Saturday, January 9, 2010

Scott Brown Campaign: Our "Gettysburg"

All hands on deck! The Jan. 19 special election may be our Gettysburg! [This is a guest column from a great national activist whose handle is "Tempus Sans."]

Please realize folks that the special election in Mass. on Jan. 19 to replace the late Ted Kennedy would be a complete turning point for us if Republican Scott Brown wins. He would be the 41st vote we need to stop the Obama, reid, pelosi agenda. Even if Obamacare goes through, this would stop cap n trade, and stop the most damaging illegal immigration reform ever set forth by a congress and a president.

The Dems are positioning themselves to make all 20 million illegals instantly legal, securing enough votes to give the dems indefinite power. Scott Brown's election would stop all this dead in its tracks. Scott Brown was only recently 30 pts behind Martha Coakley and has surged to within a few percentage points. He desperately needs money and people to make phone calls for him(boots on the ground). There is nothing more important then this race right now!

Go to this site and please lend a hand!

Please send this to everyone you know!

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