Saturday, March 13, 2010

Presidential Race on: Palin, Romney

The Romney versus Palin race is on -- according to guest columnist Eric Dondero of LibertarianRepublican blogger Eric Dondero.

It's on: Romney vs. Palin, 16 months before first Iowa test

Palin supporter brings up Romney's less-than-impressive book salesThe very first shots of campaign 2012 may have just been fired. And it appears that for the moment it's a battle of the book sales. Supporters of the Palin camp, 16 months before the GOP primary season officially begins, are taking a mild swipe at the former Massachusetts Governor for his alleged artificial inflation of his own book sales. Ian Lazaran reports over at the hugely popular site Conservatives4Palin, the following:

Mitt Romney's book has debuted at #1 atop the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. However, the NY Times also provides some additional information that may explain how Romney's book hit the #1 spot.

Whenever the NY Times places a "dagger" symbol next to a book, it signifies that "some bookstores report[ed] receiving bulk orders" for the book.

The NY Times placed not just one, but two, daggers next to Romney's book. You can draw your own conclusion as to who it was that purchased Governor Romney's book in bulk.

By contrast, the NY Times failed to place the "dagger" symbol next to Governor Palin's book in any of the weeks she held the top position on the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books. Despite the left's unsubstantiated theories, bookstores did not report to the NY Times that they received bulk orders for Going Rogue. See week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6. As you can see, in none of these weeks is there a dagger symbol next to her book.

Lazaran cautions "Don't shoot the messenger... I'm just reporting what I found... don't shoot the messenger."

Sidenote - former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania spoke before the Iowa Christian Alliance last Tuesday, in what many deemed a 2012 campaign trip. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty has already visited the State once, and is planning on making an additional appearance at a Tax Rally in Des Moines on April 15.

The Iowa Straw Poll (held traditionally at the IA State Fair), is just 16 months away.

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