Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bloggers: Christine O'Donnell's Victory Keys

Dear Friends: Thanks so much for your participation in last night's amazing conference call "starring" Christine O'Donnell, candidate for the US Senate seat from Delaware. We'd like to have another conference call next week to continue discussing concrete steps -- actions -- that will enable us to take back America. Christine's race is now "below the radar," especially for the Lamestream Media -- always the last to know what's happening in our country.

Bloggers (and other online communicators) are going to play a critical role in this race, just as they did with Scott Brown -- and are doing with Marco Rubio in FL and with Sue Lowden and Sharron Angle in NV and Pat Toomey in PA. Bloggers have let the world know such candidates exist and CAN WIN. The "Massachusetts Miracle" was the product of Internet "buzz" that ended up sounding like a billion busy bees. So, buzz away.

Early in the game -- and the Delaware Primary is four-plus months away -- money is crucial. Don't get me wrong: to win, the O'Donnell Campaign only needs to spend perhaps one-tenth as much as Mike Castle. That's because, with a fired-up campaign (and volunteer staff), hard work can trump hard cash. The battle now is for Christine to get just enough money . . . to win. Even small contributions help a lot.

Bloggers can assist by reminding people to go to Christine's web site, sign up for updates, and contribute what they can. If we, all of us, ask people to help Christine win this race, many of them will. We -- again, all of us -- are trying to reach a cascade effect, as with the Scott Brown campaign, where -- all of a sudden -- tens of thousands of activists are deeply engaged in "Team Christine."

To that end, bloggers can make the world aware who Christine is . . . and who her Primary opponent is. To see an example of what I mean, go to Frank Knotts's web site: http://politicallyfrank.wordpress.com and see what he's been doing with exposing Mike Castle's conflicts of interest in campaign financing. Again, the Lamestream media won't touch this issue, but a blogger like Frank, with his fact-based columns, is performing a public service.

If you don't blog now, please consider doing it soon. If you do short, hard-hitting blog pieces two-or-three times a week, it will consume just a portion of your time. Consider using links to other blogs, such as the five below in Delaware. Blogger.com is a great place to start blogging. When you do, you'll find yourself -- "live and in black-and-white" -- appearing on Google. If you start blogging, please let me know so I can include you on the list.

Again, we'll plan to have another conference call next week. The emphasis will be on what we can do -- actions we can take -- to win. God bless all of you.

Important Delaware blogs:

David Levi Anderson's DE blog: http://delawarepolitics.net
Frank Knotts's DE blog: http://politicallyfrank.wordpress.com
Jason C. O'Neill's DE blog: http://delawarerepublican.wordpress.com
Scott's DE blog: http://marklevinfan.com
Diane Hernandez's site: http://bluehenconservative.blogspot.com

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