Monday, May 24, 2010

Ideological Purists: Destructive Political Forces

There was a great exchange on Facebook today between three political activists: Angela Young Lash, Charley Dez Eilar, and me. If you're on Facebook, sign us up as friends. We are trying to explain how you actually win elections -- not just vent and blow smoke.

Angela Young Lash said: "People who practice scorched earth politics, who intentionally split the vote, and who refuse to get behind great candidates because they're pushing their own personal agenda will do nothing but ensure liberal victories in the fall. Patriots, we must work SMART and stop the insanity being pushed by some of the "patriot..." groups who are splitting the vote." [Note: Angela worked in the Tim Burns special election campaign in PA CD 12 and is working to get Tim elected in November.

Stephen R. Maloney said: " Ideological purists make terrible political allies. They bolt whenever a candidate disagrees with them on anything. Usually, such purists are egomaniacs on their way to being solipsists. They mistake rigidity for 'principles.' Stephen is working on Christine O'Donnell for US Senate campaign:

Charley Dez Eylar said: I totally agree with her. We are NEVER going to find a candidate that we all agree with on every point. We are working on a multi-tiered, long term strategy here. we will not take the house or senate with pure bred hard right types. To win either or both we need independents. Independents are not going to vote for the hard core right types. What's wrong with voting to repeal KEY elements of the Obama agenda...that's the ones we are worried about...the ones that will destroy our country. Quinn...the dems love us spitting the vote....they are counting on it, lets get at least a foot in the door...then we can work on the rest of the body...What did Obama do to get elected? He moved to the CENTER to get the independent and republican vote...we could learn from that...doesn't mean we aren't still on the right but we need to be in office first . . . "

If you're not on Facebook, well get over there and sign up. We're having fun, even in the Dark Age of Obama.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conservatives: Wake Up, Listen Up!

The Tim Burns loss in PA, a bad loss, shows we're NOT going to win just by showing up. I wish my fellow conservatives were not ideological purists to the point that NO candidate is acceptable. I wish my fellow conservatives would donate more money, a lot more, to truly conservative candidates (like Christine O'Donnell at I wish my fellow conservatives would spend less time expressing their "opinions" and more time writing checks, going door-to-door and making phone calls.

On Facebook these days, some "libertarians" and "conservatives" (who may be neither) are busily denouncing Scott Brown and Sarah Palin. The absurd basis for the denunciations is that "half-a-loaf is worse than no loaf at all." In other words, candidates who don't agree with us 100% of the time are beneath contempt. The nonsensical point is that Scott Brown is no better than his predecessor Teddy Kennedy, which is ridiculous. Brown is a major step forward for Massachusetts and the country.

I hear some people saying, "We need to throw all incumbents out, Republicans and Democrats." Gee, who are we supposed to vote for, since the only people seriously contending are Republicans . . . and Democrats? Some incumbents, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachman, Tom Coburn, Mike Pence, and others, are patriots and excellent legislators. Are we really supposed to vote them out? If so, why?

Yes, Scott Brown certainly is not perfect, and the same is true of Sarah Palin. But they are much better than the alternatives. Conservatives who don't recognize those simple realities are very suspect. They will be little or no help in the elections.

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Friday, May 21, 2010


Evan in Delaware recently blogged at about the pack of lies liberal Rep. Mike Castle had on his web site. Right after the blog posts appeared, Castle immediately changed his web site. The whoppers he had up went down what George Orwell (of 1984 fame) called "the memory hole." I had also reprinted Evan's piece on my own blog (see below). Here are the comments Evan sent to his fellow Delaware bloggers:

"Make sure you screenshot Everything from here on out. I wrote the following blog ( on Wednesday of this week and after that blog and my guest post on hit the air, the Castle website changed. Every quote there was absolutely on his website two days ago. They are doing as Obama did and rewriting their history."

Bloggers working together can change the world and help ensure that the truth about liberals like Mike Castle gets out. The MSM is in the tank; bloggers aren't.

