Monday, April 26, 2010

Mark Critz: Following Murtha's Lead

Mark Critz -- Democrat candidate in PA's 12th CD -- was a willing servant of the most corrupt member of Congress, John Murtha. Of course, "Mr. Murtha," as Democrats describe that odious man, specialized in trading earmarks -- our money -- for huge campaign contributions. If Critz would do it any other way, he's neglected to say so. If he wasn't going to be a willing political tool for Pelosi, he wouldn't have relied on her (exclusively) to finance his campiagn.

"Mr." Murtha called his own constituents "racists" and "rednecks." Does Critz disagree? Apparently not. Murtha is falsely credited with "bringing home the bacon," but it's clear that he regarded his constituents much as his heroine Nancy Pelosi would: as know-nothing ne'er-do-wells. As Murtha served term after term, the 12th district sank deeper and deeper in poverty and hopelessness. The jobs Murtha created were a tiny fraction of the jobs he destroyed. But the millions he received from people he paid off with earmarks were always enough to keep him getting re-elected. John Murtha made out just fine; the 12th district continued its economic nosedive.

Murtha was also presented as a "conservative, pro-military Democrat." He was in fact a loyal Democrat, but he was neither conservative nor pro-military. He voted the liberal side twice as often as he did the conservative (check out the National Journal's liberal-conservative analysis). On the military side, he falsely described the brave Haditha Marines as "cold-blooded killers." If he really gave a hoot about the lives of American soldiers, he had an odd way of showing it.

On his bogus conservatism: Murtha voted against banning same-sex marriage (all the while presenting himself as a Roman Catholic); he voted against repealing the estate tax (known popularly as "the death tax"); he voted against extending the Patriot Act; and he voted against military tribunals for enemy combatants like Khalid Sheik Muhammed, architect of 9/11.

What's more, he voted against building the southern border fence to keep out illegal immigrants; he voted for early withdrawal -- actually, early surrender -- from Iraq. He voted for the Wall Street bailout. And he voted for expanding SCHIP -- the children's health program that took many young people off private insurance and put them on the public dole. And then Murtha capped off a disgraceful career by voting for ObamaCare.

Did the socially and fiscally conservative people of the 12th district know that "conservative" John Murtha was voting this way? Did they know Murtha was always there when Pelosi needed a vote for her far-Left initiatives?

Some people in the 12th did know. But many didn't. And, sadly, some didn't care. They'd bought the myth that Murtha was somehow providing economic benefits to the 12th. After 38 years of Murtha in Congress, the one amazing thing is that there are still people in the district. No business that refused to make political payoffs to Murtha and his bagman, Mark Critz, would even consider creating jobs in the 12th.

Would Mark Critz, Murtha's "deputy director" vote the same way as his old boss? There's no evidence that Critz wouldn't hew the Obama/Pelosi line. In fact, Critz would be one more Democrat disaster for western Pennsylvania.

If the 12th district is to have a future, it must not send another corrupt politician to the House. There is a much better choice: conservative Republican Tim Burns. All the lies the Beltway Democrat establishment tells about Burns can't hide one fact: he knows what's necessary to create jobs; Mark Critz doesn't have a clue.

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