Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sarah Palin: "One of Us"

I'm BACK. Until January 20, 2009, I'll be cross-posting here with my other blog ( After that fateful day (Inauguration Day), I'll write on this blog about the Obama presidency and on the DraftPalin blog about . . . drafting Palin to run against -- and defeat -- Obama in 2012. Thanks for visiting. I hope you'll return often.

Wonders Never Cease: In October, 2008, in Carson City, NV, the president of the LA Chapter of NOW endorses Gov. Sarah Palin

If I ran Sarah's presidential campaign -- and don't kid yourself, she wants to be President -- I would have as her slogan: "I am ONE OF YOU."

She is a wife, a mother (and mother of one soldier and one special needs child), a wife of a union member, a woman professional, an exemplar of Christian values, a staunch constitutionalist, a lifelong sportswoman and NRA member. She's an expert on energy, the environment, and integrity in government.

The MSM tended to ignore her multitude of connections with NORMAL AMERICAN PEOPLE. She is NOT an ideologue. She deeply believes in integrity, freedom, opportunity, and respect for others. That's enough.

Recently, I had a "discussion" with a staunch Hillaryite who was rhapsodizing about Mrs. Clinton's views on the middle class. I pointed out that Mrs. Clinton (Wellesley, Yale, Arkansas Governor's mansion, White House, and the $100 million fortune) is not -- and never has been -- a real member of the American middle class. Sarah has been -- and is.

I told the Hillaryite, "Sarah Palin has EVERYTHING in common with you -- and HRC has NOTHING in common with you."

In short, that's our Sarah. If she and those who support her make the same points, she can win in 2012. It will take a monumental effort by her -- and us. Obama and his "people" will stop at nothing in their efforts to retain power. They will make Rod Blagojevich look like Mother Theresa. We have to do what is necessary to stop them in their tracks.

Sarah will never (thank God) be a detail person -- and neither were any of our great Presidents. Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon were detail people.

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