Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McCain: Make Nice With Hillary!

Note: On my Pennsylvania blog ( I have a link to John McCain's superb new ad. I hope you'll take a look at it. As the following column suggests, John McCain has a great chance to pick up votes from millions of Hillary Clinton supporters. You can help him to that end by continuing to communicate -- respectfully and compellingly -- with friends and family members who support Mrs. Clinton. Help bring them slowly into the McCain fold.

John McCain needs to go after the Hillary Clinton supporters in much the same way that a wolf would a lamb chop. John is a sharp individual and he has many bright people around him (like Rick Davis, Patrick Hynes, and Carly Fiorina), and they can see that a big chunk of the Hillary voters, perhaps as many as one-third, are ready to go to McCain in the general election.

Mrs. Clinton has said nice things about McCain (and so has Bill), including the fact that, compared to Obama (who has a speech he delivered in 2002), he has "a lifetime of experience." Husband Bill said that McCain has done everything conceivable for his country "other than give his life."

It's time for McCain to reciprocate -- and make positive statements about Hillary Clinton as a Senator. That might disconcert charter members of "the vast right-wing conspiracy," but it would make a lot of sense. On the other hand, McCain should restrict positive comments about Obama to the minimum possible. Obama is ready to be orator-in-chief but not commander-in-chief.

The Reagan Democrats of yesteryear (pro-life, pro-guns, pro-military) are voting for Mrs. Clinton, but iwthout enthusiasm. The more they find out about Obama -- everything from his support of live-birth-abortion to his rapt adoration of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his support of the Chicago Democratic machine -- the less likely they will be to vote for him.

In short, John McCain, make nice with Hillary Clinton. It won't save her campaign, but it will attract millions of Hillary-ites.

Note: Click on the following link to an important article on how Barack Obama's (Democratic) poll numbers are up and Hillary Clinton's money numbers are way down.

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