he not -- in the company of Rielle Hunter?
Actually, I believe Michelle is under the same bus where Barack tossed grandma. But where oh where is Rev. Jeremiah Wright when we most need him?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah Palin: Lose the Lipstick

Sarah Palin is dominating the print and electronic media, and McCain bloggers are beginning to dominate the Web. Bulletin: Scroll down several paragraphs to see Cristi Adkins' first-hand report on today's McCain-Palin rally in Fairfax, Virginia

Sarah Palin: "You know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick!"

[If you ever wondered (but why?) what I look like (hint: NOT Brad Pitt) and sound like (more like BHO than Sarah Palin), the link following is me appearing on KDKA Web TV in Pittsburgh. I am debating two women liberals regarding Gov. Palin. At one point I say, "I think I'm the only one here who takes women seriously." I also suggested they were watching entirely too much "Nick at Night." http://kdka.com/video/?id=45870@kdka.dayport.com Note: I have five daughters, four of whom voted for Hillary Clinton -- along with my wife -- in the Democratic Primaries but all of whom are now backing McCain-Palin. ]

Thanks to the 140,000-plus people who have visitied my blogs in the past eight days. My main blog is: http://camp2008victorya.blogspot.com. I also have a very popular blog established in April that appeals mainly to people who supported Hillary Clinton and are now behind McCain-Palin: http://hillarysupportersformccain.blogspot.com. Finally, there's my Pennsylvania-specific blog: http://pennsylvaniaforjohnmccain.blogspot.com. I hope you'll visit all of them frequently. I was the blogger who broke the story that McCain would choose Sarah Palin as his running -- at 2:30 a.m. two Fridays ago.

Cristi Adkins' report on today's McCain-Palin rally in Fairfx, Virginia, follows:

"Went to a Sarah Palin and John McCain rally today in Fairfax. It was excellent work, and a crowd of at '20,000' reported by the volunteer there. The energy was spectacular.The crowd went wild when Cindy McCan came on stage -- and even wilder when they announced John McCain's name."

"What happened when they announced Gov. Palin? You could hear the cheering for MILES, and I do not exaggerate.There was no more room at the event, and people were literally listening to her in the street, sidewalk and on the corners of parking lots.This was incredibly energizing and inspiring. To see someone so brutally attacked and humiliated go right back out there and fight again . . . "

"Fight and INSPIRE."

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin, Cristi Adkins: Heroines

"Obama and the politics of hatred . . . Cristi Adkins, Sarah Palin . . . "

Right now, the Obama Campaign is desperate and will use its slime machine to try to destroy Sarah Palin and her family. It has done the same with anti-Obama media figure, Cristi Adkins, an ex Army MP, nurse, and mother of two teenagers and a three-year old.

If you'd like to hear me talking on KDKA-TV about America's newest sensation, Sarah Palin, click on the following link: http://kdka.com/video/?id=45870@kdka.dayport.com

Obama and his huge hate machine will not succeed in destroying either Cristi or Sarah. But I think it's critical for social conservatives and any people of decency to know what's coming and to warn their associates. My hope is that Gov. Palin and John McCain can put an end ultimately to the Politics of Hatred, which is the approach favored by Obama, the Chicago Machine, and David Axelrod.

(More today about the death threats received by Cristi Adkins -- and fact that some Obama bots tried to spit in her face and push her friend in front of a moving bus . . . Obama's PAID bloggers vilify either Cristi or Sarah, or both, every day. But these two extremely tough women cannot be cowed.

The other day I urged several hundred bloggers to "DEFEND SARAH -- NOW." They did. It surely helped. Two months ago, it was said, "McCain has no online presence." The passionate actions of Cristi Adkins, Michael Schuyler, and others have led to a situation now where there are 500-plus bloggers posting every day in support of McCain-Palin.

Last Friday, thos blogs touched directly more than two million visitors -- 500,000-plus on one blog. An urgent point now is to bring more social conservative bloggers (we already have many, including Cristi and I) into the mix.

They can do so by e-mailing me at: TalkTop65@aol.com. They'll get a blogroll code and material about how they can increase traffic on their sites.

