Monday, September 15, 2008

10 Reasons Biden's Out

Sarah Palin in red outline addresses huge crowd at Colorado Springs Airport. On the same evening, Joe Biden dined alone . . .

In Barack Hussein Obama's Own Words . . .

1. Barack: "Joe, when Sarah Palin said you were a "Beltway Insider and a pompous windbag,' the correct response was NOT 'Hey, will you look at the legs on that gal.'"

2. Barack: "Joe, I forgave your remark about my being 'clean' but did you then have to go and sniff me?"

3. Barack: "Joe, when I said 'presidents don't look like me,' you weren't supposed to shout out, 'No, they look like ME!'"

4. Barack: "Joe, when you reported you drew a crowd of 49 adoring voters, you WEREN'T supposed to include the Secret Service detail."

5. Barack: "Joe your 'lipstick on a pig' line about Palin was NOT WELL RECEIVED."

6. Barack: "Joe in the whole vetting process you claim you 'forgot to mention" that Delaware's number of electoral votes is a grand total of THREE?"

7.Barack: "Joe, a gaffe now then is okay, but why did you introduce me as 'our country's first Arab-American President?"

8: Barack: "Joe, I don't think the best way to get on Michelle's good side is with a stream of 'Yo Mama' jokes.

9: Barack, "Joe, I admit it: when you said you got 9,000 votes in the primaries I misheard it as 9 MILLION votes."

10. Barack: "Joe, why did you tell an African-American audience that 'Even though Barack is more than 90% Caucasian and Arab, I can assure you his heart is Black?'

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