Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BrowN Drawing Even in Massachusetts

n Dear Friends: This morning on FOX News Democratic pollster Doug Schoen said that with a "most likely voter" poll, conservative Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown in MA has drawn within TWO percentage points of his far-left Democrat opponent (Martha Coakley).

This is wonderful news, but we have more work to do to make sure Scott wins in the Jan. 19 special election. [NOTE: SCROLL DOWN FOR INFORMATION ON PHONE CALLS.)

If Scott Brown wins on Jan. 19, he will be a strong opponent of ObamaCare; he will vote against the Cap-and-Tax bill; he will oppose tax increases. He will vote against the liberals' socialization of nearly everything. Unlike Coakley and Obama, Scott does not shrink away from using the phrase "War on Terror."

In contrast, his opponent will be another robotic liberal, one in favor of everything on Obama's, Pelosi's, and Reid's destructive agenda.

Scott would be the critical 41st vote in the U.S. Senate.

His election would be mark the beginning of the end of the Obama presidency.

What about Scott's opponent, Martha Coakley? There's an excellent piece out on her today, and I urge you to read it (see link below). She's a symbol of everything that's wrong with American politics.

Martha Coakley: Our Nightmare Scenario Rabid Republican Blog

One woman told me that her family's difficult financial circumstances made it impossible right now for her to donate to Scott's campaign. But she told me she was praying for Scott; I told her that was more than enough.

Yes, if you can, please donate to Scott at his web site. Just as important, you can learn on his site how to can call into in MA for Scott from your home phone. Activists are making tens of thousands of such calls from nearly every state in the union.

If Scott wins by a relative handful of votes, you will have made the difference.

I hope youi'll make such calls. You can make 20 of them -- or you can make a thousand. On my blog today (, I'll put up a short piece about making such calls painlessly -- and effectively.

The battle for the Massachusetts Senate seat is one of the most important races in my lifetime. We are so close to winning it that all of us can taste it.

Please give Scott every type of help you can provide. And God bless all of you for the heroic work you've already done.


On phone calls: if you make 20 of them on behalf of a candidate, you can get him or her 1-2-3extra votes. If you make 20,000 (!!!!), as my friend Sharon Caliendo of Oklahoma did, you can get your candidate(s) roughly 500-1000 additional votes. You'll induce people to go vote who would otherwise stay home.

You can learn how to make phone calls from your home to any state. See how it works by going to Senate candidate Scott Brown's web site: After you visit, please make at least a few phone calls for Scott, who is very close to victory in that critical election.

When a candidate gives you a script to use on his or her behalf, look at it carefully. Make sure it's up-to-date (often they aren't). Also, make sure each word is one you'd use in real life. For example, if the script contains the word "country" and you'd be more comfortable using "nation," then make the change.

When you make the calls, you should be giving the recipient (note: you'll get a lot of voice mails), at least one good reason (e.g., "He's committed to reducing taxes") to vote for your candidate . . . and asking them to vote for a specific candidate (e.g., Scott Brown) on a particular day (Jan. 19, 2009).

Be confident and positive -- no monotones -- as you deliver your message. NEVER fight with a caller about candidates or issues. If you get any resistance -- and that will be rare -- thank the person for his or her time and then go on to the next call. You're calling to make friends for your candidate; your secondary purpose is to avoid making enemies.

If someone asks you a question -- this will be rare also -- where you don't know the answer, tell the person you will find out the answer . . . and call back. Then, do it.

What you're aiming for is something that might sound contradictory: controlled enthusiasm. You are going to be making one phone call after another . . . to help your candidate win. If you're really on your game, you should be able to make 30--35 phone calls per hour.

Your script should be no more than 100 words. To the greatest degree possible, they should be words that convey positive emotions. Psych yourself up if necessary.

One useful tactic: call up your own voice mail and then see how well you did. Were there any words that didn't "work?" Were you enthusiastic -- but not to the point of silliness?

With some calls, the candidate may ask you to do a survey, such as asking recipients if they've made a decision yet on a candidate. Note: Don't ever mention the opponent's name (in this case, Martha Coakley). You may ask something like this: "Have you decided yet whether you'll vote for Scott Brown . . . or his opponent?") If you're asking such questions, you are indeed conducting a survey. If you can mention Scott's name a couple of times it will help him, because his "name recognition" is not as good yet as it could be.

As with almost anything life, phone calls are mainly a matter of you using common sense. What would work with you will work with the people you call?

When I was making calls for McCain-Palin, I used to say, "Hello, my name is Steve Maloney . . . from Ambridge, PA . . . and I'm calling on behalf of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin . . .

When you start making calls, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll get good at it. If you have any questions, contact me at:

Please pass this information on to any candidate you know. Thanks and God bless.

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