Let's turn the feisty Delaware blogs into household names:

David Levi Anderson's DE blog:
Frank Knotts's DE blog:
Jason C. O'Neill's DE blog:
Scott's DE blog:
Diane Hernandez's, Evan's, Jason's site: (DE)
Bill Miller's blog: (NJ)
Bill Miller blog (2):

Of course, Mike Castle has been conducting a campaign of falsehoods and innuendos against his conservative Republican opponent, Christine O'Donnell, in the US Senate race. In that effort to mislead voters, Castle has been assisted by his minions in the GOP Establishment and the local version of the MSM. Right now, the best way for Delawareans to get accurate information is through the blogs.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liberal Mike Castle: Congressional Slimeball

Congressman Mike Castle, a frail desperate career politician is waging a smear campaign -- one full of lies and innuendos -- against Christine O'Donnell, a fine young woman who has the temerity to challenge Castle for the Delaware US Senate seat. Castle is now running around Delaware pretending to be a fiscally responsible "conservative." This is a little like Madonna claiming to be a virgin. Castle is disgusting. He is an even uglier version of Arlen Specter.

The following piece about fiscal conservatism appeared in a fine Delaware blog: It tells the truth about Mike Castle, which is something he never wants voters to hear.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
Mike Castle - Fiscal Responsibility Fact Check

On his website Mike Castle claims to be Fiscally Responsible. I decided to do some Fact checking. I thought, maybe I'm WRONG about Congressman Castle. Maybe he IS a budget hawk. This is what I found:

FACT - Castle voted for TARP (the $700 Billion bailout of the financial industry) in 2008

FACT - In 2008 the American Conservative Union and Club for Growth (Fiscal conservatism) rated Mike Castle at 28% and 26% respectively.

FACT - Castle voted FOR the Auto-bailout that resulted in GM being owned by the unions and taxpayers

FACT - American for Fair Taxation rated Mike Castle as a -1 against the FairTax measure

FACT - Castle Voted FOR permanently raising taxes on businesses

FACT - In 2008 the National Tax Payers Union gave Congressman Castle a D rating

FACT - AGAINST making the Bush tax cuts permanent, capping discretionary spending
at $973 billion and imposing a moratorium on earmarks

FACT - Congressman Castle supported the interests of the National Small Business Association 60 percent of the time from 2007-2008

FACT - Castle voted FOR the Obama Omnibus spending bill that increased spending 8% on TOP of the Stimulus packages

Castle's website states:

Economic Stimulus - Mike Castle has supported the federal initiative to return millions of taxpayer dollars back to individuals and families, spur business investment, and expand refinance options for homeowners.

The $787 Billion stimulus package (which is projected to cost $3.27 Trillion) has resulted in $514, 012, 482.38 in Delaware dollars or put another way 6 one hundredths of one percent of the total stimulus package (assuming $787 Billion is correct).

The Stimulus package has resulted in 1,174 jobs gained; however, by December of 2009 Delaware had lost 11,400 jobs which resulted in a net loss of 10,226 jobs. Home foreclosure filings are still averaging 13 per day.

The website also states:

Financial Services Committee: Mike Castle serves on the House Committee on
Financial Services, which has jurisdiction over banking and the securities and
insurance industries. In this capacity, he has worked to ensure the viability of
low income housing programs and has introduced legislation to shield consumers
from identity theft.

This committee failed to stop Fannie and Freddie from bringing down the entire national housing system, failed to properly regulate and evaluate the banking industry and is largely responsible for the financial services bailouts (which Castle voted for).

Finally, Castle's website states:

Budget Reform: One of the reasons Mike Castle first ran for the United States
Congress was to bring to the federal government the same principles of fiscal
responsibility that he practiced as Governor of Delaware. Castle has fought for
solid budget reforms in Washington, including a presidential line item veto,
rainy day accounts, pay as you go for both tax cuts and spending, and a
no-excuses balanced budget process.

Despite this statement, Mike Castle has voted against PAYGO (pay-as-you-go) amendments. The most recent of which was on February 14th 2010. He has a 2008 rating of 26% from the Club for Growth and has voted AGAINST making the Bush tax cuts permanent, capping discretionary spending and imposing a moratorium on earmarks 3 times since 2005.

