Thursday, April 24, 2008

Democrats' Destructive Demolition Derby

"The [Obama-Clinton] battle is also fuelled by grievances of race, sex, and class. Blacks vote overwhelmingly for Mr. Obama. Older white women vote overwhelmingly for Mrs. Clinton. Professionals vote for Mr. Obama, blue-collar workers for Mrs. Clinton. Mr. McCain, the warrior, is well-positioned to pick up votes from white working-class Democrats, and Mr. McCain, the reformer, can pick up votes from independents and moderates. One party's demolition derby is another party's gift from God." (From The Economist, April 5-11, 2008, p. 39)

And we Republicans? We can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.On my site appealing to Hillary Supporters who will back John McCain (against Obama) in the general election, I have a piece outlining why Mrs. Clinton deserves the Democratic nomination. See:

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Obama: Conservative/Moderate Democrats' Decline and Fall?

Stuart Rothenberg, a non-partisan political analyst who evaluates congressional races around the country has this to say about the Obama effect in congressional races this year:

". . . Obama may not be the asset that he was once regarded by House Democrats. True, he will likely bring out younger voters and attract more independents than his New York opponent, but he's well on his way to being tagged a liberal, and that will undermine him as an asset for his party.

"Obama's great mistake was not in calling some small-town voters 'bitter.' Instead, it was in treating support for gun control and religion as negatives, as well as in equating 'anti-immigrant sentiment' and support for trade with religion.

"Obama's comments ought to worry Southern and rural Democrats about what their party's attitude might be toward them if and when the party elects a president in November. So long as Democrats have been focused on winning majorities, party leaders have been tolerant of their conservative Democratic colleagues. That could well change if Obama finds himself in the Oval Office." (Roll Call, April 17, 2008)

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