Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nancy Pelosi Could Lose Race

San Francisco Nancy, all dressed up . . . and heading for defeat?

Many supporters of Hillary Clinton are very angry at Nancy Pelosi, who -- in her usual smiling way -- shafted Hillary Clinton. Here's my analysis . . .

On Nancy Pelosi who, for whatever reason (jealousy? hostility to Bill for the 1994 Republican victory?) stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back. Of course, Nancy is raising millions from the special interests her friend Obama supposedly loathes (but also takes a lot of money from).

There's a three-way race in San Francisco. It involves Queen Nancy, Cindy Sheehan (who has her own problems and can't raise any money), and Dana Walsh, the GOP candidate. There is a chance -- not huge, but a chance anyway -- that Ms. Walsh could win with as little as 36-37% of the vote. I know she's reaching out hard to Hillary voters.

Nancy's main advantage is the huge amount of money she's raising. Gas prices are playing a big role in the race, as they are everywhere else. Mrs. Pelosi is known for her hostility to several other female members of Congress, especially Jane Harman from southern Cal.

Like Pelosi, Harman married very well -- that is, to an extremely rich man. Harman's net worth (including her husband's fortune) is higher even than Pelosi's! That may the main cause of Nancy's animosity toward Jane.

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