Friday, April 23, 2010

America Adopting Delaware's Christine O'Donnell

Christine O'Donnell below on Bill O'Reilly Show on FOX. She has appeared many times on FOX and will do so again between now and the general election in November.

My friend Christine O'Donnell is running for the US Senate seat in Delaware against the most liberal Republican in the House, Mike Castle. His goal now is to become the most liberal Republican in the Senate. [Note: See previous column below on Christine.]

Cap-and-trade? Mike Castle is for it. Repeal of Obama's health care monstrosity? Castle is against it. Huge Obama spending bills? Castle is for them. More money for the UN? Castle loves the idea. Bailouts for reckless banks? Castle thinks they're a capital idea.

In the words of Christine, "the last thing the Senate needs is one more liberal." She calls liberals "post-Americans." That doesn't mean they're anti-U.S. . . . just that they believe America is no big deal, just another nation in the alphabetical list that runs from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. She believes America is "exceptional." Castle clearly doesn't.

Christine may be the most unlikely candidate in a generation to run for the US Senate. She's not, unlike Castle, a millionaire. She doesn't live, unlike Castle, in a mansion. She lives in a townhouse.
She's not, unlike Castle, a career politician -- he was first elected in 1966, well before Christine was born. He's part of the "old Delaware" aristocracy, where she's the Irish-Italian offspring (one of six kids) from a blue-collar family. He's a member of the dwindling GOP establishment, where she's as antiestablishment as they come.

As I said in one of my recent pieces about her, she's a "love-thy-neighbor-period" type of Christian. She's a conservative who believes that capitalists (especially those on Wall Street) are sometimes their own worst enemies.

Can Christine really win in a Blue state like Delaware, one that reelected Joe Biden in an almost Pavlovian way? Let me ask another question: was there any possibility an unknown like Scott Brown could win in Deep-Blue Massachusetts?

In 2008, Christine ran a "sacrificial lamb" campaign against Joe Biden (also running for "his" Senate seat). He outspent her 42-to-1. But she ending up getting 140,500 votes, 35,000 more than any Republican candidate had garnered against Biden in his previous five races. The MSM ignored her, but the voters didn't.

Christine certainly can win if we part with some hard-earned cash necessary to get her message out. She can win if bloggers and online communicators let everyone know -- today -- that she deserves to win, just as you did with Scott Brown.

And she can win if people sacrifice their hard-earned vacation time to go to Delaware, as many of you did in Massachusetts. An army of volunteers can overcome her opponent Castle's Mt. Everest of cash. He has the special interest groups -- all of them. Christine has us, you and me.

Castle got his cash from special interests, including Wall Street banks and law firms who do their bidding. Christine will spend one-fifth as much money as Castle, but will do so five times more wisely.

I'm asking every activist in America to "adopt" this good woman. Her race will be the most-exciting -- and eventually the most-talked-about in the country. She is in every way the real deal.

I'm asking you to make sacrifices of time and money for Christine O'Donnell. That's the same thing as asking you to make sacrifices for the country she loves -- and we love.

If you can sent $10, please do so. If you can send $20 or even $50, please fire away.
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