Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin, Cristi Adkins: Heroines

"Obama and the politics of hatred . . . Cristi Adkins, Sarah Palin . . . "

Right now, the Obama Campaign is desperate and will use its slime machine to try to destroy Sarah Palin and her family. It has done the same with anti-Obama media figure, Cristi Adkins, an ex Army MP, nurse, and mother of two teenagers and a three-year old.

If you'd like to hear me talking on KDKA-TV about America's newest sensation, Sarah Palin, click on the following link:

Obama and his huge hate machine will not succeed in destroying either Cristi or Sarah. But I think it's critical for social conservatives and any people of decency to know what's coming and to warn their associates. My hope is that Gov. Palin and John McCain can put an end ultimately to the Politics of Hatred, which is the approach favored by Obama, the Chicago Machine, and David Axelrod.

(More today about the death threats received by Cristi Adkins -- and fact that some Obama bots tried to spit in her face and push her friend in front of a moving bus . . . Obama's PAID bloggers vilify either Cristi or Sarah, or both, every day. But these two extremely tough women cannot be cowed.

The other day I urged several hundred bloggers to "DEFEND SARAH -- NOW." They did. It surely helped. Two months ago, it was said, "McCain has no online presence." The passionate actions of Cristi Adkins, Michael Schuyler, and others have led to a situation now where there are 500-plus bloggers posting every day in support of McCain-Palin.

Last Friday, thos blogs touched directly more than two million visitors -- 500,000-plus on one blog. An urgent point now is to bring more social conservative bloggers (we already have many, including Cristi and I) into the mix.

They can do so by e-mailing me at: They'll get a blogroll code and material about how they can increase traffic on their sites.


Anonymous said...

Christi Adkins and the Gov. Sarah Palin are but only two of the women that are being attacked right now.

Look at the other coalition leaders: Darraugh Murphy, Diane and even Will Bower. They too are under more duress by those dangerous Obama cult followers.

Yes, Obama and his crowd are dangerous. They have killed pets, shown up at Diane's door, given personal information about the Just Say No Deal coalition such as home addresses and phone numbers.

These are intimidation tactics that the dangerous Obama supporters will execute and a perfect of example of what an Obama dictatorship would look like.

While I do not agree with all of Adkins assertations of Obama, or of Diane's sex appeal, or even of Murphy's expense account, THEY are working for a better country and defending all of the PUMA's.

We need to gather together and rally behind these leaders, keep them protected and prevent the dangerous Obama supporters from causing any further damage to our PUMA's.

Anonymous said...

Daniella here:)

First we must ALL support Governor Palin. Second, this is happening to ALL Women who openly oppose Obama including Gentlemen PUMAs but especially ALL Lady PUMAs who oppose Obama and support Governor Palin. As you can see in the following post, we don't whine about this, we join together, now thankfully with our GOP Brothers and Sisters, and FIGHT ON:

Sarah The Feminist

via Pagan Power

Ann Althouse came passionately to Sarah Palin’s defense in a Blogging Heads face off with Jane Hamsher. She first speaks directly to whether Hillary supporters will now support Sarah.

Sarah and Hillary

Well I mean, one of my sons was a huge Hillary supporter. And you know, he caucused for her in Texas and so on. And he has switched and said that he would vote for John McCain. And he’s very excited about Sarah Palin. Even though he doesn’t have the same social conservative values that she seems to represent.

Sound familiar? And they thought we were a fringe movement. Oh, and just in case you thought Althouse was a Republican operative, she voted for Obama in the primary. See what I mean? PUMAs suddenly everywhere.

Hamsher and the rest of the cynical left are trying to cast Sarah Palin in an ominous light. Painting her as a threat to women’s freedom.

Althouse sees the potential for a complete revolution.

please continue reading:

Phuc Ngyen said...

Thanks for the link...
When we see the media following Obama's orders and attacking Palin in this manner, I ask myself what in the heck this world would look like in an Obama presidency.

Not a misprint.
What will the world look like under an Obama presidency.

Let Cristi know we are so proud of her for speaking for us. When I saw her on Mathews, I was like "You go girl"

She stood up to that bias shit and didn't back down. She's doing it and she spoke for me right then...

Hope those bama bots don't do anything more to these girls...