Saturday, August 30, 2008

Everything About Sarah Palin

This is one of my sites that broke the story -- before anyone else -- that John McCain would choose Sarah Palin as his running mate (running mistress?).

Note: Thanks to Eric Dondero for posting a piece of mine at his site:

If you want to know everything you need to know about Gov. Sarah Palin, this post should consume the rest of your weekend. The best web site for continuing Palin material will be: Another great site is:, managed by Independent Tracy Karol and the African-American Republican conservative genius known as Ali Akbar. If you like sassy and smart, try Stacy's

Of course, if you're into sexism, misogyny, and meanspiritedness, go to any of the pro-Obama sites. Please peruse the 230 blogs listed on the Nobama Mission Blogger blogroll on the sidebar to your right. Many of them are among the best in the country.

If you like a conservative perspective, go to

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Cindy in New Mexico produces a steady stream of brilliant material about her heroine (and mine). She write at Following are her Sarah pieces, all of them very worth reading;

Stephen asked me to forward some links to articles I've done on Palin.
Misogynistic...Obama Response to Palin
the trooper problem & domestic violence
The Sarah Palin story
(this has all the links to the article's I've done on her)