Saturday, April 12, 2008


Any members of Jason Altmire's campaign staff or legislative staff who write comments on my blogs will not have them printed here unless they identify their position and their annual compensation totals. If they do, their comments will be printed and responded to. Otherwise, they will end up in the delete basket.

I am paid nothing by anyone associated with Hart, and I am completely independent in what I say and do.

Jason Altmire voted to make Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco-leftist-elitist, Speaker of the House. That gave her and the segment of the Democratic Party tremendous power. Now that election time is up again, Jason is claiming to be a "conservative." On important issues, he votes with the Pelosi-Murtha wing of the Democrats, thus following an agenda totally at variance with the views of people in Western Pennsylvania.

In supporting Obama (which he will do), Altmire will be backing a man who slandered everyone in Pennsylvania who doesn't live in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. If Jason really wants to be a "conservative," I suggest he change his registration to Republican.

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