Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin, Hillary, and Biden

Sarah Palin in red outline addresses huge crowd at the Colorado Springs Airport . . .

On the meeting between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: Are we really to believe that the substance of the two men's discussion was Bill's advice that Barack use the same Mud Machine on Sarah Palin previously employed successfully against Hillary Clinton? That would be too cynical even for Beltway politics -- wouldn't it? Joseph Conrad wrote a novel about people's descent into evil -- "The Heart of Darkness" -- and both men should read it.


I've been the main voice on the Internet discussing the story that Hillary Clinton -- early in October, it appears -- would replace Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. I stand by this revelation because I believe it's true. The Houston Post-Chronicle recently printed a story suggesting such a "V-P Switcheroo" could be coming.

Remember that famous Friday a.m. (look back a couple of weeks) when I said at 2 a.m. that Sen. McCain would name Gov. Sarah Palin as his V-P? Many people, including some good friends, said I "must be mistaken." It must be Mitt Romney or Tim Pawlenty, right?

At 11 a.m. on that Friday when it was clear the not-so-gentle lady from Alaska, Sarah, would get the nod, many members of the media were angry. Why hadn't anyone told them? Well, I told them. My view of the MSM is that it consists mostly of incompetents who couldn't break an egg let alone a real story.

One development you've been hearing little if anything about is the effect Sarah Palin's tremendous popularity is having on congressional races. Because of America's love affair with Sarah, many Obama Democrats are now afraid they will lose their seats. That has added to the desperation in the ranks of the Party's far-left wing.

Many of the members of Congress most worried are those who truly need their "job" and have been on the federal dole for many decades.

Outside the comfy halls of Congress, most of these low-talent people would essentially be unemployable. Thus, they despise Sarah Palin because she threatens their livelihoods. So, look for a growing number of calls for Obama to: (1) "get tougher" -- to sling more mud and be more negative than he already is; (2) get rid of Biden and replace him with Senator Clinton (or perhaps even someone else).

I hope all the thousands of bloggers and other onliners who are supporting McCain-Palin will highlight the "Hillary" story. That's exactly what Obama, Axelrod, Brazille, and Dean don't want you to do. Continued discussion will shed light on developments the Obama Campaign would rather spring on Americans at the last moment.

Note: If you start hearing more stories, as we did last week, of Senator Biden's "health issues" (in actuality, he really doesn't have any), you will know the time is drawing nigh for Joe to exit Left. Would Hillary ride in on a white horse?

My predictions for the Oct. 2 V-P debate (if Joe makes it that far)? Sarah will mop the floor with him. His antics and windbag nature will turn off a huge number of women voters. Sarah will continue to look more "presidential" than either Obama or Biden. Sen. Biden's "health" would then worsen at warp speed.

In the 1972 presidential election, George McGovern named as his V-P pick Senator Thomas Eagleton (a fine man, by the way). Then, it came out that Eagleton had once undergone electro-shock treatments for depression. Calls came in from Party leaders to get Eagleton off the ticket.

Senator McGovern famously said he was behind Eagleton "100% -- no, 1,000 percent."

The next day McGovern dumped Eagleton, replacing him with Sargent Shriver (JFK's brother-in-law). In November, 1972, McGovern lost 49 states. Keep in mind the date October 5 (three days after the debate) :-)

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