Sarah Palin: Republican Rock Star

As many of you know by now, the story that John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin broke right here on my blogs -- about 3 a.m. on Friday morning. Later, at 10 a.m. (ET) I sent the following message to 250 bloggers and other onliners. It revals a lot about the GOP's new political rock star.

The Sarah Palin story was broken to me early Friday morning by Sharon Caliendo, a Republican operative and NoBama Mission Blogger, and her friend Mark in Florida:

The key national article on Sarah Palin was written a year-and-a-half ago by Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard. It was her nation media "coming out party." It's called "The Most Popular Governor: Alaska's Sarah Palin is the GOP's Newest Star."

Here's what Barnes's story said about this remarkable woman:

"Her rise is a great (and rare) story of how adherence to principle--especially to transparency and accountability in government--can produce political success. And by the way, Palin is a conservative who only last month vetoed 13 percent of the state's proposed budget for capital projects. The cuts, the Anchorage Daily News said, 'may be the biggest single-year line-item veto total in state history.'

"As recently as last year, Palin [pronounced pale-in] was a political outcast. She resigned in January 2004 as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission after complaining to the office of Governor Frank Murkowski and to state Attorney General Gregg Renkes about ethical violations by another commissioner, Randy Ruedrich, who was also Republican state chairman.State law barred Palin from speaking."

Long after the Barnes's piece, Real Clear Politics endorsed Sarah Palin for V-P on June 4, 2008 in an article titled, "McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for V-P" Real Clear said of her:"At 44, Sarah Louise Heath Palin is both the youngest and the first female governor in Alaska's relatively brief history as a state. She's also the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating that has bounced around 90 percent.This is due partly to her personal qualities.

"When she was leading her underdog Wasilla high school basketball team to the state championship in 1982, her teammates called her 'Sarah Barracuda' because of her fierce competitiveness.Two years later, when she won the "Miss Wasilla" beauty pageant, she was also voted "Miss Congeniality" by the other contestants.Sarah Barracuda. Miss Congeniality. Fire and nice. A happily married mother of five who is still drop dead gorgeous. And smart to boot.But it's mostly because she's been a crackerjack governor, a strong fiscal conservative and a ferocious fighter of corruption, especially in her own party."

The best web site to go to on Sarah Heath Palin is my friend Adam Brickley's at: http://palinforvp.blogspot.com. It had over 600 comments and probably 10,000 visitors in one day -- yesterday. I managed the site for three days last week while Adam was starting his new job in DC. He has orchestrated the Palin for VP nataional effort from the beginning. Adam is a recent graduate of Colorado State University in Colorado Springs.

Sarah Palin's story? It may just be the most remarkable in the history of American politics. I look at her with admiration approaching awe. The Wikipedia bio on Sarah is right on target. It has a picture of her as a star basketball player (#22) on Wasilla (Alaska) high school's underdog basketball team's improbable victory in the Alaska State Tournament.

I've written a great deal in the past year about why Sarah would have great appeal on many levels to voters, including wives and mothers, parents of special needs children, hunters and fishermen, working families, women professionals, and military families

At the top above, picture of Sarah and her three daughters, Piper (the little one), Willow, and Bristol (the oldest daughter), as well as her husband, Todd, a former commercial fisherman and now an oil-field production worker for BP.

Second picture above: Sarah, Todd, and new son (born in June) Trig.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin Amazes America, World

Sarah Palin: "A Servant's Heart"

I wish Gov. Palin, who's a heroine to me, all the best in her acceptance speech this evening. I hope her entire family is there tonight to share in this historic moment.

Here's what former Hillary Supporter Michelle wrote to me tonight:
That was the most amazing, most tremendous speech I have been witness to. I stood up in my living room several times and rah rah'd her. Rudy kicked butt too! I truly can see her as President. Train under McCain Ms. Palin and then I promise to vote for you when you run. Good Lord I have goosebumps!!!

My husband and father were amazed. My father said she needed to run for President! HA! Two southern, stereotypical men were exclaiming outloud at parts. It was kind of funny. My husband said "Good God, she is one of us! One of us is going to the White House!" I think he said it the best.


