Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Clintonistas Moving Strongly to McCain

If you're into YouTube, here's a link to an extremely important video by Carly Fiorina, former CEO of H-P and a strong possibility for V-P on McCain's ticket. The video is about why she supports John McCain and her praise of Hillary Clinton. Very, very good message

The video could serve as a model for all Republican candidates, especially those working hard to get backing from Hillary Supporters. On another blog, I write today about "My Life Among Clintonistas," talking about who those Hillary Supporters are and what they want from candidates.

I work closely with Democrats and Independents in the effort called NoBamaMission. I'm one of 15 national leaders of a movement currently involving more than one million people (and growing).


A lot of candidates -- presidential and congressional -- are wondering: what on earth happened to "The" issues? In other words, what has occurred with what we all thought were going to be "The Issues?" What happend to the Iraq War? Or Afghanistan? Or health care? Or national security? Or immigration? Or education? Or even pork-barrel spending (still and issue, but a lesser one)?

The answer is that they've all faded, and the most important national concern is . . . gasoline prices. I suggest to GOP candidates across America how to take that issue and run with it -- right into "victory lane."

On my Pennsylvania blog, I write mainly about energy issues as they related to congressional races across the country. In the last several columns, I've written about why energy issues could destroy Democratic campaigns. Sen. Obama's "energy solution" is to let gas prices keep rising -- perhaps to $7 a gallon. That's not exactly a winning strategy. I hope you'll visit the Pennsylvania blog and, if you wish, leave your comments.

Right after the Pennsylvania Primary, when it was thought by many pundits that Sen. Clinton still had a chance, I formed the first "Hillary Supporters for McCain" blog. It's had 5,000 visitors, and it might have 50,000 by the election. It's at:

I've been working closely with Hillary Supporters who are now backing McCain -- or probably will do so at some point. My current columns there are titled "My Life Among the Clintonistas." I discuss who they are -- and why they may be the most critical voting bloc in America. I will be working with "Clintonistas" right through Election Day. It will be my primary activity.

My primary work is with a group called Clintons for McCain. I'm also linked closely to the main "NoBama" directory at: and Please familiarize yourself with these crucial locations.

I hope you'll join Clintons for McCain and, if you have a group, blog, or web site, sign up at NobamaNetwork. I'm the only Republican in the leadership group of these profoundly important entities.

I'll have another column up here by noon on Thursday. Thanks for visiting.

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