Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christine O'Donnell v. RINO Castle

"Social Security is actually a system that works relatively well." (Mike Castle, U.S. Senate candidate, Delaware) Note, anyone who understands that Castle is full of hot air should run to Christine O'Donnell's web site and make a contribute of $20 to help her beat Castle.)

My conservative friend Christine O'Donnell is not only a lot better looking (an understatement) than Cong. Mike Castle, she will make a much better U.S. Senator from Delaware. Now, take a look at the little girl below, wearing the National Debt sign.

I'm sure Mike Castle would agree with you that she's cute. But the main thing he might notice is that she's too young to vote . . . and thus irrelevant to his real concerns. If she's to be left with an unbearable burden of debt by legislators like Castle, well, what he'd say if he was being candid is: "Tough!" By the time the little girl starts confronting taxes that are out of this world, Cong. Castle will literally be out of this vale of tears. But she'll be the one crying.

Congressman Castle says Social Security works "works relatively well." In fact, Social Security, now operating in the red, is a looming monster.

Christine O'Donnell will tell you that because it's the truth. Mike Castle, a career politician who's been in "public service" for 44 years, is more likely to tell you that "all is well." But he might cross his fingers when he says it. What he truly means is, "I'll be long gone from Congress when Social Security (and Medicare) collapse."

Collapse? Really? Yes, Mike, really. The "unfunded liabilities" -- the promises we've made versus the money we have to keep them -- for Social Security and Medicare is a mere $100 trillion -- yes, trillion with a "T."

Want to see Castle head for the hills? Just ask him about that $100 trillion liability . . . and he'll be gone before you get to the "lie" syllable in liability.

Mike Castle is a RINO, a Republican-in-Name-Only. A RINO is someone who, when Democrats propose $802 billion in wasteful spending, will say, "Can't we compromise? Can't we get it down to $702 billion?" That's what RINOs mean when they brag about their fiscal discipline.

I have a solution. Send Christine to the U.S. Senate. And send Mike back to play with the grandchildren . . . before they find out the crushing burdens grandpa has bequeathed them.

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