Saturday, April 12, 2008

McCain, Altmire, and Melissa Hart

Today (Saturday), I'm cross-posting from my Pennsylvania site ( Melissa Hart's site is at:

Starting this weekend, I'm be writing more about congressional candidate Melissa Hart and her opponent, a loathsome creature named Jason Altmire. He won the seat in 2006 mainly by spewing falsehoods about Melissa --she called them "a pack of lies" -- and by making false promises to the voters of the 4th congressional district (where I live).

For example, he told the voters he opposed a "timetable" for withdrawal from Iraq. However, when he got to Congress and Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha showed him the Democratic "trick," he fell all over himself to vote for the timetable. He claimed to be pro-life, but in Washington he voted for federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research. He claimed -- and claims -- to be a conservative Democrat, but he voted for the largest tax increase in history. His motto seems to be: "Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no truths." He's a piece of work, and he must be defeated.

Please visit Melissa's web site ( and offer your support. If you can make a donation, I assure you it will be much appreciated.The Hart-Altmire will be one of the nation's most important. The national Democrat Party is pouring money into the race in order to prop up a weak and feckless candidate, Altmire, a former lobbyist. (Please check out Altmire's campaign funding on As you'll note, he is selling out to every interest group that comes bearing a bag-full of cash.

How does Melissa Hart's campaign relate to that of John McCain? Frankly, everyone in the 4th Congressional District -- and the country as a whole -- that wants to support McCain needs to back candidates like Melissa. It will do little good if we send John McCain to the White House -- and confront him with a Congress full of Altmire types.

So, how can you support Melissa Hart? You can do so by linking your blog, if you have one, to Melissa's. Also, visit her site regularly. And if you can do so, please consider contributing to her campaign so you can counter the national Democrats' effort to buy the seat for Altmire.

Finally, if you know people who lives in the 4th congressional district -- mainly north and west of Pittsburgh -- please ask them to support Melissa. The best way to ensure John McCain has a successful presidency is to send people like Melissa to Congress. Thanks for your help!

Note: If you would like, please reprint this material on your own blog. The Hart-Altmire race will be the most intensely fought contest in the U.S.

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Mike Usman said...

You say, "he voted for the largest tax increase in history." Exactly what bill was that? The only tax bill that I can find that Altmire voted on was HR4351. That bill would have fixed the problem of the AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax) hitting middle class families. It paid for that patch by closing a loophole that the uber-wealthy use to avoid paying income tax, with "offshore deferred compensation".

How can Mr. Maloney be so offended by that vote? Was it the $50 billion in middle-class tax relief that got to him? Or was it actually collecting the taxes owed by the crowd making 7+ figure incomes? Go figure.