Saturday, July 5, 2008

Democrat Friend Needs Delegate Info

My friend Betty Jean Kling is a friend indeed. She's a Hillary Supporter who is still trying hard to get the nomination for Sen. Clinton. She asked for help, and I'm pleased to give it. [Scroll down to the previous column to read about Obama's total flipperoo on the issue of gay marriage.]

Now is the time for all good patriots to come to the service of their country.

Calling all supporters for help in all 50 states this week. Can you help us find the email address of at 2000 delegates from across the US?

We need to Flip 175, that means we have to send the message to 2000 + delegates and hope we get through to 200 in time! Will Bower of Puma has laid out a very strong case but unless we present it to those who matter we are preaching to the choir.

I know we have supporters in all 50 States , contact everyone you know - We can beat Obama at his own Game he is a Community organizer but we can do better - I know we can. Time to stop jabbering and start jabbing! Let's get to the heart of the matter. Let's roll.

Get everyone you know on the Job - I need Email addresses but if you can get me the name - address and phone as well - I will take it - but email is the cheapest and fastest way I can get them the messages I can blast off this old computer!

Time is of the essence - Free US Now Send the info to:

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