Thursday, May 6, 2010

Smear Attacks on Christine O'Donnell

"Where there's smoke there must be fire." (An old, questionable statement)

"Where there's smoke, there's sometimes a smoke machine." (A truer statement)

I absolutely hate it when my friend, Christine O'Donnell, gets smeared -- as she does. The Christine I know is a smart, funny, eminently likable human being. She's deeply religious but not at all "preachy." To her, "love thy neighbor," is an admonition she must do everything in her power to follow. That can be tough in a world -- the world of politics -- where so many people are frankly unlovable.

Christine is a candidate for the US Senate, and as I've suggested previously, she needs -- and deserves -- your backing, including your financial support. So, before you keep reading, please go to her web site and contribute as generously as you can:

Okay, don't you feel better?

Christine is running for a US Senate in a state where women just don't do such a thing. She's running in a state where monied, male interests have always held power . . . people like Caleb Boggs (former US Senator), William Roth (former US Senator) Joe Biden, Pete duPont, Thomas Carper (US Senator and former Governor), and Rep. Mike Castle, who's been in political office nearly as long as Senator Robert Byrd. Sen. Byrd isn't from Delaware, but with his longevity in office he'd feel right at home in "the First State," as Delaware (rightly) calls itself.
In Delaware, it sometime seems as if you have to be a Governor before you can be a US Senator and before you can be a US Representative. It seems that way, because it's almost always true. People go to the polls to vote in Delaware, but actually the choices have all been made for them. Voting is a sham . . . and that's a shame.

The smears sometimes launched at Christine have this theme: "How can you run for high office? You're a girl . . . and you're neither rich nor from a famous family. You struggled to pay your student loans." It's almost as if some of her political opponents -- and their media minions -- wonder why Christine has strayed out of the kitchen. She can in fact "stand the heat," but she won't stay in that comfortable kitchen, much as she loves to cook. Hey, she's half-Italian (like my own wife).

Christine will be a wonderful US Senator. The Senate could use a real American, someone who does in fact "feel our pain," because she's experienced it herself. She needs your support. Please give it to her. (For more about Christine O'Donnell, please scroll down on this blog.)

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