I have been backing Sarah Palin for this role for a year-and-a-half. I'll be posting the material below on my blogs tonight. To me, it reveals something profoundly important about -- and thus of little interest to the media -- her basic sense of right-and-wrong. As you'll see, she dislikes people who are "holier than thou." She also rejects soundly the notion that any elected official must compromise his or her ethical principles. The following is from an interview conducted by the Anchorage Daily News

ADN: Some Alaskans have, you know, defended Ted Stevens [Republican U.S. Senator] and Lisa Murkowski [Republican U.S. Senator] in particular, saying it is only natural in a small state for a politician to have prominent friends and even enter business relations with them. What do you think? Where should public figures, political figures draw the line?

PALIN: Well, maybe that is commonplace in a former smaller world of politicians in Alaska, but that is not commonplace in my world to be presented, you know, maybe amazing or even outlandish investment opportunities that turn us into rich individuals. ...

[following is Sarah talking about various crooks and wheeler-dealers in Alaska]I am not buddies with Bob Penney. I don't go to that Kenai classic fishery thing, you know, I don't go hunting and fishing with Bill Allen. That's not my world. So my perspective is, I guess this new leadership team, we wouldn't be tempted to become part of that world because that is not where we came from. I'm not enticed at all or excited about the idea of hooking up with some of the characters in the past that now are in trouble.

ADN: Do you think if they had adhered to a brighter line that they could have avoided some of this trouble?

PALIN: I think everyone has that individual and personal ethical compass within and I think that maybe in the past, some individuals, their compass was way off kilter and decisions were made based on a real skewed idea of what ethical activity would be. I am not claiming holier than thou and I am not saying that the people who I hire and surround myself with, that any of us are perfect.

All of us make mistakes ... but as long as I am confident that moral compass is right on target and we are not going to be tempted to do anything for self gain then I think that is what is going to best for the progress that we need here in Alaska. I can't say that was the case in the past in Alaskan politics. Obviously it wasn't or we wouldn't have high-ranking CEOs pleading guilty to bribery.

ADN: But I think you are also talking about the activities in the gray area -- the business relationships with, you know, a senator or congressman or a state legislator. Between someone with interests in the public process and the people running the public process.

PALIN: Right. Well, that's why I think we need more real and normal and hardworking and blue-collar Alaskans to want to run for office and serve in these positions that are making decisions.

Again, I will personalize this. I am not from that other world. My dad as a school teacher wasn't a mover and shaker developer making big bucks in the state of Alaska off of property development. My husband isn't that way. I am not raising my kids to be that way.... If you want to be in public service, it is being willing to serve Alaskans for the right reasons. It is having to have a servant's heart when you come into these positions. It's not to get rich.


Sarah Palin You Haven't Seen

Sarah with Israel flag in background. Israel occupies a special place in her beliefs and heart, as it does most Americans.

If you want to see the real story about Sarah Palin from the blogger (yours truly) who broke the story she was the choice, scroll down . . . and keep scrolling. These images are of the resolute, tough Sarah Palin who long ago got the nickname "Sarah Barracuda." She's the combination pit-bull, hockey-mom who is the Democrats' worst nightmare.

She is the FIRST real member of the American middle-class to run for such high office. She is the first mother of young children even to be in this position. She represents hundreds of millions of Americans who aren't lawyers --or independently wealthy. She's the first spouse of a union member (Todd, United Steelworkers) to run for vice-president. She's the first mother of a combat soldier.

Sarah is a human collection of "firsts."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarah Palin: Tough "Hockey Mom"

Sarah to a McCain Staffer telling her how vicious presidential politics could be:

Palin: "Do you know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?"

Staffer: "No."

Palin: "A hockey mom wears lipstick."

