Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mark Critz: Another Crooked Democrat

Jim Geraghty in National Review has Mark Critz's number. If you scroll down, you're find another essay on the abominable Critz, running to succeed his old boss, John Murtha, one of the most corrupt men ever to hold federal office. The following three paragraphs are from Jim Geraghty's article:

"In some ways, Mark Critz is exactly the right man to continue the work of the late John Murtha, the Pennsylvania Democrat who spent most of his last years in Congress surrounded by allegations that he traded earmarks for donations. Critz was Murtha’s district director, and he shares many habits with his old boss: malodorous deals, explanations to the public that don’t add up, conflicting political and public-office loyalties, and a cynical sensibility that “the appearance of impropriety” ceased being a worry a long time ago.

"The first questions about Critz’s honesty and propriety were raised by his work as a bookkeeper for a (now bankrupt) Johnstown firm, Parkins Concrete. According to the political blog PA2010, Critz testified that he worked part-time as the company’s bookkeeper and business manager from at least late 1997 until early 2000. During that time, the company racked up more than $13,000 worth of state tax violations and at least one federal tax lien of more than $127,000, according to public records. (One would expect the company’s bookkeeper to keep an eye on the payment of state and federal taxes, no?)

"Critz claimed he stopped working for the company before joining Murtha’s staff, but it appears the two jobs overlapped for a year. Bloggers for The Pennsylvania Progressive called him out on the contradiction; the Critz campaign’s response was to change the candidate’s LinkedIn page."

Note: If you want to help defeat Mark Critz, please go to Tim Burns's web site. The Geraghty article in its entirety is available at:

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