Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin You Haven't Seen

Sarah with Israel flag in background. Israel occupies a special place in her beliefs and heart, as it does most Americans.

If you want to see the real story about Sarah Palin from the blogger (yours truly) who broke the story she was the choice, scroll down . . . and keep scrolling. These images are of the resolute, tough Sarah Palin who long ago got the nickname "Sarah Barracuda." She's the combination pit-bull, hockey-mom who is the Democrats' worst nightmare.

She is the FIRST real member of the American middle-class to run for such high office. She is the first mother of young children even to be in this position. She represents hundreds of millions of Americans who aren't lawyers --or independently wealthy. She's the first spouse of a union member (Todd, United Steelworkers) to run for vice-president. She's the first mother of a combat soldier.

Sarah is a human collection of "firsts."

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