He's also voted FOR Cap and Trade, the auto bailouts, cash for clunkers, the 2008 stimulus package, the Omnibus spending bill (increased federal spending 8% ABOVE stimulus package) and believes that Social Security works relatively well despite the fact that it owes more than $14 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities and is the second largest budget item in federal spending (2nd only to Medicare/Medicaid which he has also praised).

Congressman Castle is CLEARLY not fiscally responsible with the people's money. He has time and again voted in ways that go against what is "fiscally responsible". His votes tend to contradict his campaign promises in the area of fiscal responsibility.

Mike Castle, TARP, Bank Bailout, Christine O'Donnell, Unfunded Liabilities, Fiscal Responsibility

Monday, May 17, 2010

Burns, Specter Looking Like Losers

I hope to goodness I'm wrong, but in tomorrow's special election, Tim Burns in the PA 12th CD is looking like a loser. Of less interest to me -- but a source of pleasure -- Arlen Specter is an almost certain loser.

If (key word), I'm right about Burns, this is a race he could have -- should have -- won. As for Specter, former Democrat turned Republican turned Democrat, he's been an embarrassment for a long time, and he will have gotten his defeat the old-fashioned way -- i.e., he earned it. At age 79, Arlen has the charisma of a salamander, coupled with a Godzilla-sized ego.

Whoever ran the Burns campaign should seek another field of "expertise." Poorly run Republican campaigns (remember Jim Tedisco in a New York special election?) are becoming almost a fact of life. The Democrats ceaselessly attack -- and the Republicans respond with hurt feelings and lame commercials. A candidate who becomes a punching bag for Democrats is not a happy sight.

Tim Burns should have won in a walk. He was ahead in the polls (but not by much) several weeks ago. I hear that the polls (I hate the things) have gone South for Burns -- and no wonder. This is supposed to be a Republican year, right?

Burns's opponent is a guy, Mark Critz, I'd never heard of until recently. As Jim Geraghty pointed out in a National Review article, Critz was John Murtha's bagman. He was the guy who worked out the earmarks deals, figuring out who would get the tax-dollar handouts -- and how much Murtha would get in campaign "donations." In short, Critz is a petty crook. (Here's the link to Geraghty's article:

In speeches and in (endless, expensive) ads Burns started out with happy talk -- "hey, I'm a hockey dad -- get it?" Meanwhile, Critz, led by the Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee (DCCC), was hitting Burns both in the jaw and the solar plexus. He branded Burns as a millionaire (not a good thing in PA, or most places), a job outsourceer, and "not one of US." In western PA, if you're not one of us, you're not going to win elections. John Murtha, even when he was calling us "rednecks" and "racists," remained -- somehow -- "one of us."

Thus, Burns, born in Johnstown and pretty much a lifetime resident of the district, came across as the (dreaded) . . . outsider. Critz, a Washington insider, is about as much a part of the district as Mt. Rushmore, but he -- in commercials -- became "the hometown boy." Critz talked with emotion about how he, through Murtha's earmarks, had "created thousands of jobs." He forgot to mention that the 12th is a place of chronic unemployment, rapid population loss, and low per-capita income. Tim Burns forgot to mention that either.

It's a mess. Tim Burns is a good guy. But he's rich (less rich now, after having spent one of his millions on this campaign), and rich people sometimes have a false sense of invulnerability. For all the money he and the national Republican entities spent, this was a campaign that almost always gave off the scent of a loser. Tim listened to the experts, and they gave him a steady stream of bad advice.

I'm in western Pennsylvania, and I got to see the train wreck happen. I'm not saying everything Burns did was wrong, but he always seemed at least a step behind the opposition. In politics, being a step behind means the other guy wins the race. A campaign needs A PLAN TO WIN. If Tim's did, it was undetectible by ordinary mortals.

Admittedly, Critz is a good liar. He proclaimed that he was "pro-life" and "would have voted against the health care bill" (that Murtha voted for). He was "against the Medicare cuts" in the health bill. These comments were all incredible, but he said them with a straight face. Pelosi, whom Critz will worship as he once did "Mr. Murtha," will tell Critz what to do, and he'll salute and stand at attention.

