Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sarah, Bristol Palin on Tripp

December 31, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin has welcomed her first grandchild, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, born to Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston on December 27.

“We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby,” Governor Palin said. “The road ahead for this young couple will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Bristol and Levi are committed to accomplish what millions of other young parents have accomplished, to provide a loving and secure environment for their child. They are both hard workers, they’re very strong, and have faith they’ve made the right decision in setting aside their own interests to make this child their highest priority.”

Palin added, “When Bristol and Levi first told us the shocking news that she was pregnant, to be honest, we all at first looked at the situation with some fear and a bit of despair. Isn’t it just like God to turn those circumstances into such an amazing, joyful blessing when you ask Him to help you through?”

Bristol Palin said she “obviously discourages” teen pregnancy and knows that plans she previously made for herself will now forever be changed. “Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with – this isn’t ideal. But I’m fortunate to have a supportive family which is dealing with this together. Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can’t imagine life without him now.”

Bristol begins her final semester of high school next week where she’ll get her last credit needed to graduate. She looks forward to continuing her record of good grades and high achievement. Levi is continuing his online high school work in addition to working as an electrical apprentice on the North Slope.

Bill McAllister, the governor’s office communications director, adds: "The governor's office previously declined to comment to honor the family's wishes that the event remain as private as possible. However, the high volume of press inquiries, along with some erroneous information that was published, prompted the governor to make a statement.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sarah Palin: A Populist Conservative

On November 4, 2008, the conservative movement in America suffered devastating defeats. Almost invariably, the more conservative candidates lost, and the more liberal types won.

What do the American people owe those of us in the conservative camp? A one word answer: nothing.

Instead, we owe them the responsibility not to make adherence to conservatism sound like a visit to the dentist. Conservative principles (limited government, unlimited opportunities) are fine, but we must articulate them in a way that makes them appealing to most voters.

Instead, we sometimes come across as saying, "You don't have a job or health care? Tough luck!" That's not an approach that will work anymore, if it ever did.

The world has changed in my lifetime. Robert Frost's "The Death of the Hired Man" talks about family being, in essence, the place where they have to take you in when you show up in need.

Increasingly, it seems families (and communities) don't take care of each other -- or even talk to one another. Thus, people feel more vulnerable -- and are perhaps more fearful -- than they were in my childhood. "If the economy has grown so much, why am I not happier and more secure?"
As our national wealth (GDP) grew dramatically, so did the poll numbers saying people believed we were heading in the wrong direction.

McCain-adviser Phil Gramm observed that we had become "a nation of whiners." That didn't go over well, and it shouldn't have. It was conservatism at its worse.

In conservative circles, the "dirty little secret" about Sarah Palin is that she has populist tendencies. (Reagan did also.) We do have a government "of, by, and for the people," so we'd better pay attention to them.

The Alaska Constitution says the resources of the state belong not to the oil companies but to the people. How novel. How "Palinesque."

Gov. Palin's motto is "Serve the People!" It's not "Serve only the people like us." Americans, even those who don't vote for the Governor, have to know that she understands them, will listen to their concerns, and wants to serve their needs.

I've suggested Sarah's campaign slogan in 2012 should be "I'm One of You." In fact, she is, and that's why she has a good chance of becoming President.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Bristol Palin Gives Birth

Bristol Palin and finance Levi Johnston at the Republican National Convention. Photo by: huck Kennedy / MCT / Landov

Bristol Palin sitting with baby brother Trig in her lap and next to sister Piper. Congratulations to Bristol and Levi on the birth of a healthy son, Tripp Johnston.

Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, gave birth on Sunday to a healthy 7 lb., 4 oz., baby boy in Palmer, Alaska.

"We think it's wonderful," said Colleen Jones, the sister of Bristol's grandmother Sally Heath, who confirmed the news. "The baby is fine and Bristol is doing well. Everyone is excited."

The baby's name is Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, according to Jones.Baby Tripp takes his surname from his dad, Levi Johnston, an apprentice electrician and former Wasilla High School hockey player who has been dating Bristol for three years.
Bristol Palin is currently residing in Wasilla and completing her high-school diploma through correspondence courses.

Johnston is studying to become an electrician. He told the Associated Press in October that he and fiancée Bristol plan to wed in 2009 and raise the child together.

Bristol, the eldest of Sarah and Todd Palin's three daughters (the couple also have two sons), made headlines with her pregnancy last summer, shortly after Republican presidential candidate John McCain picked the Alaska governor to be his running mate on his party's ticket.

