Friday, July 4, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Character Problems

Hillary Supporters, it's time for a dose of reality . . .

[The main directory of groups opposed to the election of Barack Obama is at: . There are now nearly 300 organizations (some very large), blogs, and web sites listed there. The group is run by a Republican, Wendy, and it consists of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and various others. It's a great site and is set up to stimulate networking. Another group that's working actively with the McCain Campaign is: . It started out as a site to back Hillary Clinton, but it now includes people of all political persuasions. I hope you'll all consider joining (or at least using) these good sites.]

One member of a Hillary Supporters Group accused me of trying to disrupt the group (apparently because I'm a Republican). Actually, I couldn't disrupt a family picnic in my hometown of Ambridge, PA.

Admittedly, I'm extremely skeptical about people who would prefer to spend their time fantasizing about somehow getting "St. Hillary" the Democratic nomination. I'm also irritated by people who rationalize endlessly about why Sen. Clinton endorsed Sen. Obama for the presidency.Some of those people say she did it because "she had a gun to her head." Google those words, and you'll see how often the phrase comes up. However, I saw no gun.

Others say she did it to "preserve her career" as a politician who might someday gain the White House. That explanation doesn't exactly seem to cover her -- a mere careerist? -- with glory.Anyway, here's my response:

I haven't read the email about me trying to tear up the group, which the group seemed to be doing a fine job of on its own. I have a hard time when people are saying absurd things in not responding, which may be a weakness.I keep quoting that old saying by the poet T.S. Eliot about "Humankind cannot bear very much reality."

The reality is that Mrs. Clinton let down her supporters and also, I believe, her country in coming out and slavishly endorsing Obama, a man who spent 18 months humiliating her.In short, she did the things that career politicians always do.

Frankly, rationalizing what she did means holding her to much lower standards than we do ourselves.

Thus, I'm the kid saying "The Emperor [Empress] has no clothes." And the crowd, fearful and confused, is treating me like the enemy for stating the obvious.

I tell the truth. I don't do fairy tales. I don't humor people. I don't hold up false hopes. I don't rationalize dishonorable behavior. I judge people as I would like to be judged.

Like many people in the [Hillary Supporters] group, I endorse John McCain. I have done so since the New Hampshire Primary. I have done so because I believe he is the best -- the most honorable and capable -- person running for President. More honorable than Barack Obama. More honorable than Hillary Clinton. More honorable than President Bill Clinton.

In her "Unity" speech, which contained a thoroughly gratuitous dig at Sen. McCain, who is her better in every way, Mrs. Clinton proved that my assessment of the candidates was correct.

Some people don't want to hear that. They are the same people who don't want to hear that it's raining during a downpour. When people face up to the new realities about Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party as it now exists, they will be able to take constructive actions on behalf of their country. Before that, they will engage mainly in one futile exercise after another.

Senator McCain has put his career and his political future on the line innumerable times throughout his time in Washington. I do not believe Senator Clinton has ever done that, or will ever do it. If I'm wrong in that characterization, I'd love to hear about it.

"The Empress Has No Clothes."

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