Thursday, April 24, 2008

OBAMA: More White People Needed

"Get me more white people!" -- Said by an Obama campaign coordinator looking for Caucasians to put behind Michelle Obama at a rally at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy (CMU) in Pittsburgh (as reported by CNN).

"America in 2008 is a mean country." (Michelle Obama, a Princeton and Harvard Law graduate who makes $300,000-plus annually working in "community outreach" at a Chicago hospital)

"A typical white person." (Obama in Dreams From My Father talking about his white grandmother)

Note: Tomorrow (Friday) I'll have a column (mildly) critical of John McCain for asking North Carolina Republicans to withdraw a commercial critical of the Obama/Wright connection and the pro-Obama Democratic gubernatorial candidates in NC. I know John McCain is a thoroughly decent and honorable man, but sometimes I wonder if he fully grasps the kind of opposition he's up against. Also, I don't believe he's in position to tell a state party how to conduct its campaigns -- any more than they are to give him instructions. I hope you'll visit.

Here's what a friend said about my forthcoming criticism of John McCain: "I'll be very interested to read it. I personally think that mild (or at times heavy) criticism of McCain is a good thing. Leaders should be open to advice from supporters, and supporters who view their candidate as perfect (see: Obamamania) are kidding themselves, proving a lack of intellectual compotence, and doing a disservice to their candidate by not offering advice. in short, supporters who are able to criticize their leader are far more useful and productive than those who are not."

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