Friday, May 21, 2010


Evan in Delaware recently blogged at about the pack of lies liberal Rep. Mike Castle had on his web site. Right after the blog posts appeared, Castle immediately changed his web site. The whoppers he had up went down what George Orwell (of 1984 fame) called "the memory hole." I had also reprinted Evan's piece on my own blog (see below). Here are the comments Evan sent to his fellow Delaware bloggers:

"Make sure you screenshot Everything from here on out. I wrote the following blog ( on Wednesday of this week and after that blog and my guest post on hit the air, the Castle website changed. Every quote there was absolutely on his website two days ago. They are doing as Obama did and rewriting their history."

Bloggers working together can change the world and help ensure that the truth about liberals like Mike Castle gets out. The MSM is in the tank; bloggers aren't.

Let's turn the feisty Delaware blogs into household names:

David Levi Anderson's DE blog:
Frank Knotts's DE blog:
Jason C. O'Neill's DE blog:
Scott's DE blog:
Diane Hernandez's, Evan's, Jason's site: (DE)
Bill Miller's blog: (NJ)
Bill Miller blog (2):

Of course, Mike Castle has been conducting a campaign of falsehoods and innuendos against his conservative Republican opponent, Christine O'Donnell, in the US Senate race. In that effort to mislead voters, Castle has been assisted by his minions in the GOP Establishment and the local version of the MSM. Right now, the best way for Delawareans to get accurate information is through the blogs.

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