Thursday, May 13, 2010

Christine O'Donnell and Scott Brown

In late December, 2009, I got the following e-mail from a person in the Scott Brown Campaign -- Scott Brown then being a relative unknown from the Dark Blue state of Massachusetts:

"I am the policy advisor on the Scott Brown campaign. I have been getting your emails since Sarah was announced as the VP. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Also how many people do generally send this email out to? We have seen an enormous surge of interest in our website."

I was delighted to receive that message from "RK," but she was giving me more credit than I deserved. The people who won the election for Scott Brown were you, the bloggers, online communicators, and activists who made people aware that Scott Brown (1) existed; (2) could win.

Christine O'Donnell, conservative Republican candidate for the US Senate in Delaware, is in the much the same position as Scott Brown was last December, an intriguing candidate facing what "seems" (key word) to be an uphill battle in Delaware.

Fact: Running an "impossible dream" campaign against Joe Biden (who was on the ballot for Senate and VP), Christine got 140,509 votes in tiny Delaware. That was 35,000 votes more than ANY Republican had received against Biden in his six previous victories.

Now, running against the most liberal Republican in Congress -- against the next-Arlen-Specter-in-waiting -- Christine needs only a TINY fraction of the votes she got in 2008 . . . to win. For very complex reasons, the Democrats are nominating an incredibly weak candidate.

Right now, there are four people working full-time on the campaign (including Christine and including me) and many more working every spare hour. We can not only smell victory, we can taste it. We have MANY people who played key parts in ensuring victory for Scott Brown.

What can you do for Christine, an intensely conservative, extremely likable, deeply principled woman? If you do the same kinds of things you did for Scott Brown -- get the conservative universe to commit to her campaign -- she will win. We will have accomplshed a "Delawre Miracle" on top of a "Massachusetts Miracle."

In the Book of Common Prayer, there's a line (and this is from memory) about a "love that demands not less than everything" -- speaking about Christ's love for humanity. We are under no illusions. Winning what Democrats wistfully call "the Biden seat" will demand that many people, especially Christine, give not less than everything. We're prepared to make that effort; we are making it. We believe that much in Christine and the kind of leadership she can bring to our country.

Will bloggers and others embrace Christine, write about her, and support her with their time and money? Those are always the questions in an insurgency candidacies; I've been involved in many, but this one -- and this candidate -- are special. Christine will get some big endorsements from men and women who are household names, but the endorsements -- and actions -- of people like you are the crucial ones.

You're the ones who will contact friends and allies; you're the ones who will make the phone calls; you're the ones who will knock on the doors in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown and other Delaware locales. One women receiving this e-mail -- Sharin -- has pledged to come from California to campaign for Christine. She's also contributed, as I hope many of you will to Christine.

You're the ones who will make the early contributions that are absolutely essential to any winning campaign. There are people receiving this letter (and one writing it) who are basically out of money; they spent it all on conservative candidates; and on going to places like Massachusetts (for Scott Brown) and to western Pennsylvania (for Tim Burns) and Hawaii (for Charles Djou). Yes, people receiving this e-mail actually went to Hawaii and helped energize Tea Party and 9/12 groups to ensure Djou's victory in a key congressional race.

Christine's Republican opponent in Delaware has received contributions from 390 PACs. In my humble personal assessment, the PACs aren't throwing money at liberal Mike Castle for "good government." As for Christine, she is not the darling of Goldman Sachs or the $400,000 per annum lobbyists.

But I hope she's the darling of people dedicated, as she is, to taking back America. That's why I'm asking you to do two things:

One, go to her web site -- -- and sign up; you'll get twice weekly e-mail updates.

Two, invest in America's future by making a contribution to Christine's campaign. I assure you that your $10, or $20, or -- if you're flush this week -- your $100. I assure you the money will be spent wisely and well.

In the final analysis, we take America back -- or we hand it over to the socialists and big-government elitists who now control things in Washington, DC. I know Christine O'Donnell well, and I know that she will not let you down.

God bless you all.

steve maloney

P.S. I'm putting this on my blog, and if you have one, I hope you'll do the same. The more people that see this, the closer Christine will be to victory.

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