Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama: Racism, Cynicism, Infanticide

This absolutely unprecedented Hillary-McCain image above appeared on the main McCain web site.

On the Yahoo site called Hilalry's Eighteen Million Supporters, Darla asked the following:
Where are the discussions about Obama's stand on gun> control, abortion, or the economy? How do we derail his bid for the> oval office?

My response was as follows:

Darla asked what Obama's stand was on abortion. Again, that's easy to answer, as he toes the NARAL line. He knows that embryos don't vote and neither do infants. (He is correct on that point.)

As for his stand on abortion, he believes it should be allowed to take place in any and all instances, right up until the ninth month of pregnancy. (I know he's been doing some shucking and jiving lately on this issue.)

On abortion generally, he opposed in Illinois The Live Birth Infant Protection Act. That means he wanted to deny medical care to infants born alive as result of botched abortions. His view apparently was that nurses and physicians should be allowed to pretend the live infant was in fact dead.

In short, he not only believes in just about any and all abortions, but he also seemingly believes in infanticide.

Those who are "pro-choice" in the extreme will vote for Barack H. Obama. Those who believe in protecting the lives of all infants born alive will vote for John McCain.

Obama and the Politics of Cynicism, Racism

Here's how Jack, a Hillary Supporter, described Obama's tactics: It appears that the McCain campaign is following the same approach. What both Hillary faced and McCain is facing is a collection of radical racists that the public has merely witnessed the surface of. It takes a lot of punching and a combative approach to counter them that the politically correct have no capacity for. The Obama people are stealing the inheritance of the meek. Never forget Father Pfleger's ridicule of Hillary, playing to the prejudice and bitterness of a captive group of pawns in Reverend Wright's "church." It needs to be returned to him fourfold.

My response to Jack:

Jack, you are absolutely 100% correct, Dryden, and that is exaclty what I'm doing. In Pennsylvania and other states, as Nader suggested, Obama is running commercials directed to white pople, emphasizing (and showing graphics of) his white relatives.

Gee, why isn't he aiming some of the hundreds of millions worth of commercials to Black people? Because he assumes he has them as a captive voting bloc.

Thus, the Black candidate is, as Nader observed, running as a "white guy." Many Black people spoke out against the Wright-Pfleger racism, but many others didn't. Why not? Because when BHO was running as the "Black" candidate, they were afraid to. commment They feared social ostracism.

I sincrely hope all people of good will, Democrat or Republican, conservative or moderate, will denounce the racism in Obama's books (especially Dreams from My Father), commercials, and speeches. A guy who runs as a Black man in South Carolina and a white man in Wyoming is really not someone America needs.

I realize some Democrats believe it's okay to know these things but fear it's not okay to say them. I say what I believe and what the evidence shows.

For goodness sake, read that awful book -- Dreams from My Father -- and see the kind of Black liberation nonsense he's spewing. If you really believe in a racially tolerant and diverse country, then please say so. And that definitely means "NoBama."

Not in 2008, and not ever.

If you want to join the huge and growing NoBama movement, go now to: and sign up to defeat this inexperienced, unqualified, dishonest, and -- frankly -- dangerous candidate.

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