Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How YOU Can Stop Obamamania

This column went out to a huge number of Americans. The exact number will not be revealed, but it impressed the heck out of me! A great accomplishment by my tireless friend, Cristi Adkins, one of the founders of Clintons for McCain.


Cristi Adkins

Watching television on Mother's Day, with a growing degree of angst, I surfed the channels to see Senator Clinton's historic Grafton, WV appearance. The first female presidential candidate of my lifetime, this champion for women campaigned on the 100th anniversary of Mother's Day at the international shrine of Anna Jarvis, the founder of mother's day. Like Clinton, Jarvis committed herself to the betterment of womankind. She meant for Mother's Day to be a sacred occasion, dedicated to honoring our mothers for their sacrifices and devotion.

Yet, on that Sunday, May 11, 2008, not even a whisper of this meaningful event was heard on any of the airwaves.What was the substitution that mothers all over America were left to be honored with this Mother's Day? Bizarre episodes of “Obamamania.”

The day passed with no mention of Clinton's appearance on any broadcast that I could find. In fact, there were but a few mentions of Senator McCain's commercial with him sitting beside his 96-year-old Mother. Somehow, they weren’t “newsworthy.”

Instead, television accounts of Senator Obama's events and movements accosted this country on that blessed day like an acoustic assault. Through the tears in my eyes and soreness in my heart, I watched our chance of positive change slipping further away. I could ask but one question...how do I help supporters of Mrs. Clinton say good bye to their hopes of a fair and balanced political season?

If you've wondered again and over again how all this Obamamania started, then you’re not alone. It is by no accident you find yourself reading this now. Never knowing what could have been should the popular consensus have conquered the ignorance of the elect, we are forced to swallow the noise. What we are left with is the Obama hype, also known as Obamamania.

Yet, there are champions among us...holding the front line steady and asking for your help now. Like Anna Jarvis, who was never too busy or too lazy to write letters in support of her cause, you too have all that is needed right now to impact this Obamamania.

In fact, a pen and paper were the greatest weapons in Anna Jarvis' arsenal in her efforts to use motherhood as a tool for healing the country during the Civil War.In 1905, through tireless letter writing to politicians, religious leaders and even retail moguls, real change came about. Anna Jarvis' simple idea of honoring mothers spawned a movement that before long swept the world.

Yes, this middle-class, blue collar woman at the turn of the century achieved an unusual accomplishment for her time; all through the persistence of her pen.Anna Jarvis' time here has passed, but her spirit lives every second Sunday in May. It is in this same spirit that she can still teach us a thing or two about change that is more than merely pretty words.The leaders of this movement, our movement, your movement ...Nobama... are asking you now to bring about a positive change.

You can nurture and grow this effort; and, all you need to do now is write – more often now with key strokes than with Anna’s pen strokes.Now, this time, in our time, 2008, we too have the power to help once more to change the course of history and ease the pain of this country. Yes, Obama is right – although not in the way he thinks about change for this country; but, yes it is time. And as Patty Loveless reminds us, ‘life is about change; nothing ever stays the same.'

As our forces continue to gather, we ask everyone to take pen to hand, tap on your laptop and network through the blogosphere...now. Tell the world, tell it here, tell it now, tell it loud.

It's time to reach out...reach out to the news media, to the Obama supporters and even to the Super Delegates and ask them, "How can we help you to Say Goodbye to Obama-mania?"Email friends, relatives and even not-so-loved ones to remind them that while change is unavoidable, Obama's kind of change is suspect, the product of an inexperienced and dangerous man.

Write to super-delegates as Ricki Lieberman suggests and point out the obvious. Send editorials to your local papers...tell America Why Obama is Untrustworthy and Dangerous!It’s time for a positive change, a healing moment and a new beginning in this next chapter of our country. It starts with saying 'Goodbye' to the politics of the parties and hello to the President for the People, all the people.

Then, while you're at it, give the people you write to all of the reasons ‘Why You Think Obama is not trustworthy – and not the man for America.’

Cristi Adkins

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