Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calling Hillary Clinton's Big Win

Note: Wednesday evening on my "Hillary Supporters for McCain" site, I posted a piece with information you haven't seen before. It explains "Why Hillary Should be the (Democrats) Nominee." Yes, I strongly support John McCain for President, but I also support basic fairness, which is absent in the Democrats' process. Go to:

Eric Dondero, a popular host on BlogTalkRadio and blogger at: sent the following message today:

You all, please take a moment to visit the Blog this morning. I've got an article up praising our own Stephen Maloney of PA for getting the PA predication 100% correct.

Can you all believe this? Stephen bucked the conventional wisdom. Told us last week that Hillary would win by 55% to 45% contrary to all the Pro-Obama propoganda the MSM was pushing at the time, about a "late Obama Surge."

Stephen gave us the view from the ground.

Stephen: You are now officially nicknamed "Nostradamus." Good job my man! Good job!!

Steve adds: I hope you'll visit Eric's site today. Later today (Wednesday), I'll discuss some of the reasons for Mrs. Clinton's big victory. On my site with the most unusual title (, I'll give some powerful reasons why Senator Clinton should get the Democratic nomination. In November of this year, I'll be voting for John McCain for the presidency, but I believe his opponent should be Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Why the Polls Were Wrong in PA . . .

A week ago, I told Terry Madonna, who heads the Franklin & Marshall College poll (a good one) that I was right and his poll and (most) others were wrong. I said so because people (especially African-Americans) who are voting for Hillary sometimes say they're voting for Obama. It has happened before (Ohio) but the pollsters keep getting it wrong. Michael Barone on FOX said the same thing early last night, even before there were any real numbers out. The exit polls of voters said that Hillary would win by 52-48.

The point is that it's not fashionable in some areas for people to say they're support Hillary. However, when they go in the voting booth, they do just that.

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