Monday, May 24, 2010

Ideological Purists: Destructive Political Forces

There was a great exchange on Facebook today between three political activists: Angela Young Lash, Charley Dez Eilar, and me. If you're on Facebook, sign us up as friends. We are trying to explain how you actually win elections -- not just vent and blow smoke.

Angela Young Lash said: "People who practice scorched earth politics, who intentionally split the vote, and who refuse to get behind great candidates because they're pushing their own personal agenda will do nothing but ensure liberal victories in the fall. Patriots, we must work SMART and stop the insanity being pushed by some of the "patriot..." groups who are splitting the vote." [Note: Angela worked in the Tim Burns special election campaign in PA CD 12 and is working to get Tim elected in November.

Stephen R. Maloney said: " Ideological purists make terrible political allies. They bolt whenever a candidate disagrees with them on anything. Usually, such purists are egomaniacs on their way to being solipsists. They mistake rigidity for 'principles.' Stephen is working on Christine O'Donnell for US Senate campaign:

Charley Dez Eylar said: I totally agree with her. We are NEVER going to find a candidate that we all agree with on every point. We are working on a multi-tiered, long term strategy here. we will not take the house or senate with pure bred hard right types. To win either or both we need independents. Independents are not going to vote for the hard core right types. What's wrong with voting to repeal KEY elements of the Obama agenda...that's the ones we are worried about...the ones that will destroy our country. Quinn...the dems love us spitting the vote....they are counting on it, lets get at least a foot in the door...then we can work on the rest of the body...What did Obama do to get elected? He moved to the CENTER to get the independent and republican vote...we could learn from that...doesn't mean we aren't still on the right but we need to be in office first . . . "

If you're not on Facebook, well get over there and sign up. We're having fun, even in the Dark Age of Obama.

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