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Obama's Racism, McCain's Character

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"Why Obama & Dean Fear 4 Million!"

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"The content of his character" (a phrase from Martin Luther King). In terms of character, Barack Hussein Obama has none.

Obamaphiles love playing the "race card" any time they run into someone who supports John McCain. Especially when it's Hillary Clinton supporters who now do. They insist that since "Hillary and Obama's policies are nearly the same," there MUST be discrimination and racism involved.

They never consider that it's not the color of the skin -- it's the content of character, of which Barack Hussein Obama has none.

This insistent, shallow view they have comes from simple blame-shifting in advance. They've already created their ready-made excuse for when their Anointed One gets wiped out in November. There's a history of this, going all the way back to 1980 really, where the DNC will put out its advance talking points for "why we lost" well in advance of the general election.

We've heard them all, they blame-shift each time. They blame the people for just being "uneducated," they blame evangelicals, they blame "biased media," they blame "the rich" they blame "big business" they blame "vote fraud" they blame "right-wing talk radio" they blame "faux news." They make all these excuses in advance, so they can later say these excuses with a straight face and get you to believe them.

This time? The excuse in advance for Obama losing is "racism."

It's never about ideas, it's never really about "change," it's never about the fact that the PEOPLE simply reject extremist leftist socialism. It's always about blame shifting and total lack of ideas and total disconnect with intelligent Americans. It's about good old fashioned Nazi-style propaganda.

They say things like, "we just didn't get our message out"; well, YES YOU DID!!

That's the whole PROBLEM! You got your "message" out, and the people REJECTED it!

They can NEVER say things like, "the people just didn't trust our candidate" or, "our agenda was too far leftist for Americans." They have to blame "gun-toting bible-thumpers" and "bitter people" and in this case, definitely "racism" is the big club, the ace in the hole for ObamaBots and Obamaphiles.

They can't, never have, and never will tell the truth about why they lost, just like their candidates can never really tell the truth about what they stand for -- because Americans simply won't eat that can of corn.

Note: This piece is reprinted from Clintons for McCain, an important group founded by Cristi Adkins, Peter Boykin, and Anne M. Franklin, all originally supporters of Hillary Clinton. I urge you to join this group, which you can do by going to:

Beginning Monday afternoon, I'll launch a series called, "My Life Among the Clintonistas." It will be about my dialogue -- and my arguments -- with Hillary Clinton Supporters who aren't certain what to do next.

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