Let me say it: if I'd managed this campaign, maybe we still would have lost, but we would never have allowed ourselves to be beaten senseless day-after-day, week-after-week. We would have turned Mark Critz into a four-letter word that also begins with "cr" and ends with "p." Everybody in the district would have gotten a free copy of the Geraghty article.

As for Arlen Specter, I have only four words: goodbye and good riddance. Sestak will be the favorite in the race against Republican Pat Toomey. "Republican year?" Hmmm.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Delaware Area Blogs Worth Following

Christine O'Donnell, conservative candidate for US Senate from Delaware

The battle for an open Senate seat in Delaware this year will be a barn-burner. The Republican Primary pits career politician -- and liberal -- Mike Castle against conservative Christine O'Donnell. In a small state, bloggers play a critical role in getting out information. I've written several pieces on Christine and her race, and you can find them by scrolling down.

David Levi Anderson’s DE blog: [non-partisan]
Frank Knotts’s DE blog:
Jason C. O’Neill’s DE blog:
Scott’s DE blog:
Diane Hernandez’s site: (DE)
Bill Miller’s blog: (NJ)
Bill Miller blog (2):

Bill Miller is in NJ but is also very worth reading.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

America's Agony: "Burn, Baby, Burn"

Super-blogger Nancy Hayhurst ("ChicagoBluesGirl") asked me to comment on a superb American Thinker article that says America is in much worse trouble that even ardent Tea Partiers believe. Here's the link to the article, followed by my response.

"American Thinker: Let It Burn"

Here are two excerpts from this profoundly important article:

"Passage of the health care bill has sparked a revival of small-government thinking, causing many to predict significant Republican gains in Congress this fall. But despite some short-term success, this small-government revival is doomed to fail. The depressing truth is that the only way to regain the full measure of those freedoms proclaimed in our Founding Documents is for our current federal government to completely collapse under the weight of its own excesses."

"'They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety.' This quote by Ben Franklin is often used by civil libertarians in opposition to government security programs such as the Patriot Act. But this sentiment is equally applicable to those who would give up economic liberty to obtain economic safety. The economic attitude of the nation has shifted. We are no longer a nation of self-sufficient, rugged individualists; we are now a nation of addicts, hooked on a politician's promises of economic safety."

In general, I agree with the article's thesis on our addiction to Big Government. I say that with sadness, Nancy.

One solution to our spending problems would be to put a cap on Social Security, perhaps for at least five years. I am on Soc. Sec. and so is my wife. It would hurt us, but not kill us. Any politician who recommended such a thing would probably be defeated.

On Medicare, my wife has been disabled since 1991 and has been on Medicare since 1994. In all but two of those years, she has "paid" more into Medicare than she's taken out. She's taken great care to make sure she's not raiding Medicare. But she's the exception. There are zero incentives to encourage people to take good care of themselves (as my wife does). She does so because she's responsible and, to the degree possible, self-reliant.

I've been on Medicare for several years now, and I have NEVER spent more in a year than I've paid in premiums. We need a national commitment from people not to overuse Medicare. But that won't happen if most Americans remain clueless about the economic dynamics of the nation.

I believe we MIGHT be approaching a revolutionary situation. So many people want, want, and want, but the "government" (taxpayers) are running out of money to pay, pay, pay for those wants. A demagogue like Obama is making promises it will be financially impossible for the nation to meet.

Nancy, one reason I support Christine O'Donnell so strongly -- and hope you will also -- is that she tells the truth, as I'm trying to do in this piece. Maybe there's little room nowadays for truth-tellers, but I'm more optimistic than I was in 2006 and 2008 that there MAY be a market for truth-tellers.

Christine's point is that the government has been "stealing" (and using) the payments Americans have made into Social Security. And she's absolutely right. The feds have been stealing the money and using the money to make people more dependent. It's shameful. Obscene.