Below is the link to the KDKA web TV program I participated in last night. I loved the opportunity to point out what a liar Barack H. Obama is -- and to document it with specifics. I also talked about the reign of terror against my friend (and honorary adopted daughter) Cristi Adkins. I appreciated the chance to talk about the unmentionable, the racism associated with the Obama Campaign and the intimidation directed against Black McCain-Palin supporters. I also explained why I believe Michelle Obama is not fit to be First Lady (or Tenth Lady) of the U.S. Finally, I discussed why the Palin Family may be unique in the history of American presidential politics (they AREN'T RICH!), and why the media might consider changing its idiotic "narrative" about the Palins. A good time, in short, was had by me.

Here is the link to the webcast/chat from 9/2: http://kdka.com/video/?id=45751@kdka.dayport.com

On FOX News the other day Fred Thompson was talking to some "journalists" who were lamenting the supposed inexperience of Gov. Palin. Thompson said, "Experience, harumph. Let me tell you this: you don't get experience sitting in a seat over in the Senate. And you don't get experience by going on the Sunday talk shows."

I noted that if being a mother and being of modest means were disqualifications for running for high office, that would knock out about 270 million Americans of the "anybody can grow up to the president" sweepstakes.

On the KDKA link, you will hear me cite Fred Thompson. You'll also hear me say something like the following about liberal complaints that Sarah is "shrill" and "inexprienced." I said "shrill" is a codeword for "a female voice." And I said "inxperience" is a codeword for "she's a woman." Having five daughters and several grand-daughters, that made me feel very good.

I added that I believe that the Democatic Party has no real place for or respect for a rwoman who isn't a robotic ideologue (e.g., Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazille). Granted, they will always have a place for women who are easily intimiated. Full Text of Fred Thompson's Speech

Monday, September 1, 2008

Joe Biden Revelations: Political Deadbeat

This is important breaking news about Joe Biden's character and honesty -- he has neither. Later today, I'll be back with my "all Palin, all the time," including new insights into the Alaska Govenor.

[Editor’s note: This is one of those revealing private emails originally intended for friends and family that has inadvertently made its way into the public domain. Our editorial policy is that we never are the first to publish private material without permission. However, once the material has been published anywhere on the Internet, even if the original posting site withdraws the material, it remains available to the public as Internet cache, and we will make the material available here at American Daughter so that our readers are among the best informed in the Blogosphere. We have not had the opportunity to personally verify the material, but it will soon be a widely distributed topic of conversation, so we offer it at face value. -- Nancy Mathis, American Daughter]http://frontpage.americandaughter.com/?p=1895

Family, I feel an obligation to honesty and truth to share with you some facts. My Father and Mother instilled in me the values and morals of treating people fairly and always being honest. If you purchase something, you pay for it. If you borrow something, you give it back.

I have been “stiffed” three times in my 30 year professional career by someone who I rendered services to, gave a finished product to, but who refused to pay for those services even though they acknowledged the services and products were correct, were what they asked for, and were never challenged for not being correct. I am lucky in having only three, but those three hurt badly.

Joe Biden was one of those people. I worked on his 1988 Presidential campaign financial disclosure engagement. I busted it for him and got everything right. He stiffed me for over $15,000 worth of work. He refused to pay once he dropped out of the race.

I did similar Capitol Hill campaign financial disclosure work for Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, and a Democratic candidate for Ambassador to New Zealand. All of those folks paid even though they lost the election or did not get the appointment. That type of work is very demanding and very tedious because your efforts are scrutinized by Congress. Biden did not care.

I am on the Board of Directors of a company that owns a majority position in a private jet management company in Northern Virginia. They manage jets for businesses and rich folks. They also charter planes to the public. This past winter John Thompson [former basketball coach at Georgetown and sports commentator] chartered over $250,000 worth of air time. He paid every penny.

Joe Biden, in his latest unsuccessful run for President, chartered over $150,000 worth of air time. He PAID ZERO. He continues to refuse to pay stating his race is over and he is out of money. He never once complained about his flights. Joe Biden is a rich man. He could pay.

Joe Biden is a liar and a cheat. I know it firsthand. Character is what life is all about. Joe Biden is a man of bad character and sets a bad example for America.

I feel compelled to share this dark side of a man who asks for your vote and trust.

Best Regards,

Bruce D. Riddle,
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Suite 101Rockville, MD 20850
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