Thursday, April 1, 2010

Katherine Jenerette: Stands Her Ground

Conservative Katherine Jenerette is running for Congress in South Carolina's beautiful 1st congressional district,
stretching from historic Charleston through Myrtle Beach to
the North Carolina state line. Katherine, my friend, may be the very best person running for Congress in America.

A student of history and an expert on the U.S. Constitution
(the one Obama, Pelosi, and Reid ignore), Katherine is the
first female paratrooper ever to run for Congress. Katherine
has made 15 jumps. She' s currently an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. In her college days, she was a world-class long distance runner, and her daughter "Benji" is following in mom's footsteps.

With her fellow paratroopers, Katherine does indeed stand her ground. Paratroopers aren't "good" at retreating, at surrendering, or at running away. In 2004, Katherine ran her first political race -- against "Dickie" Elliott, a career politician and lavishly financed state Senator. Dickie spent $250,000 on the race; Katherine spent $26,000. Dickie won . . . in a race so close that the final results weren't known for days.

A top South Carolina political blog said the other day that "Katherine continues to exceed expectations." In fact, her expectations -- and mine -- are that she will win this race against some of the biggest names in Carolina politics. She may be the greatest "old-style" candidate in the modern history of the South. She presses the flesh constantly. She is relentless.

And yes, folks, she needs our help . . . our donations. She can't help us take back our America unless we help her get elected. The ultimate "Tea Party" candidate, Katherine doesn't have a horde of rich backers. Instead, she has us . . . the American people.

Katherine, my friend and my woman warrior, we -- the conservatives of America -- will "stand our ground" . . . with you. You know, and we know, that winning is an act of will, and in a good sense, you are the most will-full person I know. You go, gal.

Katherine Jenerette, South Carolina 1st Congressional District, Paratrooper, Dickie Elliott, Charleston, Myrtle Beach

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