Will people, activists of modest means, contribute enough to ensure that Christine O'Donnell wins? I sure hope so. "Attagirls" for Christine will not be enough. If we don't provide financial support to people like Christine, we're just kidding ourselves.

Somebody told me this week that he can't contribute to Christine because he's "saving every cent for [his] family." He's living in fantasyland. All the money he's saving will be taken (literally or through inflation) by Obama and friends. It will be "redistributed" to those who didn't save a nickel.

The TeaParty and 912 movements are a sign of hope. But even they may not have grasped (Glenn Beck does) how dire our situation is. This may be the first time in history that we've experienced both deflation and inflation. It's like somehow getting fat and thin at the same time.

P.S. I hope you'll pass this e-mail on to as many friends as possible. Also, put it up on your blog(s). Let the life-and-death debate begin! Love to hear your thoughts . . .

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Delawareans Must Reject Mike Castle

Christine O’Donnell gives the voters of Delaware a choice, which is always a good thing (essential) in a constitutional republic (representative democracy). In my own humble opinion, no Republican can vote in good conscience for Mike Castle.

He voted for all the measures that have led this country to the brink of ruin. Did he ever warn us during his decades in office about the looming financial crisis? Of course not. He was busy accumulating millions in contributions from companies that later benefited from the bank bailout; he has voted for cap-and-trade, which would of course turn companies like DuPont into something resembling convenience stores. He voted for Obama's bloated "Omnibus" Spending Bill . . . and then grumbled something spending beyond our means. "Hypocisy and mendacity," as Big Daddy said in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof."

Also, Castle has voted for every possible form of abortion, except perhaps the kind involving coat-hangers. Christine is against such things; she doesn’t believe they’re compatible with America’s core values. She’s right.

Will Mike debate her? Will the cow jump over the moon? We’ve had enough career politicians, enough creatures of the establishment, enough liberals like Castle masquerading as Republicans.

People who care deepy about our country will vote for Christine O’Donnell. The American people are waking up, and there’s no reason to believe Delawareans will be the only ones who remain sleeping.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and Scott Brown

In late December, 2009, I got the following e-mail from a person in the Scott Brown Campaign -- Scott Brown then being a relative unknown from the Dark Blue state of Massachusetts:

"I am the policy advisor on the Scott Brown campaign. I have been getting your emails since Sarah was announced as the VP. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Also how many people do generally send this email out to? We have seen an enormous surge of interest in our website."

I was delighted to receive that message from "RK," but she was giving me more credit than I deserved. The people who won the election for Scott Brown were you, the bloggers, online communicators, and activists who made people aware that Scott Brown (1) existed; (2) could win.

Christine O'Donnell, conservative Republican candidate for the US Senate in Delaware, is in the much the same position as Scott Brown was last December, an intriguing candidate facing what "seems" (key word) to be an uphill battle in Delaware.

Fact: Running an "impossible dream" campaign against Joe Biden (who was on the ballot for Senate and VP), Christine got 140,509 votes in tiny Delaware. That was 35,000 votes more than ANY Republican had received against Biden in his six previous victories.

Now, running against the most liberal Republican in Congress -- against the next-Arlen-Specter-in-waiting -- Christine needs only a TINY fraction of the votes she got in 2008 . . . to win. For very complex reasons, the Democrats are nominating an incredibly weak candidate.

Right now, there are four people working full-time on the campaign (including Christine and including me) and many more working every spare hour. We can not only smell victory, we can taste it. We have MANY people who played key parts in ensuring victory for Scott Brown.

What can you do for Christine, an intensely conservative, extremely likable, deeply principled woman? If you do the same kinds of things you did for Scott Brown -- get the conservative universe to commit to her campaign -- she will win. We will have accomplshed a "Delawre Miracle" on top of a "Massachusetts Miracle."

In the Book of Common Prayer, there's a line (and this is from memory) about a "love that demands not less than everything" -- speaking about Christ's love for humanity. We are under no illusions. Winning what Democrats wistfully call "the Biden seat" will demand that many people, especially Christine, give not less than everything. We're prepared to make that effort; we are making it. We believe that much in Christine and the kind of leadership she can bring to our country.

