Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reform the DNC? NOT LIKELY

"The Democratic Party has concluded that Democratic voters are incurably stupid."

Athena [a new friend], I'll work with you anyway you want. Hell, you can have a kidney if you need one! http://dncreform.com is the key. Examine it and weep.

My own congressman, Jason Altmire, represents a district where Hillary won two-to-one (plus). She won my county (Beaver, home of Joe Namath and Mike Ditka) by 28,000 to 12,000. All my relatives voted for her. Jason Altmire got $10,000 from Barack Obama (see dncreform). Guess who Jason Altmire is backing?

Patrick Murphy, congressman and beloved of MovwOn.org, which HATES HRC, has a district that also went for Hillary by two-to-one. He got $18,000 from BHO. He was one of the first SDs in the country to back Obama.

They believe Democrats in PA (and everywhere else) are incurably stupid. They assume they will get away with it, and they probably will. PA Dems (some) believe JFK is still running things. It ticks me off. It sometimes almost breaks my heart.

Hillary's colleagues in the Senate deserted her in droves. If they had backed her, she would have won.

WV went for Hillary by a huge margin, but good ole Sen. Jay Rockefeller backed Obama. Sen. Bob Casey of PA the same thing. Ditto John Kerry and Ted Kennedy.

As I said, who exactly is going to reform the Party? It's much, much worse than people think. There's contempt for the voters. How could HRC ever have gotten the nomination when states went massively for her and all the SDs (Massachusetts, esp.) went for Obama.

There, you got me wound up. Congrats for you on supporting McCain. He's an American hero and an honorable man -- and Obama isn't.

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