Friday, January 1, 2010

Update: Scott Brown's candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts is getting a tremendous response from the online community (i.e., people like you). They're raising a significant amount of money -- and adding many volunteers. Please go to Scott's web site to see how you can help him in this critical race. (The special election will be on Jan. 19.)

Recommendations for Challengers Running for Office

I recommend that all challengers gather their long "lists" of volunteers and financial supporters . . . and that they hold as many "Town Halls" as possible, whether they have ten participants or a thousand. They need to talk soon to every person who has regular contacts with others . . . including barbers, hair dressers, insurance salespeople, cops, principals, ministers, and others. They also need to do something most people hate: ask everybody for money, including very small donations. They should rely more on radio than on TV -- drive-time and talk radio. Radio is inexpensive, TV isn't.

A candidate to keep an eye on: Les Phillip in Alabama's 5th congressional district (Huntsville area). Les is a Black conservative running against Parker Griffith, who recently switched to the Republican caucus. He could use your help.

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