Will bloggers and others embrace Christine, write about her, and support her with their time and money? Those are always the questions in an insurgency candidacies; I've been involved in many, but this one -- and this candidate -- are special. Christine will get some big endorsements from men and women who are household names, but the endorsements -- and actions -- of people like you are the crucial ones.

You're the ones who will contact friends and allies; you're the ones who will make the phone calls; you're the ones who will knock on the doors in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown and other Delaware locales. One women receiving this e-mail -- Sharin -- has pledged to come from California to campaign for Christine. She's also contributed, as I hope many of you will to Christine.

You're the ones who will make the early contributions that are absolutely essential to any winning campaign. There are people receiving this letter (and one writing it) who are basically out of money; they spent it all on conservative candidates; and on going to places like Massachusetts (for Scott Brown) and to western Pennsylvania (for Tim Burns) and Hawaii (for Charles Djou). Yes, people receiving this e-mail actually went to Hawaii and helped energize Tea Party and 9/12 groups to ensure Djou's victory in a key congressional race.

Christine's Republican opponent in Delaware has received contributions from 390 PACs. In my humble personal assessment, the PACs aren't throwing money at liberal Mike Castle for "good government." As for Christine, she is not the darling of Goldman Sachs or the $400,000 per annum lobbyists.

But I hope she's the darling of people dedicated, as she is, to taking back America. That's why I'm asking you to do two things:

One, go to her web site -- -- and sign up; you'll get twice weekly e-mail updates.

Two, invest in America's future by making a contribution to Christine's campaign. I assure you that your $10, or $20, or -- if you're flush this week -- your $100. I assure you the money will be spent wisely and well.

In the final analysis, we take America back -- or we hand it over to the socialists and big-government elitists who now control things in Washington, DC. I know Christine O'Donnell well, and I know that she will not let you down.

God bless you all.

steve maloney

P.S. I'm putting this on my blog, and if you have one, I hope you'll do the same. The more people that see this, the closer Christine will be to victory.

Scott Brown, Christine O'Donnell, Mike Castle, Delaware, Massachusetts, Washington Elitists, Goldman Sachs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike Castle: Next Arlen Specter

In my opinion, the most likely Republican to be the next Arlen Specter -- who once pretended to be a Republican -- is Delaware's Rep. Mike Castle. Like Specter, Castle is one of Barack Husein Obama's most reliable votes in Congress. In one statement, Specter says he became a Democrat "to be re-elected!" If anything is more important to Castle than being re-elected, he's neglected to tell us what it is. (Below: Why the long faces Mike and Arlen?)

Is it really really possible that Castle would "pull an Arlen Specter?" Only if it was necessary, to paraphrase the morose Specter, for the Delawarean "to be re-elected."
Like Specter, Castle has always liked Democrat presidents -- and Democrat legislators -- more than the Republican variety. Consider the following quotes from Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Presidents regarding Castle's record:
"He was one of 10 Republicans to support the Clinton Administration positions on most issues, forging compromises [i.e., weakening conservatives] on gun control [which he favors], taxes, and education."
"In early 2007, after the GOP had lost its majority, he was one of three Republicans who voted for all six bills in the Democrats' 'first-100-hours' agenda."
"In 2005, when the conservative Republican leadership pressed for a budget with spending cuts, Castle and the Main Street Group [liberal Republicans] resisted, demanding the removal of a provision allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."
And on and on and on . . .
Like Specter, Castle fell all over himself to vote for the bank bailout and for "cap-and-tax." Both men are big backers of almost every conceivable form of abortion and federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.
Is Castle likely to be the next Arlen Specter? In fact, he already is. He's done everything to prove he's a Democrat other than change his registration.
Should any Republican in his right mind vote for Mike Castle over conservative Christian Christine O'Donnell? I'll let you answer that.
Mike Castle, Christine O'Donnell, Arlen Specter, Delaware, US Senate, Michael Barone, Arlen Specter,, abortion

Monday, May 10, 2010

Christine O'Donnell: Christian, Conservative, Constitutionalist

Christine O'Donnell, candidate for US Senate in Delaware, is running against "the machine." What is the machine? It consists of career politicians, lobbyists and "big donors," and members of the political establishment. Christine's campaign will be a model for all insurgents. It will rely on massive volunteer support from all 50 states. And it will require patriots to dig deeply to provide the essential money needed to get her message across. Please sign up at Christine's web site: And please distribute these graphics to everyone you know. If we do these things, Christine will win . . . and help crush the political machine.

