Saturday, August 16, 2008

DNC's Dirty Trick Team

Note, the following comments by Anne of the NoBama Mission team speak for themselves. The DNC provided links to various major newspapers, but the links in fact went not to the publications but rather to . . . the DNC, which used them to gather e-mail addresses for future solicitations!

Here is the thank-you I received from the DNC for the emails I sent to the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times thanking THEM for printing the truth about Obama!!!

I am now working on zip codes - I love it when the DNC takes time to thank me for all of my hard work on their behalf!!! After all, we ARE working on their behalf by trying to save them from themselves.

They are tracking the number of emails that are being sent in response to their request. Let's make them really happy and get the numbers up there...


Thank you for writing a letter to the editor telling the media to report the truth, not lies and smears that are unfit for publication.

Your voice can change the world, and your commitment to getting involved is helping push back against these nasty slime attacks.

If you know other Americans who are ready to help take the political process back, please invite them to write a letter like you did.

Thank you for sharing your voice.

DNC Rapid Response Team

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