Sunday, May 23, 2010

Conservatives: Wake Up, Listen Up!

The Tim Burns loss in PA, a bad loss, shows we're NOT going to win just by showing up. I wish my fellow conservatives were not ideological purists to the point that NO candidate is acceptable. I wish my fellow conservatives would donate more money, a lot more, to truly conservative candidates (like Christine O'Donnell at I wish my fellow conservatives would spend less time expressing their "opinions" and more time writing checks, going door-to-door and making phone calls.

On Facebook these days, some "libertarians" and "conservatives" (who may be neither) are busily denouncing Scott Brown and Sarah Palin. The absurd basis for the denunciations is that "half-a-loaf is worse than no loaf at all." In other words, candidates who don't agree with us 100% of the time are beneath contempt. The nonsensical point is that Scott Brown is no better than his predecessor Teddy Kennedy, which is ridiculous. Brown is a major step forward for Massachusetts and the country.

I hear some people saying, "We need to throw all incumbents out, Republicans and Democrats." Gee, who are we supposed to vote for, since the only people seriously contending are Republicans . . . and Democrats? Some incumbents, Paul Ryan, Michele Bachman, Tom Coburn, Mike Pence, and others, are patriots and excellent legislators. Are we really supposed to vote them out? If so, why?

Yes, Scott Brown certainly is not perfect, and the same is true of Sarah Palin. But they are much better than the alternatives. Conservatives who don't recognize those simple realities are very suspect. They will be little or no help in the elections.

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