The sign at the pro-illegals rally says it all: "Give us Free . . . Health Care . . . Jobs -- No Taxes . . . House . . . Food . . YOU OWE US AMERICA! We will shoot . . . more police in . . . Arizona until . . . WE GET FREE!

Christine O'Donnell, GOP Establishment, Delaware, US Senate Delaware, Illegal Immigrants

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smear Attacks on Christine O'Donnell

"Where there's smoke there must be fire." (An old, questionable statement)

"Where there's smoke, there's sometimes a smoke machine." (A truer statement)

I absolutely hate it when my friend, Christine O'Donnell, gets smeared -- as she does. The Christine I know is a smart, funny, eminently likable human being. She's deeply religious but not at all "preachy." To her, "love thy neighbor," is an admonition she must do everything in her power to follow. That can be tough in a world -- the world of politics -- where so many people are frankly unlovable.

Christine is a candidate for the US Senate, and as I've suggested previously, she needs -- and deserves -- your backing, including your financial support. So, before you keep reading, please go to her web site and contribute as generously as you can:

Okay, don't you feel better?

Christine is running for a US Senate in a state where women just don't do such a thing. She's running in a state where monied, male interests have always held power . . . people like Caleb Boggs (former US Senator), William Roth (former US Senator) Joe Biden, Pete duPont, Thomas Carper (US Senator and former Governor), and Rep. Mike Castle, who's been in political office nearly as long as Senator Robert Byrd. Sen. Byrd isn't from Delaware, but with his longevity in office he'd feel right at home in "the First State," as Delaware (rightly) calls itself.
In Delaware, it sometime seems as if you have to be a Governor before you can be a US Senator and before you can be a US Representative. It seems that way, because it's almost always true. People go to the polls to vote in Delaware, but actually the choices have all been made for them. Voting is a sham . . . and that's a shame.

The smears sometimes launched at Christine have this theme: "How can you run for high office? You're a girl . . . and you're neither rich nor from a famous family. You struggled to pay your student loans." It's almost as if some of her political opponents -- and their media minions -- wonder why Christine has strayed out of the kitchen. She can in fact "stand the heat," but she won't stay in that comfortable kitchen, much as she loves to cook. Hey, she's half-Italian (like my own wife).

Christine will be a wonderful US Senator. The Senate could use a real American, someone who does in fact "feel our pain," because she's experienced it herself. She needs your support. Please give it to her. (For more about Christine O'Donnell, please scroll down on this blog.)

Christine O'Donnell, Mike Castle, Joe Biden, Delaware, US Senate, Monied Classes

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Contribute Now to Christine O'Donnell

As soldier Jim Rodgers makes clear below, it's time for American conservatives -- people who love this country -- to fish or cut bait. Please donate what you can at:

Hi friends and fellow conservatives. I would like to encourage everyone to make a monetary contribution to help Christine O'Donnell succeed in beating a RINO in the Delaware primary election. She is a candidate for Joe Biden's US Senate seat. I realize you don't live in Delaware, however her election to the Senate is critical in order for us to take our country back. Christine is a Constitutional Conservative. Delaware's primary is September 14th, only weeks before the general election. She is in a tight race against a liberal RINO and she needs our support. Please send as large or small of a donation that you can afford. I am confident she can win the general election if she can beat the RINO Mike Castle that she is up against. I can't over emphasize the importance of her winning Joe Biden's Senate seat. This would send a signal to Washington every bit as big as the signal sent by Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts. Below is her site where you can make a contribution and help in other ways if you desire. Thank you for your support. Jim Rodgers

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Bloggers: Christine O'Donnell's Victory Keys

Dear Friends: Thanks so much for your participation in last night's amazing conference call "starring" Christine O'Donnell, candidate for the US Senate seat from Delaware. We'd like to have another conference call next week to continue discussing concrete steps -- actions -- that will enable us to take back America. Christine's race is now "below the radar," especially for the Lamestream Media -- always the last to know what's happening in our country.

