Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sarah Palin: McCain's Best Choice

Gov. Sarah Palin, an individual right up near the top of my most admired human beings.

Patrick Hynes ( sends daily updates on the McCain Campaign. In recent columns, I've been critical of Patrick's naive views about the American media and Senator Obama. I sent him the following this morning: "I heard Senator McCain say today that he 'doesn't believe' Sen. Obama shares Rev. Wright's views. Could you inform your list why McCain believes that? Does he have some evidence not available to the rest of us? Rev. Wright doesn't agree with John McCain, and he knows Obama better than anyone else. Would Obama have stayed in Wright's church for 20 years if he had significant disagreements with the preacher?"
TOMORROW (TUESDAY), I'LL HAVE A COLUMN ON QUESTIONS I WISH SOMEONE WOULD ASK OBAMA -- BUT THAT NO ONE IN THE FAWNING MEDIA WILL. For example, "Senator Obama, your wife Michelle says that American in 2008 is a 'mean place.' Do you agree?"
On the blogs, I almost never take a day off. On Monday, I'll take a part of a day off. I believe the major factor in John McCain's victory will be the effectiveness of the efforts made by those who support John McCain. He doesn't need yes-men or yes-women. Rather, he needs people who will tell him the truth. One thing I'd very much like to tell him is that Gov. Sarah Heath Palin of Alaska is the very best person he could choose for the vice-presidential nomination.

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Memo to John McCain: It's inspiring for a man to express the hope that he can somehow transcend the realities of modern politics. However, it's naive for him to believe he can truly be immune from those realities.

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