Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mike Castle: Next Arlen Specter

In my opinion, the most likely Republican to be the next Arlen Specter -- who once pretended to be a Republican -- is Delaware's Rep. Mike Castle. Like Specter, Castle is one of Barack Husein Obama's most reliable votes in Congress. In one statement, Specter says he became a Democrat "to be re-elected!" If anything is more important to Castle than being re-elected, he's neglected to tell us what it is. (Below: Why the long faces Mike and Arlen?)

Is it really really possible that Castle would "pull an Arlen Specter?" Only if it was necessary, to paraphrase the morose Specter, for the Delawarean "to be re-elected."
Like Specter, Castle has always liked Democrat presidents -- and Democrat legislators -- more than the Republican variety. Consider the following quotes from Michael Barone's The Almanac of American Presidents regarding Castle's record:
"He was one of 10 Republicans to support the Clinton Administration positions on most issues, forging compromises [i.e., weakening conservatives] on gun control [which he favors], taxes, and education."
"In early 2007, after the GOP had lost its majority, he was one of three Republicans who voted for all six bills in the Democrats' 'first-100-hours' agenda."
"In 2005, when the conservative Republican leadership pressed for a budget with spending cuts, Castle and the Main Street Group [liberal Republicans] resisted, demanding the removal of a provision allowing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge."
And on and on and on . . .
Like Specter, Castle fell all over himself to vote for the bank bailout and for "cap-and-tax." Both men are big backers of almost every conceivable form of abortion and federal funding of embryonic stem cell research.
Is Castle likely to be the next Arlen Specter? In fact, he already is. He's done everything to prove he's a Democrat other than change his registration.
Should any Republican in his right mind vote for Mike Castle over conservative Christian Christine O'Donnell? I'll let you answer that.
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aeg columbia student said...

Hi. I think that U.S. Senator Arlen Specter is a better choice for Pennsylvania in 2010 than Joe Sestak!