Bloggers (and other online communicators) are going to play a critical role in this race, just as they did with Scott Brown -- and are doing with Marco Rubio in FL and with Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle in NV and Pat Toomey in PA. Bloggers have let the world know such candidates exist and CAN WIN. The "Massachusetts Miracle" was the product of Internet "buzz" that ended up sounding like a billion busy bees. So, buzz away.

Early in the game -- and the Delaware Primary is four-plus months away -- money is crucial. Don't get me wrong: to win, the O'Donnell Campaign only needs to spend perhaps one-tenth as much as Mike Castle. That's because, with a fired-up campaign (and volunteer staff), hard work can trump hard cash. The battle now is for Christine to get just enough money . . . to win. Even small contributions help a lot.

Bloggers can assist by reminding people to go to Christine's web site, sign up for updates, and contribute what they can. If we, all of us, ask people to help Christine win this race, many of them will. We -- again, all of us -- are trying to reach a cascade effect, as with the Scott Brown campaign, where -- all of a sudden -- tens of thousands of activists are deeply engaged in "Team Christine."

To that end, bloggers can make the world aware who Christine is . . . and who her Primary opponent is. To see an example of what I mean, go to Frank Knotts's web site: and see what he's been doing with exposing Mike Castle's conflicts of interest in campaign financing. Again, the Lamestream media won't touch this issue, but a blogger like Frank, with his fact-based columns, is performing a public service.

If you don't blog now, please consider doing it soon. If you do short, hard-hitting blog pieces two-or-three times a week, it will consume just a portion of your time. Consider using links to other blogs, such as the five below in Delaware. is a great place to start blogging. When you do, you'll find yourself -- "live and in black-and-white" -- appearing on Google. If you start blogging, please let me know so I can include you on the list.

Again, we'll plan to have another conference call next week. The emphasis will be on what we can do -- actions we can take -- to win. God bless all of you.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Congressman Latta: Obama Destroying Country

Republican dinner last night

Just thought I would share with you a little bit of what we heard at last night's Republican dinner here in Crawford County Ohio. John Kasich (running for Gov. of Ohio ) was the keynote speaker. Also present were many politicians, most notably, Bob Latta, our U.S. Congressman.

Mike and I walked up to Bob and thanked him for his conservative voting record and voiced our concern about what is going on in Washington. He made some funny botox remarks about Pelosi and then agreed with us that we have every reason to be concerned. As there were others waiting to talk to him, our time was brief. Although what took place later that evening should make chills run up and down everyone's spine to hear.

He had asked to speak a few words at the end of the night and went up on stage. He proceeded to tell the crowd how bad things really are in Washington . He said he only had a few minutes to speak, but if he could tell us even half of what the agenda is and what this administration plans to do to our country we couldn't sleep at night. He said he only gets about 4- 4 1/2 hours of sleep a night and worries constantly about what they want to do to this country. He said that Pelosi, Reid and Obama have to be stopped.

He said, "You know, you always hear this is the most important election blah blah blah, but I am telling you people...whatever you have to do to wake people up you need to do! We have got to vote them out in 2010 or with the things they have planned for this country we won't even be a country by 2020! Ten years. You could see the look of almost desperation on his face.

He talked about the huge debt. He talked about how the CBO gets their "figures". He sits on the finance committee of some sort and listens to the ramblings of Geitner and Bernanke.

He said "If you think that the Chinese won't hold this over us with all our debt you have another think coming. Our children will have nothing. I don't care if you have to go out door to door, tell at least 10 people who will then tell 10 people. We have to do this. This is the single most important election ever in the history of this country. The change that Obama promised us is NOT the change people thought he meant." Chilling.

God bless all of you who

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