In a statement at the time, Bristol’s parents said their daughter "came to us with news that we as parents knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned." They added, Bristol "has our unconditional love and support."

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sarah Palin: "One of Us"

I'm BACK. Until January 20, 2009, I'll be cross-posting here with my other blog ( After that fateful day (Inauguration Day), I'll write on this blog about the Obama presidency and on the DraftPalin blog about . . . drafting Palin to run against -- and defeat -- Obama in 2012. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll return often.

Wonders Never Cease: In October, 2008, in Carson City, NV, the president of the LA Chapter of NOW endorses Gov. Sarah Palin

If I ran Sarah's presidential campaign -- and don't kid yourself, she wants to be President -- I would have as her slogan: "I am ONE OF YOU."

She is a wife, a mother (and mother of one soldier and one special needs child), a wife of a union member, a woman professional, an exemplar of Christian values, a staunch constitutionalist, a lifelong sportswoman and NRA member. She's an expert on energy, the environment, and integrity in government.

The MSM tended to ignore her multitude of connections with NORMAL AMERICAN PEOPLE. She is NOT an ideologue. She deeply believes in integrity, freedom, opportunity, and respect for others. That's enough.

Recently, I had a "discussion" with a staunch Hillaryite who was rhapsodizing about Mrs. Clinton's views on the middle class. I pointed out that Mrs. Clinton (Wellesley, Yale, Arkansas Governor's mansion, White House, and the $100 million fortune) is not -- and never has been -- a real member of the American middle class. Sarah has been -- and is.

I told the Hillaryite, "Sarah Palin has EVERYTHING in common with you -- and HRC has NOTHING in common with you."

In short, that's our Sarah. If she and those who support her make the same points, she can win in 2012. It will take a monumental effort by her -- and us. Obama and his "people" will stop at nothing in their efforts to retain power. They will make Rod Blagojevich look like Mother Theresa. We have to do what is necessary to stop them in their tracks.

Sarah will never (thank God) be a detail person -- and neither were any of our great Presidents. Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon were detail people.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Steve Maloney Returns to Blogging

Hi, I got rid of the beard, perhaps because I was afraid people might mistake me for an Obama Supporters. Anyway, when it comes to blogging, I'm back -- with a vengeance. Until the first of the New Year, I'll be posting on my other site: The Saturday column there deals with "Why the NoBamaCampaign Failed."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hi All: From now until Christmas, I'll be a relatively inactive member of the Steering Committee. After that, I'll be extremely active. I need to get my mailing lists and blogs in order. Between now and the first of the New Year, this blog will have occasional re-posts from my other one: After Jan. 1, I'll be posting 5-6 times per week on that blog and this one.

One of the questions that comes up is how much time we should spend "debating" with anti-Palin people. I believe we should spend ZERO TIME doing so. That doesn't mean we shouldn't answer questions posed in good faith, but we shouldn't devote any time or energy with individuals who buy into the MSM's anti-Sarah views.

For many months, I've had a "friend" in suburban Philadelphia who has expressed her concerns that Sarah would not be "viable" in 2012 (or, perhaps, ever), that "intelligent Republicans" did not favor Sarah, or that a certain "Irish Catholic" friend of hers didn't approve of Sarah. This particular woman lives in one of the counties that voted for Obama. (In fact, 57 PA counties out of 67 voted for McCain-Palin.)

My response to the suburban Philly woman is below. Basically, I told her I wanted nothing more to do with her in this lieftime. I believe Sarah Palin will be the next President of the U.S., and that she will be a great one. I have no interest in encouraging -- or even humoring -- those who believe otherwise.

"I think it's best that go in peace in our separate directions. I do agree that Gov. Palin has nothing in common with the "values" (whatever they may be) of Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties [all of which went for Obama], let alone of Philadelphia County. Over the next four years, I don't intend to spend five minutes of my time debating with critics of Gov. Palin, most of them drive by pure malice and misogyny. I believe all Republican resources -- every penny and every minute -- should be spent in and on the 57 PA counties that voted for McCain-Palin."

Frankly, the Obama Campaign is one that focuses almost entirely on lies and hate-mongering. Those of us who support Sarah are going to have to fight fire-with-fire, to show a kind of political ferocity that may not come naturally to many of us. Those voters who dislike Gov. Palin will find kindred souls at The Daily Kos and, groups dedicated to spreading lies about Sarah.